What made Tigerstar more developed by Mossnose

Mossnose examines two aspects of Tigerstar’s character that made him a developed character.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Hi! It’s Mossnose here. I’ve already made one article which I don’t know if has been published already, but it was informative: leader history, blah blah. I think it’s better to point out or give opinions. So I’m gonna talk about something that few people notice, but that is very important about Tigerclaw.

He is the bad guy in the first arc, and although he dies in the end of the Prophecies Begin, he continues appearing as dead in the Dark Forest in The New Prophecy, Power of Three and Omen of the Stars. So this is the so important thing we must know about the greatest and worst Warrior Cats villain: his legacy! It’s so strange that his family has around 6 different kinds of blood, and his family is all leaders!

He is known for being charismatic and ambitious, but he also had a big family too! Now let’s take a closer look. Tigerclaw (we will call him like this so we can differentiate him from Tigerheart) was born as a ThunderClan kit, to a pure ThunderClan mother and a pure ThunderClan father. We’ll later discover that Leopardfoot is the only pure cat in his family, together with Glodenflower. Tigerclaw has SkyClan blood through Gorseclaw, his ancestor. We don’t know how they are connected, but they are. Tigerclaw later turns to be ShadowClan leader.

His son is fully ThunderClan, but he “marries” Squirrelflight, whose dad is Firestar, who was born a kittypet. They are supposed to have Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf as kits, but we later discover they are half-Clan. So it’s already a lot of mixing! We can say we count at least Lionblaze because Tigerclaw trained him as his grandson knowing he wasn’t, but without telling Lionblaze. It would also be complete if we thought up that Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves were sort of a couple. Now, Brambleclaw’s sister is Tawnypelt, who was born ThunderClan but went to ShadowClan with her father. She had three sons with a ShadowClan warrior, and one of them “married” Dovewing, who also came from ThunderClan!

Now, Tigerclaw also had Moth, Hawk and Tadpole with Sasha. She had been all of a rouge, kittypet and RiverClan queen. And we can also say that Mothwing has non-Clan blood, because she doesn’t believe in StarClan! Though this isn’t exactly accurate, we CAN say that she moved to ShadowClan.

And lastly, let’s not forget that Pinestar, Tigerclaw’s father, turned to kittypet life! This leaves us to the strangest fact: Tigerclaw was a leader. His father Pinestar was a leader, and his grandfather Oakstar was a leader too. His son Brambleclaw and his grandson Tigerheart were leaders too! Can you see the similarities?

Now, Pine and Lark (Stormfur’s kits) are also very mixed, but this is a completely different case. I can’t think any way in which he’s related to Tigerclaw… Oh, wait, I can! Leopardfoot was Willowpelt’s sister, and Willowpelt was Graystripe’s mother! So hey! Stormfur was born to a RiverClan queen and a ThunderClan warrior. He passed from ThunderClan to RiverClan to TigerClan to ThunderClan to RiverClan to the Tribe of Rushing Water to ThunderClan to RiverClan to ThunderClan to the tribe! And he had kits with a tribe cat! Can’t you see the mess?

In Clan world, cats don’t get the same acceptance if they have mixed blood: look at Firestar. So this is the proof that, apart from physically, Tigerclaw was also emotionally strong! He was able to get through all difficulties, and killed many cats! I’m not saying this is good, of course.

Conclusion: apart from the bad things TigerClaw did, he really was a good cat! Not as much, by far, as a bad one, of course. So that’s all for today! Sorry for writing around 600 words, but this is something very important that all should have noticed a long time ago! Bye all! If you think I forgot something, you can just say it in the comments, or just write what you think about this article.


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