The similarities between Warriors and Wings of Fire by Lightbreeze

Lightbreeze draws parallels between characters in Warriors and Wings of Fire.

Hi! In addition to Warriors, I also read Wings of Fire, and I thought of how similar the Dragonets of Destiny and the New Prophecy crew were, so I decided to write an article on the similarites on characters from both series. Enjoy!

1. Brambleclaw – Clay
Brambleclaw and Clay are very similar. They both are the “leaders” of their groups, and they both want to prove the expectations placed upon them wrong, like Brambleclaw doesn’t want to be in his father’s shadow and Clay doesn’t want anyone to think he is a “killer” the Talons of Peace thought he was when he was hatched.

2. Squirrelflight – Glory
Squirrelflight and Glory are also very alike. They both are feisty and sarcastic, yet they both would do anything for their friends. In addition, neither of them were part of the prophecy, but they were still vital and played a huge part. The new prophecy and the dragonet groups would have been very different without Squirrelflight and Glory (respectively).

3. Firestar – Kestrel
Both Firestar and Kestrel were (strict) mentors to members of the prophecy. Firestar was a bit scared about Brambleclaw, and later tried to separate him and Squirrelflight because of a vision. Similarly, Kestrel was very rough to Clay because he tried to “kill” the other dragonets, and didn’t treat Glory well because she wasn’t a SkyWing.

4. Leafpool – Sunny
Both of them are good-natured and cheerful. However, they can also be fiercely protective when needed, even though they can seem weak.

5. Mothwing – Starflight
Mothwing and Starflight have a lot in common. They both were different from others, like Mothwing not believing in StarClan (while almost everyone else did) and Starflight not being able to read minds (a distinguished NightWing ability). They were also both manipulated so that the manipulator (Hawkfrost and Morrowseer) could get what they want. While both of them were confused on what to do in the beginning, in the end, they decided to open up and do the right thing.

There are a lot more similarities, but I mainly decided to put these five in. I know it’s not that great, but I hope you liked this article!

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