Top Fifteen Kindest Warrior Cats by Pinestripe

Pinestripe lists the kindest cats from the series.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Kindness the trait I value most in Warrior cats.
So I decided to list the top 15 kindest cats in Warriors.

15. Sandstorm
Sandstorm was feisty and stubborn, but she had a gentle side, too. Sandstorm often stood up for weaker cats, and was caring and wise. When Alderheart was upset about making a mistake, Sandstorm was understanding and comforted him.

14. Turtle Tail
Turtle Tail was a friendly and caring cat. She was always helpful, supportive, and encouraging of other cats, and she was a good mother who cared a lot about her kits.

13. Briarlight
Briarlight was always friendly and helpful. She got injured trying to save an elder, and even after her injury she continued caring for her Clanmates by helping with herbs and entertaining kits.

12. Jessy
Some people say Jessy “stole” Bramblestar from Squirrelflight, but that’s not true. She actually helped Bramblestar realize he loved Squirrelflight, and I think that’s wonderful of her. And she selflessly gave up her chance to be a Clan cat so Bramblestar and Squirrelflight could be together. Jessy is a very caring, kind, and selfless cat.

11. Gray Wing
Gray Wing was very selfless and wise. He put other cats before himself and always tried to make things fair. After Turtle Tail returned from the twolegplace, Gray Wing welcomed her back and adopted her kits as his own.

10. Thrushpelt
Thrushpelt was a very good friend to Bluefur and loved her very much. When he found out that Bluefur didn’t have the same feelings for him, Thrushpelt accepted that and held no bitterness towards her. He even offered to say that he is the father of Bluefur’s kits, because he wanted to make things easier for her.

9. Ferncloud
Ferncloud was always a sweet and gentle cat. She cared for kits well and was one of the gentlest queens in the nursery.

8. Leafpool
Leafpool was gentle, accepting, and caring. She was always a kind and sweet cat. As a medicine cat, she always tried her best and cared about her patients. When her kits were angry at her for not telling them she was their mother, Leafpool accepted that and continued loving them just as she had.

7. Brightheart
Despite her scars, Brightheart is beautiful on the inside because of her kind heart. She was always patient and caring, and showed compassion for other cats.

6. Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt never showed any bitterness about not being able to become a Warrior. Instead, she was determined to become the best medicine cat she could be, and was a very caring one. She was supportive of other cats, especially Firestar, and was a patient mentor to Leafpool. Cinderpelt died bravely, protecting her brother’s kits from badgers.

5. Feathertail
Feathertail accepted Crowfeather despite his agressive personality, and managed to see through to his soft heart. She was so gentle and patient with him that he even grew to trust her, and he didn’t trust many cats. During the journey, Feathertail was always the gentle and agreeable one who tried to make peace between the other cats. She died saving the Tribe of Rushing Water from Sharptooth.

4. Brambleberry
Brambleberry comforted Crookedkit and cared for him after he was rejected by his mother. When she found out about Crookedjaw’s promise to Mapleshade, Brambleberry was reassuring and supportive, promising to always be by his side.

3. Willowbreeze
Willowbreeze was a good friend and a good mate to Crookedjaw. She was always there for him, ready to comfort hin and cheer him up. She was a very friendly and gentle cat.

2. Spottedleaf
Spottedleaf was a good medicine cat because she was caring and kind. She really loved Firestar, but despite her sadness that they couldn’t be together she accepted his relationship with Sandstorm, and reassured him that he should be with her. Spottedleaf continued supporting Firestar and his daughter Leafpool by visiting them in their dreams and guiding them. She died for the second time saving Sandstorm, because she wanted Firestar to be with his mate.

Honourable Mentions:
Tall Shadow

1. Honeyfern!
Honeyfern was always a very kind and gentle cat who cared about those around her. She was friendly, compassionate, and always eager to help a cat in need. Kindness was one of the virtures Firestar singled out about her during her Warrior ceremony. Honeyfern was always caring towards kits, and in the end she bravely sacrificed herself to save a kit. Honeyfern cares more about other cats than she does about herself. She is selfless. Honeyfern is my favorite Warrior cat, and she is, in my opinion, the kindest cat in Warriors.


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  • i totally agree! i haven’t read about jessy and turtle tail yet,but im sure the’re really kind! i kinda do have to disagree on one in the honorable mentions, but that’s just my opinion!