Finding the first StarClan cat that deserved Dark Forest by Bronzestrike

Bronzestrike wonders who was the first cat who could’ve gone to the Dark Forest.

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Hello Clanmates! I’m Bronzestrike with my second article. Today, I’m searching for the first cat that deserved Dark Forest. No Breezepelt, you aren’t leading the patrol, I am.


Slash: Did Slash deserve to be in the Dark Forest………… I think not. Slash was inconsiderate of his camp mates except for his friends Beetle and Splinter. He also kidnapped kits. I could go on until I reach StarClan on Slash’s crimes. However, we never had confirmation that Slash died. He was chased over the Thunderpath, never to be seen again. Slash also didn’t believe in to-be-StarClan, so can he really go to the Dark Forest?

One Eye: Not to be confused with White-eye, who was called One-Eye once she became an elder of ThunderClan. One Eye is Star Flower’s father. Though he doesn’t have any notable crimes, he did try to destroy to-be-SkyClan. He was in many ways similar to Slash. Like Slash, he didn’t believe in StarClan so like Slash, I don’t think he can go to the Dark Forest.

Quick Water: If you have read Shadowstar’s Life, you know the crimes of Quick Water. She led a pack of dogs to kill the first ShadowClan deputy, Sun Shadow. The pack of dogs also took Shadowstar’s 8th life, pushing her onto her last life. Quick Water wasn’t given the chance to “justify” herself or “prove Shadowstar wrong” before getting exiled from SkyClan, only to be taken in by Thunderstar. In a final battle, Quick Water used her dying breath to confess that she did commit the crimes. What followed was both Quick Water and Shadowstar losing their last life and ascending to StarClan. Now, should she have gone to the Dark Forest? My answer is no. She corrected her mistakes by stopping a battle with her dying breath. She was also forgiven by Shadowstar, and apologized to Sun Shadow, though the book ended before we could hear Sun Shadow’s response.

Skystar: In the first few books on DotC, we see that Clear Sky is a tyrant. He mates Smoke, then bullies her until she leaves. Smoke gives birth to Thunderstar and his littermates. However, the Twoleg den collapsed, and only Thunderstar survived, thanks to Gray Wing saving him. When he becomes the leader of to-be-SkyClan, he trains his youngest cats for battle, kind of like Brokenstar. However, as we know, Skystar becomes more wise and becomes a great leader of SkyClan.

What’s that, Breezepelt? You found a likely choice? Ok, I’ll explain her.

Willow Tail: Did this name surprise you? Willow Tail had a small sense of loyalty to Windstar and Gorsestar (I can’t remember if Windstar outlived Willow Tail). However, she was a bully to Moth Flight. A big one. Another thing she did against the to-be-Warrior Code was starting a battle with SkyClan just to get even with Red Claw, who she hated. I don’t know much about Willow Tail, I’ll have to find Moth Flight for answers, or *gulp* ask Jayfeather to ask Moth Flight for answers.


Okay, so I guess I didn’t find a likely choice. No Mosskit, Gray Wing does NOT deserve to be with the Dark Forest! Sorry about that. Anyways, I might do the opposite, and find the first Dark Forest cat who deserves StarClan, in the next article. No Tigerstar I, it definitely WON’T be you! In fact, I already have someone in mind…..

Anyways, Bronzestrike out.

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    he is not a good cat
    *spoiler warning for tbc*
    99% he is the imposter
    but rumors say he is sent by starclan to impost bramblestar for unknown reason.
    *end of warning*
    but that does NOT make him a good cat

      • I just think he is the first
        I mean there is no cat to choose in DotC
        also I hate skystar for ‘killing’ micah
        but he does NOT deserve the dark forest

  • Ashfur’s a brat
    Rainflower, just get out of my sight!
    Foxheart, your name suits you
    Tigerstar, I can’t count how many cats you killed
    Star Flower, I’m sure everyone knows why I hate you

    I don’t think some of these cats deserve the Dark Forest, but still they’re so annoying and mean.

    By the way, when you said Smoke, did you mean Storm?
    Anyways, really nice article!

    • Ok yeaaah……. I should have probably added Rainflower as well as other Clan Cats (This article was for DotC and the early stories such as SL and MFV). Okay, I’m starting to write a Part 2. It’s still going to take months before you see it though.

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