In Defense of Mothwing by Loyalfire

Loyalfire defends Mothwing’s actions in Darkness Within.

Art by XxLunaWarriorxX (Amino Apps)

This article is about why I believe people are wrong to be mad at Mothwing for demoting Shadowsight. Quick note before I get started: This article was written before “The Place of No Stars” and I think it will probably have been released by the time this is published so if this problem is solved in the next book I’m wasting your time. Ok, now to the point.

My first point:
Ok, let’s look at the reason Mothwing said to de-mote him. She said that he might hurt cats because of inexperience. Ok, what’s more important: Keeping the entire clan healthy and in good care or pleasing Shawdowsight’s ego. Ok, ego might be going too far. I wouldn’t be pleased. But you have to understand Mothwing’s wishes. Although, the way Shadowclan treated him was terrible. I’ll say that. I wish Shadowclan had treated him better.

Point two:
I don’t see why people are blaming Mothwing. I think if anyone should be blamed it should be Rowanstar or Puddleshine. Rowanstar, because if he had said “no” then it probably wouldn’t have happened. Puddleshine, because he was technically Shadowsight’s mentor and knew the most about this issue. Mothwing was only the one to bring it up because it was a good way to bring it up and Puddleshine had told her too.

Point three:
If you look at Shadowsight’s perspective you can clearly say that he was inexperienced. Look how he was manipulated by Ashfur. Look how he was 100% sure he had the right herbs but he didn’t. In the writing he sounded like an apprentice point of view in my opinion.

Now I’m going to look at the big picture. Mothwing comes to Shadowclan and Puddleshine tells her that he’s concerned about Shadowsight. She studies him and agrees that he might make a mistake in a fatal time. She shares with Puddleshine and he says to bring it up at a good moment. She does this and gets all the blame.
This is Puddleshine’s decision, just her honest opinion, and a nessacary

That is why I think Mothwing made the right decision.

Feel free to give your point of view in the comments!

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