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Why I love Dovewing by Irispaw

Irispaw shares why they love Dovewing.

Art by warrior cats designs (tumblr)

Hey! Its me here with yet another article. When I first read about Dovewing I totally loved her, she was spunky yet sweet, she was a amazing sister, a wonderful mother, and such a great cat. Then I found out she was a really hated cat. So, here are my rebuttals to the most common reasons people hate Dovewing.

1-“Dovewing was horrible to Ivypool and made her jealous.”

Dovewing did not want to make Ivypool jealous, she said multiple times that she did not want to be special, and hated leaving Ivypaw. She was scared to go on the mission but she wanted to be a loyal Thunderclan cat. “He (Jayfeather) sensed deep fear within her, which she was trying to bury under her anger. ‘I don’t care about special powers unless they can help me to be a loyal warrior to Thunderclan.’” And this quote also from The Fourth Apprentice “ The journey was about to begin- the quest that she had set in motion when she heard the animals that were blocking the stream-but Dovepaw couldn’t push down her misery at leaving her sister behind. Before dawn, when Lionblaze has come to to rouse her in the apprentices’ den, Ivypaw had curled up and pretended to be asleep so that she didn’t have to say good-bye.” Also this quote when Lionblaze and Fireheart started treating her different -“‘I’m sorry you had to go out without me.’ Dovewing began lapping at the raindrops caught in Ivypaw’s pelt. I wish they’d send me on the same patrols as Ivypaw, just to make it fair.” Dovewing hated seeing her sister upset that she wasn’t as special as Dovewing and desperately wanted to tell her about the prophecy, but couldn’t. Dovewing worried about Ivypool’s wounds, even though Ivypool never wanted to talk about it. When Dovewing found out that Ivypool was training in the Dark Forest she really worried about her sister but Ivypool thought that Dovewing just didn’t want her to be special. Dovewing tried really hard to be nice to her sister but Ivypool just didn’t accept it. Dovewing always loved and defended her sister, even Blossomfall who was incredibly rude to her: Dovewing: “But Ivypool could be [in trouble]! And my father! These cats are punished for believing the lies that the Dark Forest warriors told them!”
Bumblestripe: “We can’t forget what happened, Dovewing. Perhaps they need some sort of punishment just to make sure they understand that what they did was wrong.”
Dovewing: “Blossomfall is your sister. Do you really think she’d do anything to betray her Clan?”
Bumblestripe: “Training in the Dark Forest was never part of the warrior code.”
Dovewing: “Nor was dead cats coming back to life to attack us! Our Clanmates made a terrible decision, but when it mattered, they were loyal to us, and us alone. […] Ivypool is my littermate, just as Blossomfall is yours. I would trust my sister with my life. Don’t you feel the same way?”

2-“Dovewing wanted to be loved everywhere!”
Yes, It’s true she is loved for helping the Clans but 1: She never wanted the attention and 2: She couldn’t control being chosen. Besides, no one really liked her before everyone found out she was right about the beavers. When Dovepaw tells every cat about the big brown animals she heard were blocking the water from getting to the lake, almost everyone thinks she is stupid, some even complain about the nonsense. Her own father tells her to stop telling lies. Is this being loved or supported? Blossomfall also bullied Dovewing, ”’Bumblestripe was fine, but Dovewing, you need to do a lot more work,’ she [Blossomfall] meowed. ‘Your paws were all over the place. And you seemed to have forgotten you have a tail. It’s there for balance, you know.’– The Forgotten Warrior, page 200 and “‘That’s right,’ Blossomfall replied to Rosepetal, ‘But I never did think Dovewing was right for my brother. She’s always been a bit…different, hasn’t she?’Rosepetal murmured in agreement.” It’s obvious both Rosepetal and Blossomfall don’t like Dovewing.

3- “But Dovewing was a traitor, and I hate her for choosing Tigerheart over Bumblestripe!”

