Discussing Bluestar – One of My Favorite Characters and Why by Coldheart

Coldheart takes a look at Bluestar.

Art by Moonstoner1096 (Reddit)

Wow sorry that was a really long title. But anyway, Coldie here with you to discuss Bluestar, one of my favorite characters! Okay, first, let’s discuss her purrsona and purr-sonality. Bluestar is a large, lithe, pale blue-gray she-cat with luminous, piercing, ice-blue eyes. She has thick, long, soft, smooth fur and a broad face, head, and shoulders, with a scar that parts the fur across them, and a torn ear. She has a silver-tinted muzzle and a long, sleek tail. She is wise, guarded, commanding, and ambitious. Now let’s get to why I like her. First off, I like how she’s so wise in StarClan. She comforted Cinderpelt when Cinderpelt found out she was going to die. She was kind, and she wasn’t evil. Sure, she could be a bit bossy and stubborn at times, but if she wasn’t, she’d be a Mary Sue, which is one hundred times worse. One of my favorite characters, Spottedleaf, is already seen as a Mary Sue, WHICH SHE ISN’T. But that’s a different article. Now I’m going to get to what I love most. Defending and debating!!! Thank you to the lovely Frosnolga, Meodowpaw, Redblaze and Moonwish for telling me why she isn’t purr-fect. Let’s copy and paste, shall we?

Frosnolga’s reasons

First, she has a devolved story, but not in a good way. The sadness in here life is pretty much all there is and that is to much sadness, there should be some different emotions, not just sadness
Second, she didn’t have to give away her kits. She could have just let another queen take care of them, like squirrelflight and leafpool. Mosskit wouldn’t have died and she would be with her kits, but most importantly, no depression.
Third, why would she hate Snowfur and Thistleclaw becoming mates. I personally despise Thistleclaw, but they were not doing anything bad, they were just mates and they were not breaking the warrior code. Unlike Bluestar who was with a RiverClan tom, we get to that in a sec.
Fourth, Bluestar and Oakheart. Their relationship has a serious lack of development. Bluestar just finds him one day, on her territory, and is like “Oooh, this guy is hot and he is deputy and everything, now, I’m going to ruin my life and be with him!”
Fifth, Swiftpaw and Brightheart. They were both ready to become warriors, but Bluestar said no because she thought they were traitors and killed one, and left a huge scar on one’s face because she thought they were traitors, well done Bluestar. Oh, and let’s not forget Lostface.
Sixth and last, her personality in StarClan was just horrible. She is very different from what she was when she was alive. She got whiny and complained a lot.

Me defending that

First, she has more than sadness in her life. What about anger, ambition, love and joy? She had anger when she hated Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw, she was ambitious to be deputy, she loved Oakheart, and she was happy to finally make peace with her kits. She was also wise, and that shows in a lot of places. Sure, there was a TON of sadness, but her entire life in StarClan was probably joy, and she is going to be in StarClan for a long time probably. So most of her life will probably be joy and love.

Second, maybe she thought they’d be happier in RiverClan. Also, if she hadn’t given her kits away, she couldn’t become deputy. Did anyone ever think of that? Evil mouse-brain Thistleclaw would be deputy, then leader, and it says in Tigerclaw’s Fury Tigerclaw would be deputy, then leader. Fireheart would never have come to the Clans, Leafpool and Squirrelflight wouldn’t have been born, and Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Alderheart wouldn’t have been born, and everyone would probably be dead, just because of that. See how important it was?

Third, Bluestar KNEW Thistleclaw was evil. She didn’t want her SISTER mating him! I mean, I wouldn’t want my sister to mate someone evil. Bluestar could’ve thought that Thistleclaw didn’t love her, or that he could kill her sometime. Anyway, everyone has their own opinions, and they SHOULDN’T BE HATED FOR HAVING OPINIONS.

Fourth, I despise cats saying that. Why, you ask? Because they became mates in StarClan, had kits, were happy and in love! But Bluestar knew that she couldn’t be with him, but they were still in love! Plus, if they hadn’t had kits, nobody would save Stormpaw and Featherpaw, and Featherpaw wouldn’t save the Tribe, who wouldn’t give them shelter on the Great Journey, and they all would’ve died! See, small things lead to BIG things. Also, if Bluestar HAD met with Oakheart for a long time, she would’ve been distracted and probably wouldn’t be deputy! Like I said earlier, Thistleclaw would’ve ruled and everyone would be dead. Plus, it’s their relationship, and she shouldn’t be hated for it!

Fifth, I copied and pasted something from Defending Bluestar by Ebonypaw because debating and defending can be tiring. She’s also blamed for Swiftpaw’s death. I agree it’s partially her fault, but it’s also Brightheart’s fault for going with Swiftpaw (which encouraged him it was a good idea), and mostly Swiftpaw’s fault for deciding he should go. Thornclaw watched Cinderpelt and Brackenfur become full warriors and medicine cat and knew it was a bad idea. I get that Swiftpaw didn’t know there would be too many dogs, but he should’ve known something bad was going to happen. Wandering off without a warrior’s permission made him and Brightheart look foolish. SEE???!!! It wasn’t entirely her fault! She didn’t MAKE Swiftpaw and Brightheart go and try to kill the dogs. It wasn’t her fault she thought one was a traitor! Longtail was on Tigerclaw’s side back then, so who knew what she thought? Plus, she was shocked and a bit well, ‘crazy’ or ill. If you were in her….. state……. I’d like to see YOU do anything better.

Sixth, I’m only on TPoTs, so I don’t know. But so far, she IS NOT WHINY!! I heard Dovewing is whiny, so go put that on HER. Thank you Frosnolga, and everyone has their own opinions, and no one hates you for them!

Meadowpaw’s reason

How about when she was not believing in StarClan and being a bad leader, but then redeemed herself?

Me defending that

Okay, she REDEEMED herself. I mean, I’d like to see YOU have your trusted deputy and loyal warrior TURN on you with a bunch of rogues, lose ALL of your family, find out that same ‘trusted deputy and ‘loyal’ warrior killed your former deputy and lose your kits and STILL be perfectly fine! NO ONE CAN DO THAT! So don’t judge for something you’d probably do yourself. Thank you Meadowpaw!

Redblaze’s reasons
-she went totally crazy
-she made Firepaw fight a full grown warrior without caring for his safety
-she betrayed her clan and gave her kits up for power
I don’t hate Bluestar these are just things I’ve heard others say

– Like I said above.
– She probably was going to jump in and save him if the fighting got too tough. Plus, she was probably observing how he fights.
– She then gave up her romance and kits to SAVE her Clan and every Clan from death, like said above.
Thank you Redblaze!

Finally, I’d like to share a few articles.

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https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2018/11/18/parallel-paths-part-one-bluestar-and-mapleshade-by-viperfrost/ This got me thinking. I suggest you read it too. Thank you Viperfrost!
https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2017/12/01/bluestar-tale-and-defense-by-sorrelpaw/ Thank you Sorrelpaw!

And that wraps up our article for today! Have a great day, month and year!



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