Why I don’t like Jessy by Irispaw

Irispaw explains their dislike of Jessy.

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Jessy is totally on my top hated list, probably only topped by Star Flower. Bramblestar’s Storm was definitely not one of my favorites, since Bramblestar was being such a jerk to Squirrelflight. I loved Minty and admired her so much, she went from a scared kittypet to a more confident young cat and I loved her loyalty to her Twolegs, and Frankie was really sweet, and I was glad he stayed, but whenever I see the word Jessy rage comes inside of me. So… here is why I don’t like Jessy:

-How people think she was so “sweet” by leaving. Jessy fans bring up this quote when saying how “courageous” Jessy is: “I know. But you already love Squirrelflight. As you should. She is the mother of your kits. I know they weren’t born to you. But you are their father, just as Squirrelflight is their mother. That is not a bond that’s easily broken. Not even washed away in a storm!” -Bramblestar’s Storm, page 462. That is the most hypocritical thing I ever heard. Jessy moved her nest next to him after knowing him for a day, attached herself to him, volunteered for all his patrols, and the whole time she knew he had a mate! All Jessy wanted to do was make Squirrelflight suffer. Jessy just had her fun in the Clan, then left with absolutely no loyalty. Though I am not going to complain about her leaving, since it’s the only thing I actually liked her. But seriously though, this is really creepy: “Bramblestar opened his eyes to see dawn light seeping into the tunnel. For a moment he felt as if he couldn’t move a muscle. Weariness from the long trek the day before, and the struggle to free Benny’s body from the drain, weighed down his limbs. He staggered to his paws and stumbled out of his nest, still half-asleep.
‘Hey, that’s my tail!’ Jessy’s voice meowed.
Bramblestar turned to see that the brown she-cat had dragged her nest next to to his, and was looking up at him with amusement in her golden eyes. ‘Sorry,’ he mumbled.” Again, Poor Squirrelflight. I don’t know how she could put up with that.

-She was so obnoxious. Jessy acted so entitled. She bragged about how good she was, and how she wasn’t even a warrior, she snapped when cats told her off. The whole Clan supported her, except for Squirrelflight. She was a natural hunter, fighter, and an amazing jumper. Unlike Minty, Daisy, Millie, or Frankie who actually had to accept their new life, tried to adapt to it, and needed to learn the ways of the Clan. Jessy just was a naturally born Clan cat. She was annoyingly bratty all the time about it too.
“Bramblestar: ‘I shouldn’t have dismissed your skills. That’s a rare skill, being able to jump between trees. Firestar wanted ThunderClan cats to learn, but it doesn’t come easy to us.’
Dovewing: ‘I’ve never felt comfortable off the ground. I don’t have wings, in spite of my name.’
Jessy: ‘Maybe I should give you some lessons.’
Bramblestar: ‘Maybe you should.’
-Bramblestar’s Storm pages 276-277. Jessy did it once and suddenly she’s Dovewing’s new mentor. She made decisions and spoke for Bramblestar, she shoved herself in Clan affairs, acting like she was the deputy. She suggested that Bramblestar should attack the kittypets, and instead of listening to his Clan he listened to Jessy, a cat who isn’t even a warrior. Squirrelflight says to be careful because they don’t really know her at all. Of course, Bramblestar gets in trouble, and Jessy says she can’t believe they would be so angry. Makes sense Jessy, since you don’t even know them. She also told everyone in the Clan not to disturb Bramblestar’s sleep. Jessy acted like she was Bramblestar’s manager.

-She’s not a Squirrelflight clone. Jessy was selfish, annoying, and whined when some people didn’t agree with her. Squirrelflight was more mature, she was willing to go behind the backs of authority to do what’s right, and doesn’t care if her mate doesn’t like her for it, whereas Jessy will do anything to look attractive and special to Bramblestar. You could say that Jessy would have matured more if she stayed longer but Firestar had to fight and earn his place in ThunderClan, and throughout his life was hated for being a kittypet. Jessy was accepted almost immediately. Remember when Bramblestar was annoyed by Squirrelpaw’s attitude? Well Jessy acted much worse and yet he approved of her attitude. That doesn’t leave her any desire to mature does it? Squirrelflight was a much more interesting character. Jessy was annoying, and whined when some people didn’t agree with her. Yet Squirrelflight hardly complained, and even said to Bramblestar if Jessy meant so much to him, she could be with him.

A lot of people hate Jessy because she got in the way of their SquirrelxBramble ship, but I am definitely not a supporter of that ship. What I hate about Jessy is her snooty, selfish, pushy personality. Anyways, that was just my opinion, I hope you have a great day, and may StarClan light your path!


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  • Agreed on the Star Flower front! Also, I had never really thought about Jessy before, mostly because the only thing I cared about in Bramblestar’s Storm was Dustpelt and Sweetpaw dying, as well as the full body count from The Great Battle. Thanks for helping me consider her!

    • It was actually Seedpaw who died in Bramblestar’s Storm.
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  • Jessy is honestly my favorite kitty pet 😛
    My Shot

  • i totally agree wif u. i mean, it gose like this for me: appledusk, dude, wat is wrong with u? you didn’t even TRY to support ur mate! rainflower, just get out of my sight. jessy, OMG SUCH A BRAT!

    • AppleDusk cheating was not okay but he suffered the punishment of losing his first litter of kits then dying and not being able to watch his and Reedshine’s kits grow up.

  • Wasn’t really sure how I felt about Jessy until I read this article! You have succeeded in making me hate Jessy! Congrats! 😛 <3

    FINALLY someone who understands about how TERRIBLE Jessy is! AWESOME article and Jessy is the WOOOOOORSSST!

  • Jessy is NOT a bad cat. To counter your arguments, Jessy didn’t know that squirrelflight was Bramblestar’s mate, Because she wasn’t! The whole time her refers to her as his deputy. Moving a nest next to another cat’s isn’t hypocritical because it’s hecing cold in that tunnel and cats need warmth. Volunteering for patrols? Really? That’s just what a good warrior would do.” She’s not a Squirrelflight clone“ well, no one can be Squirrelflight. And Jessy was mature, calm and not selfish

    • Exactly! ^^ I agree completely!

      And the fact that Bramblestar refered to Squirrelflight as his deputy is an excellent point! 😀 I hadn’t thought of that!

    • I support your arguments.
      Jessy moves his nest DO NOT equal to hypocrite
      Also volunteer to patrol = good cat
      support you!

  • I never really thought about jessy, just that I thought she was WAY to close to Bramblestar considering SHE KNEW HE LOVED SQUIRRELFLIGHT. Now i Hate her. Thx!

  • I agree!!! Jessy is so annoying. I especially hate the part where she snarled at Squirrelflight when she first came to the clan.

  • 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% AGREED!!! Jessy is a messy selfish snob. I personally think if bramblebruh didn’t become mates with squilf and instead ashfur and squilf became mates that would be MUCH better than bramblebruh. Yeah he was controlling BUT bramblebruh was abusive,self-centered,idiotic,and annoying. Bramble is trash!