Cats Who Deserve Novellas/Super Editions by Shimmermist

Shimmermist lists cats they think should get the chance to tell their own stories.

Art by Aniritak

Hey it’s me, Shimmer! This is a list of five cats who I think deserve novellas/super editions. (This is not in any specific order.)

#5. Littlecloud
I think that Littlecloud really deserves a novella/super edition. He is a really interesting character, and there is just so much we don’t know about him. I would really like to see how he dealt with the deaths of Whitethroat, Cinderpelt, Flametail, Runningnose, and lots of others. I think it should be set up like Mothwing’s novella, where it highlights some of the important events in his life. It also would be cool to see his last thoughts before he died, and maybe some of it could be in Starclan, when he accepts Puddleshine as the next medicine cat of Shadowclan.

#4. Foxheart
We all know Foxheart, the notorious she-cat who really lived up to her name. But we don’t know why. I think that it would be really interesting to have a reason as to why she always acted so mean to Yellowfang, why she was so secretive, if she ever really had feelings for Rowanstar. Foxheart just needs more character development in my opinion, and a novella/super edition is just the right way to give her that.

#3. Sol
Sol is a disappointing villain in my opinion. He would be made more interesting if he got a novella/super edition, and would possibly be made a better villain! I would also like to get a better view on his childhood, like what his father’s name was, what made him think that hiding Leafstars’ kits would be a good way to be accepted into the clan, and how he met Midnight and Purdy.

#2. Jake
Jake has played a huge role in the lives of many clan cats, and fathered arguably the best leader Thunderclan has had for generations, but also one of the worst villains in the series. But there has never been an instance where we could hear what he thinks. If he misses Tallstar, if he ever wonders about his two kits that went missing, if he remained friends with Pinestar after he became a kittypet. It would just be so cool to have his point of view.

#1. Windflight
He was a half-clan kit. Cats probably mocked him, called him names, and his parents probably fought over who got to keep him in which clan. When he was a warrior, he had two mates. He also mentored his daughter, Dappletail, when parents usually don’t mentor their kits. I think he would be very interesting to read about.

That is my list of cats who I believe deserve novellas. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Shimmer signing out. 🙂


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