Comparing Warrior Cats and Merlin by Eagleflight

Eagleflight compares characters from Warriors to those from the fantasy TV series, Merlin

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Hello, I’m Eagleflight, or Aquila as I’m known on the Blog. This is my second article and the first one I’m doing alone! Writing isn’t exactly my forte, but I’ll try my best to make this enjoyable for you to read! 🙂

I’m going to be comparing Warrior Cats characters with characters from a TV series called Merlin (which you should definitely watch if you haven’t already!!), as I think there are quite a few similarities!

First up, here’s all the characters from Warriors which I think suit the four main Merlin characters:

Merlin: Jayfeather, Alderheart
Arthur: Lionblaze, Firestar
Morgana: Ivypool, Hollyleaf
Gwen: Cinderheart, Dovewing

Merlin obviously does not fit perfectly with Warriors which is why I have included more than one Warriors character for each Merlin one. I haven’t done any of the other characters because that would just get too long, but I might do a part two if I have time or anyone is interested.


Jayfeather: Merlin, like Jayfeather, is a healer. They are both talented at their jobs and are main characters. Jayfeather has a brother, Lionblaze. This is similar to Merlin, because he has a brother like relationship with Arthur, who is pretty similar to Lionblaze but I’ll get onto that later. Both Jayfeather and Merlin are guided by an individual but often refuse to listen to them, even when the advice they are given is correct. Each also has a prophecy that is about them, and they are both stubborn. Merlin has magic and Jayfeather has powers, which are both unusual in their universes. Finally, Merlin’s relationship with Freya is comparable to Jayfeather’s with Half Moon as they are both separated, and later Half Moon and Freya come back to help Jayfeather and Merlin. There’s probably more similarities but right now, I can’t think of them.

Alderheart: I think Alderheart is also comparable to Merlin, but is definitely more like the earlier seasons’ Merlin. Alderheart and Merlin are both worried and sweet and go on journeys to help their kingdom/clan. They are also both healers. Alderheart as an apprentice is always trying to please Jayfeather like Merlin tries to please Gaius.

Lionblaze: I think Arthur is most like Lionblaze. Both are strong fierce warriors and good leaders. They are good at fighting and even have a similar appearance (:P ). They also have a brother or brother-like figure who they can rely on (Jayfeather and Merlin) and have had a romance with ups and downs (Cinderheart and Gwen). As well, they have both been on quests to help their kingdom/clan, with their family and friends. Finally, Arthur is King, and although Lionblaze isn’t Clan Leader (as of a veil of shadows, where I’ve read up to) I have a feeling he might be soon…

Firestar: Arthur is also kind of like Firestar, because they are both the heroes. Merlin is mainly told through Merlin, but Arthur is the brave, strong hero, just like Firestar is. Many cats like and admire Firestar in the books, just like the people of Camelot love Arthur. When Firestar dies at the end of the Last Hope, it sort of marks the end of an era in Warriors, just like when Arthur dies at the end of the Diamond of the Day, because this is the end of Merlin.


Hollyleaf: I’m going to start off with Hollyleaf because it fits her with Jayfeather and Lionblaze better. Morgana was always close to Arthur, and she became close to Merlin, too, when he arrived in Camelot. This is like Hollyleaf who was incredibly close with her brothers and would always protect them. Hollyleaf had a strong sense of right and wrong, similar to Morgana, who would argue with Uther for what she believed it, even if she got punished badly. Hollyleaf and Morgana were both ruthless too, and would do anything to make something they wanted happen.

Ivypool: Morgana and Gwen were once like sisters, best friends and could confide in each other, just like Ivypool and Dovewing. Ivypool got jealous because of Dovewing’s powers, which made her better than her, and Morgana was jealous of Gwen getting to be Queen when that was what she wanted. Both of them turned to evil, Ivypool to Hawkfrost and the Dark Forest and Morgana to Morgause and against Camelot. The only difference here is that Ivypool came back from evil, Morgana never did. They were also both spies, Morgana pretending to be nice in Camelot, in season 3, and Ivypool spying in the Dark Forest. Their personalities are quite similar and they are both strong female characters.


Cinderheart: Gwen is like Cinderheart, full of kindness, compassion and patience. She is really good friends with Merlin, just like Cinderheart is with Jayfeather. She is willing to wait, as she waited for Arthur, just like Cinderheart waited for Lionblaze. Both Cinderheart and Lionblaze’s and Gwen and Arthur’s relationships have been filled with hardships and Cinderheart and Gwen have both thought they weren’t important enough to be with Lionblaze and Arthur. They are both really caring and look out for everyone around them.

Dovewing: This fits well with the Morgana and Ivypool thing, plot wise. Both Dovewing and Gwen always try their best and look after others. Like Dovewing is eager to trust Ivypool when she says she’ll spy in the Dark Forest for them, Gwen and Morgana are both regretful of what the other became, and miss the friendship they used to have.

Okay so that’s everything! 😀 Tell me in the comments below what you thought and if you have any other comparisons!!

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    • It is very good, and definitely worth watching if you can 😀

  • definitely see hollyleaf like morgana too!! love it C:

  • Great Article! I’ve seen Merlin and I really liked it. I agree that Morgana is like Ivypool and Hollyleaf, but shes kind of like Mapleshade too. Also, I’m gonna mention this even though hes not in the article, but I think that Uther is like Bluestar.

    • Thanks! 😀 Oh yeahhh I see her as Mapleshade too now you mention it! 😛
      And funnily enough when I planned this article, I originally did it for 8 characters and I had put Uther as Bluestar! I never wrote that part though because I thought it would get too long!

  • I haven’t watched this show 😛
    This is a nice article, though! The characters seem to really fit the Warrior cats you compared them to!
    Aaron Burr, Sir

    • Thank you Turtle!! 😀 And it’s definitely worth watching if you ever get the opportunity! 😛 😀

    • Turtle you should because if you like Hamilton I feel like Merlin is a little like that also I have not seen Hamilton should I watch it?

  • Oh gosh, I actually got so scared when I saw this on the front page, but yay it came out 😀

  • Merlin was fabulous! The ending was just rlly disapointing :< And great article, I think Alderheart would be more like merlin than Jayfeather because he's kind and has a good heart. Jayfeather's just a complete grump… Lionblaze would also fit more into the rule of arthur I think than Firestar.

    • I agree there, I was sorely disappointed by the ending 😛
      Yeah maybe Alderheart is a bit more like Merlin personality wise, but in terms of the plot, I think Jayfeather fits better which is why I put them both! 😀
      And I agree there with Arthur but I included Firestar anyway since I found he was somewhat similar to Arthur!

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