Important Announcement: Meet Your Overlords


Hello, BlogClanners! I know you love to keep track of all the latest BlogClan developments, and you’ll definitely like this one. C:<

The New-Kitten Checklist: A Step-By-Step Guide | Martha Stewart

BlogTeam has come to an official consensus that BlogClan is…underutilized. It could be put to much better use. And who better to bring about that change than BlogTeam itself?

Cute Kitten Pictures - The 14 Prettiest Baby Cats Of All Time!

Some would say it’s extreme or wrong to overthrow Cakestar and institute our own power, but really no one’s going to say that since we control all the communications! ;D

art by vip

Now that Cakestar is in exile, BlogClan can become a lot more exciting! We really hope you’ll enjoy these changes.

omg teacup kitten!!

RANKS: BlogTeam will now be referred to as the “Overlords.” Deputies and medicine cats are now obsolete; say hello to the true rulers, Empress Embix and Imperator Icy!

Iceflower and Emberdawn
Art by Kat!

RESPONSIBILITIES: NONE! Feel free to cast magical spells and have as many dragons as you want! C:

Adorable Dragon (Knights & Brides) by Alena Khandryka : AdorableDragons

FUN: We’ll be eating cake every day! Please enjoy the weekly Blogclanners in the Spotlight where BlogClanners fight each other with fire to obtain the ultimate glory. Monthly Round Up In Cats, a beloved feature of the Blog, will be repurposed to round up all the cats in the world to live in our big BlogTeam Cat Condo!

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Kitty Sack at Tractor Supply Co.
The newest addition to the Cat Condo!

EVEN MORE FUN: If you see a a Spymaster (former Allegiances Editor) lurking over your shoulder, no need to worry! They’re just collecting your secrets to better serve you. And Senior Warrior Campaigns will be even more exciting! Your new Chaos Campaign rule is to obtain the approval of the Overlords through travelling into the Chaos Realm and retreiving important artifacts to strengthen our power-I mean, to strengthen the blog’s speediness! C:

spent way too long making my handwriting look legible

Feel free to poke around the rest of the blog and have lots and lots of fun! 😉 Cakestar…? Don’t ask about it, she’s doing fineeee! C:

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If you have any concerns, just contact your Emissary, former medicine cat apprentice Snowbreeze! Snowy won’t be able to wrest back control of the site, but she can give you a big hug! <3

Dark Castle In The Valley Dark Atmosphere Of Hell Stock Illustration -  Download Image Now - iStock
Your New House!

₩ɆⱠ₵Ø₥Ɇ ₮Ø ₮ⱧɆ Đ₳₩₦ Ø₣ ₳ ₦Ɇ₩ ɆⱤ₳

❄️🐍Viper Inc: Arson & Tax Fraud🐍❄️



  • My dearest overlords, overladies, and monarchs,
    I have a proposition or two for you…
    Number one: I can write a Constitution and a whole bunch of laws, to make you seem like fair, just rulers. I’d actually love to. Stupid social studies really gets the gears turning…
    Number two: I can sew you guys royal outfits, write royal decrees and post them on the church doors, and basically be your pawn. If you want something said to the public but your busy, I’ll say it. If you need taxes drawn so you can afford a party, I’ll collect them. If you need a tray of enchiladas, I’ll cook them. I’m pretty much becoming the ultimate servant.
    And in turn for these, a request…
    Change the Blog format back! I like the one with the “View replies” button and the spoiler boxes and the italic/bold/under line buttons. Bring it back, and I swear loyalty till the day I’m mummified!
    Oh, and I can write an anthem, too. And a pledge!
    And a short story called, “Viperfrost’s Power.” And a matching one called, “Cakestar’s Exile.”

      • I always had faith in your success, Viper, though I am both shocked and delighted at how quickly things have come to fruition. 😈 ((What are you telling the masses about Kate’s whereabouts? Did she go to live on a farm upstate for a little while? Is she on “vacation”? I have heard remote, private islands are great places to visit this time of year. Hard places to leave, but great places to be. 🏝)

        • Cakestar is residing in the Cakedesert! Although we both know where she is truly located…they do not need knowledge of that place. >:]
          She was able to sneak out a comminique informing the others that she would be back, but the portal was swiftly closed! No worries there. Although sometimes I seem to detect a slight…cake-related presence.

  • “Hey overlords wanna get a pie? WELL TAKE IT!” Moonkit shrieks attacking the overlords with hollyfrosts pie tank. Blacky swoops in with a flamethrower and a switch, opalkit starts pummeling the leaders, and Storm takes a dog whistle from her neck and calls buddy (Their war doggie) “ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!” they scream

  • I control confusion
    So are you really overlords?
    Or are you just imposing power on yourself when you do not have it?
    Or are the apprentices really your overlords?
    Maybe it’s all of it
    Or maybe none
    Maybe ten in three
    Or six in four
    So riddle me that would you please, oh dear moderators of BlogClan

  • Oooooooooooh, yes, we live in castles, now. >:)
    Tam x Biana

  • So let me get this straight. you overthrew cakestar and exiled her making your selves leaders of blogclan?

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