Dovewing did try to break it off with Tigerheart; “We can have one more night together, can’t we?”
Dovewing: “No, we can’t. I have to concentrate on the prophecy! There’s a battle coming. I don’t know who to trust anymore!”
Tigerheart: “You can always trust me. I love you!”
Dovewing: “This isn’t the time. I have a battle to fight. So do you.”
Dovewing did not betray her clan by going to ShadowClan. Dovewing was going to have Tigerheart’s kits, and she knew if she stayed her kits would be judged by the clan and Dovewing couldn’t do that to her kits- plus who would help raise them? Her sister did not support her at all. “Ivypool said nothing, only turning her back on her sister and gathering her kits away from her.” Bumblestripe would definitely have been disappointed in her. Imagine how lonely it would have been there. Dovewing was going to have kits, and knew that her kits’ saftey was in danger if she stayed. Of course she was going to listen to her dream, remember another dream she had? A dream from Yellowfang, that surely wasn’t an ordinary dream, that she later finds out that it was a prophecy that needed to be fulfilled in order to defeat the Dark Forest cats. If Dovewing didn’t listen to her dream there was a high chance her dream would come true. I really don’t get why she gets so much hate for leaving, Tawnypelt leave the clan to be with her father, Graystripe left the clan to be with his kits, Finleap leave the clan to be with Twigbranch but Dovewing can’t leave the clan for the saftey of her kits? Tigerheart and Dovewing loved each other from the beginning. They first met on the journey, when Tigerheart flirted with her and wanted to protect her a lot, and then they eventually grew to love each other. Tigerheart loved her not because she was special, but because she was Dovewing. It’s not the most popular ship, but I thought it was well done. And even if you don’t like it, and thought DovexBumble was way cuter, reality is, you can’t force love just to be loyal, (Crowfeather and Nightcloud anyone?) it never turns out good. Dovewing’s heart was not in it and Bumblestripe was very clingy and kept pushing their relationship, even asking for kits, Dovewing was not ready, and forced herself to be in the relationship.

5-“Even so, she didn’t listen to Ivypool and broke her heart!”

Ivypool wouldn’t accept Dovewing for who she was. Once Dovewing and Tigerheart stopped meeting, Ivypool bragged about how right she was and hurt Dovewing. Ivypool didn’t care about how Dovewing felt, it was whatever Ivypool says goes. In Tigerheart’s Shadow, she never left to go help pregnant Dovewing who was planning on leaving ThunderClan. Ivypool never understood that she was in love with Tigerheart. Ivypool didn’t need to be in a relationship to understand, she needed to peacefully communicate with her sister for once. Ivypool had no idea that Dovewing was planing to leave because Ivypool didn’t care about her sister at all. As long as Dovewing wasn’t with Tigerheart why should Ivypool care about her sister? Dovewing felt alone, struggling about feelings that she had no one to talk to about, no one tried to understand. She should’ve had her sister for support, Ivypool didn’t have to agree, but she shouldn’t have judged.

4-“Dovewing didn’t even want her
powers, and she was whiny, Ivypool or Hollyleaf should have been in the three.”

