Who is Graystripe’s father? by Hollyfern

Hollyfern shares who they think was Greystripe’s true father.

Art by sadmachlne666 (Twitter)

Hello! This is my first article and today I will be exploring who _ I _ think Graystripe’s father is. A thought came in to my mind (while I was trying to sleep) about how Graystripe was such a good RiverClan cat. I thought about how nobody knew who his father was and I wondered if Willowpelt was hiding a big secret. One about having a mate in RiverClan perhaps. I had a look at the possibilities of it and I found one…

Graystripe is a dark grey tom with yellow eyes and a darker grey stripe running down his back. Willowpelt is a very pale silver-grey she-cat with blue eyes. Willowpelt doesn’t really seem to look like Graystripe that much so lets look at her parents to cancel down things the father will have to look like. Willowpelt’s father is Adderfang and her mother is Swiftbreeze. Adderfang is a mottled, dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and Swiftbreeze is a tabby-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes. So it looks like that’s where Graystripe got his yellow eyes from.

Willowpelt was born during the time of Crookedstar’s Promise, Pinestar’s Choice and Bluestar’s Prophecy. It was Leaf Fall and 6YBF (6 years before Firestar came to the forest.) Willowpelt’s mate could be born from the start of Crookedstar’s Promise to a few moons before the end. I thought the best allegiances to look at were obviously Crookedstar’s Promise and Redtail’s Debt from when she was an apprentice. The most likely contender on the list was Voleclaw.

Voleclaw is just said to be a grey tom. I looked at his parents and his family to see if there were any stronger claims. Voleclaw’s father Hailstar is also a grey tom and like Graystripe he has yellow eyes. Passed down the family maybe? Yes, Willowpelt’s parents have yellow eyes but the father’s could have too. Voleclaw’s brother’s kit Grasswhisker is a brown-striped tabby cat. Maybe there was a gene that Graystripe got his stripe from?

Voleclaw is a year older than Willowpelt but then one human year is only 15 cat years and warriors don’t seem to care so much about age gaps. We never learn much about Graystripe’s kithood and he doesn’t ever seem inquisitive about who his father is or spend any time with him. Willowpelt might also have had Darkstripe through him too but Graystripe might not even know they are brothers. He doesn’t seem exactly friendly towards him.

If Graystripe was Voleclaw’s son and he was raised in RiverClan then the events with Silverstream would be quite different. But then, would Firestar or ThunderClan be the same without him? Who knows? Unless the Erin’s tell us then we will never know!

Thank you for reading my first article, I hope you enjoyed it!


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  • Since genetics don’t matter in the Warriors universe, and the family tree was written after the first arc and such, I don’t think Voleclaw as Graystripe’s father. It’s just unlikely?
    Personally, I headcanon Whitestorm as Graystripe’s father. That’s the best option for now, since WillowWhite is a confirmed ship.

    • Ooh, I like that ship! I also kinda ship Thrushpelt with Leopardfoot! I just want him to end up with someone who loves him!!

    • Ooh, I like that ship! I also kinda ship Thrushpelt with Leopardfoot, idk. I just wanted him to end up with someone who loved him!!

  • That is so cool! I never thought about that before!! You make lots of good points!

  • Great article! I’ve never really thought about it… I’ve always assumed the father was ThunderClan

    • Me too! But this really does make sense.

  • Oh, interesting article! That would actually be pretty cool if it turns out to be true!!! 🙂

  • great article! i remember when i was new to warriors and a big dum idot, i thought that his parents were patchpelt and goldenflower lol

  • I like this theory! (Voleclaw being Graystripe’s father is much better than Patchpelt being Graystripe’s father!)