Warrior Cats that I believe didn’t deserve to be killed off by Fallenfeather

Fallenfeather lists some characters they feel should’ve continued living within the Warriors universe.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hello! It’s Fallenfeather back with her second article 😛
Today I will be discussing cats that I think should not have been killed off in the Warriors
series. So, without further-ado, let’s start!! (*MAJOR SPOILER WARNING*)

6. Ferncloud
I know, I know, not everyone likes her. In fact, the only reason the Erins killed her off was BECAUSE fans hated her. But let’s face facts here, she really was a helpful she-cat. She helped every queen in the nursery raise their kits. She chose to help kitting queens instead of being a fierce warrior. Not every cat would choose that way of life, which makes her even braver. She even risked and lost her own life protecting the Nursery!!

5. Tallstar
(calm down Fallen, calm down) As you can clearly see, Tallstar was my favorite Windclan cat ever, and his death was so sad to me. It made me sad that Tallstar didn’t live to lead his clan strong and healthy for at least a couple moons in the lake territories. But I have to say, his death did make the story line a lot more interesting. If Tallstar never died then Mudclaw would never had started all that dumb drama, that made the series pretty juicy.

4. Feathertail
Can we all just have a moment of silence for this bootiful she-cat? She saved Crowfeather(paw) from Sharptooth the Mountain Lion. She started off as a half-clan kit, who could have imagined that eventually she would be part of a special prophecy that would take her life? I personally think that Crowfeather and Feathertail’s kits would have been soooo cuteeee. I also think it would have been interesting to see Feathertail struggling to make the decision of staying with her brother, Stormfur, in the mountains or going home with Crowfeather to the clans.

3. Briarlight
I mean, who doesn’t like Briarlight? She was such an important part to the series!! She was a great example of a “never give up no matter what” kind of cat. Did you know that the Erins actually never intended to have Briarlight survive her injury? The only reason they decided to keep her alive was because Vicky’s (the first Erin) cousin became paralyzed. So Vicky wanted to base Briarlight


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