Dovewing didn’t want her powers at first because she was insecure and scared she would mess up. The prophecy was shoved into her life and she had to keep up with two ADULT warriors. Dovewing was constantly told by everyone that if she didn’t do her duty right being the third cat, lives would be lost. She had a lot of responsibility from a young age, one that she wasn’t allowed to share. Yet, she did an amazing job as one of the three. Dovewing never wanted to be important, but she accepted her destiny and helped plan out the attack with Firestar, and helped ThunderClan fight. No other cat could have done it. Hollyleaf being part of the three would be too predictable. Giving the power to Dovewing gave a good twist. What made Hollyleaf a great character is how flawed she is. Part of her good character development was her struggling to find out she wasn’t the three. Also some people mention the kin of your kin prophecy, and how Dovewing is kin of his kin of his kin, so the prophecy doesn’t make sense. But, the prophecy doesn’t say “Children of your children” it says, “Family of your family” and last time I checked Cloudtail is Firestar’s family, and Dovewing is Cloudtail’s family, hence the “Kin of your kin”. Getting that aside, Dovewing was definitely better suited to be the three than Ivypool. Ivypool had to face the nightmares of the Dark Forest each night but so did other cats. Ivypool wasn’t even a good spy, whenever Lionblaze or Jayfeather asked her what was going on in the Dark Forest, Ivypool said almost every single time, “It’s not important, leave me alone!” Of course they are going to ask you things Ivypool, you are supposed to tell them things. , “Oh, but Ivypool saved the Clan by being a spy.” The thing is, she wasn’t even the only spy. Tigerheart was a spy, and would’ve given Dovewing information. What makes it even worse was Ivypool did everything out of spite, not the good of her clan. Dovewing was the reason Ivypool found out the Dark Forest cats were evil anyway; “ ‘The Dark Forest cats are evil!’ ’How would you know?’ Ivypaw spat back. ‘You’ve never met one!’
Dovepaw stared at her. ‘Of course they’re evil. Why else would they be in the Dark Forest? Do you think StarClan sent Tigerstar there because he was good?’
‘Have you ever met Tigerstar?’
‘No! But I’ve heard nursery tales about him. So have you! He tried to destroy Firestar; he set BloodClan on him—‘
‘He’s different now!’ Ivypaw thrust her muzzle in Dovepaw’s face. ‘His time in the Dark Forest has taught him the importance of loyalty.’ Was that a challenge in her mew? Dovepaw didn’t flinch. ‘You’re wrong,’ she hissed. “He wants to destroy Firestar as much as he ever did. The only thing that matters to Tigerstar is power.’
Ivypaw curled her lip. ‘You haven’t spoken to him. I have! He told me everything. How he only became ShadowClan’s leader after Bluestar forced him out of ThunderClan. How he’s always stayed loyal to his birth Clan. Despite everything they’ve done to him!’
‘Everything they’ve done to him?’ Dovepaw couldn’t believe her ears.
‘Who won the battle yesterday?’
‘What’s the battle got to do with it?’ ‘It was Tigerstar’s idea! He’s the one who told me to persuade Firestar to fight ShadowClan. He warned me that ShadowClan was planning to steal our territory. And because of Tigerstar, we stole their territory instead. What’s that, if it’s not loyalty?’
‘But Tigerstar is part of the Dark Forest! You can’t trust him! Don’t you see that the battle caused nothing but trouble?’ Dovepaw spat.
‘Winning a worthless piece of land cost Firestar a life and killed Russetfur!’
Ivypaw narrowed her eyes. ‘Tigerstar is still loyal to ThunderClan. You’re just jealous. You’re jealous that it’s me he’s visiting and not you! You’re scared I might become a better warrior than you! That I might be the special one, and that Firestar might start taking notice of me instead of you!’
‘Don’t be a mouse-brain! You’re my sister.’ But Dovepaw found herself yowling at empty air…. ‘I know about Ivypaw,’ Dovepaw hissed as soon as they were clear of the brambles. ‘She’s training with the Dark Forest warriors.’ ‘Keep your voice down!’ Jayfeather spat. ‘But we have to do something!’ Jayfeather winced as a stray beech twig jabbed his foreleg. ‘Like what? Order her not to go? Do you think she’ll listen?’
‘Why wouldn’t she?’ Fear edged Dovepaw’s mew.
Jayfeather steered her to the side of the clearing. ‘Look,’ he breathed. ‘She’s made her choice. Perhaps we should just keep an eye on her and see what she does. We might be able to learn something about our enemy.’ ‘Ivypaw’s not our enemy!’ Dovepaw sounded desperate. ‘She’s my littermate. I can’t let this happen to her. StarClan knows what Tigerstar will do
to her!’”
And about her losing her powers and being “whiny”, seriously? Dovewing practically went blind and deaf, don’t tell me you wouldn’t freak out too. Lionblaze and Jayfeather were both adults and didn’t have it as bad as Dovewing. Jayfeather did not rely on his dream power, Lionblaze could chose weather to fight or not. Dovewing used her powers everyday, it was not an option to use them.

Well, this is my defense of Dovewing. She is definitely not a Mary-Sue. She is a great cat, and I love her. Hopefully, I convinced you to love her too… May StarClan watch your path!

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