Why I don’t like Slate by Irispaw

Irispaw shares their opinion on Slate.

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Hello fellow BlogClanners, It’s Irispaw now giving you my uncommon opinion on Slate.

I know most people like her, love her, or don’t really care. But she annoys me. Now, I’m not hating on what she did, just her really. Slate was a very unnecessary character to me, and she was a bit too bland.
She was kind of pushy and proud. I also didn’t really feel their romance. Slate flirted with Gray Wing, he started crushing, Gray Wing saves Slate. He forgets about his former mate now that he has perfect Slate. But why did Gray Wing have to have her as a mate? Honestly, there was enough romance drama already. You were already a father and had a mate, Gray Wing. I just really don’t like the message Slate brings with her. I don’t get why he needed to have “blood” kits for them to be his kits. This saddens me, because you can be family without shared blood. I loved the message on adoption, until Gray Wing said that it was time for him to get his “own” kits with Slate. Those kits were your own, Gray Wing, you raised them. But he mated with Slate, and poor Turtle Tail never found love. This is what really bothers me. I love Turtle Tail. She loved Gray Wing but knew he loved Bright Stream, then she left to go on the journey to the forest without him, only to have Gray Wing back crushing on Storm this time, then, getting tired of getting ignored, she left to be with her kittypet friend, Bumble. Only there she got abused by Tom, so came back. Gray Wing realized he loved Turtle Tail, and decided to help raise the kits, and be her mate. She was finally happy, until Tom got in the way and she ended up hit by a car. Now, Gray Wing lived a good life, raised kits, had plenty of crushes, you’d think he could just live out his life and then be with Turtle Tail. But of course, he realized he was not happy without someone to crush on and have babies with. Of course. So, after, what, three crushes/mates he chooses Slate. And leaves Turtle Tail to just accept it, not really caring what Turtle Tail thinks about it. Gray Wing ends up dying soon after Slate’s kits are born though. I honestly just wished he died sooner and got to be with Turtle Tail. I don’t hate Slate- she’s pretty nice. I just didn’t want them together. I also want to say that if you like Slate, that’s pretty reasonable, after all she was a good mate and a very good mother. And that, is why I don’t like Slate. May StarClan light your path!


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