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My 10 favorite Warrior Cats by Bubblepaw

Bubblepaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by Alder-Leaf

Hello, my name is Bubblepaw but you can call me Bubbles! This is my first article, so it might not be very good. Well, I hope you enjoy!

My 10 Favorite Warrior Cats:

10: Probably Brightheart. I loved the way she perservered through her injuries, and she’s always seemed so sweet.

9: Crowfeather. I love that he was so grumpy, and that he saved Lionblaze from Breezepelt even when he seemed to hate Lionblaze and his siblings.

8: Tallstar. I loved so much that he was such a good friend to Firestar, and he seemed like such a wise and noble leader.

7: Cody. A lot of people think of her as a minor character, but she’s one of my favorites because she was such a good friend to Leafpaw/pool and she made Leafpaw snap out of her sadness and start thinking of ways to escape.

6: Yellowfang! She’s so grumpy, but I love her so much xD It’s so sweet that she always thought of Fireheart as a son, and when she died I ngl cried so hard ;w;

5: Mapleshade. Even though she killed a lot of cats, she had such a sad and tragic reason for doing so that I can’t help but feel bad. She had forbidden kits, her clan kicked her out, she tried to escape to RiverClan but her kits drowned, RiverClan refused her, Appledusk cheated on her, and then she died by an apprentice. That’s kinda embarrasing, if you ask me.

4: Scourge. He was such an awesome villain, everytime I read about him I was shivering! The way he killed Tigerstar was so creepy, but I somehow love his character xD

3: Graystripe! He was such a loyal, kind, trustworthy cat and I love my big floofy boy so much <33 He was so sweet to Firestar, and he was so good with apprentices and kits 🙂

2: Ivypool. She had to got through so much, making the entire Dark Forest think she was one of them! While she was doing that, Dovewing was whining about her powers, and then when Dovewing lost her powers, she whined that she didn’t have them anymore! That’s just… awful.

1: PURDY! He’s like- the best character! He’s so lovable, and he’s so good with apprentices, like take this for example: An apprentice brought him soaking wet moss, and instead of complaining, he literally helped the apprentice put the moss in the sun so that it could dry ;v; I love him so much-

Well, that’s it for my article! I hope you enjoyed, sorry if it was kinda bad. I think I’ll make an article about my least favorite warrior cats next!

Have a wonderful day,
Bubbles 😀

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