Why Turtle Tail Is My Favorite Warriors Cat by Turtlepaw

Turtlepaw shares why Turtle Tail is their favourite character.


*Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Dawn of the Clans.
If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read this!*

Hey, BlogClan! It’s Turtle here back with another article!
Today I’m going to be explaining why Turtle Tail is my favorite Warriors cat!

I have a lot of reasons, but the ones I’ll be listing today in this article are the main ones.
This article won’t be in order of the number one reason I love Turtle Tail, to the second reason, or anything like that.
No, I’m just using numbers in this article to keep things organized.

Okay! Let’s start the reasons!

1. Turtle Tail is a great friend.

Turtle Tail comforted Gray Wing when he blamed himself for Bright Stream’s death.
She was there for Bumble as the kitty pet was dying, talking to her and comforting her.
Turtle Tail was such an amazing friend to any cat who ever needed her.

2. Turtle Tail is forgiving.

She forgave Gray Wing for the whole Storm thing, and when she and Gray Wing became mates, she was not snappy about the fact that at one point, Gray Wing hadn’t payed attention to her.
Turtle Tail truly forgave Gray Wing, and that’s awesome.
3. Turtle Tail is an awesome mother.

Turtle Tail is SUCH a good mother!

She set out to rescue Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur, even though that meant coming face-to-face with her former, abusive, mean mate, Tom!
Turtle Tail KNEW she’d have to see Tom to rescue her kits.
But she set out anyway.

4. Turtle Tail is a great mate.

Turtle Tail is a fantastic mate. She was always there for Gray Wing, and she comforted him when he had coughing problems, she was always there for him.
Look at this quote:

“It comforts me to see you happy. I love you so much. You gave me such happiness when I was alive. And you raised my kits. I will always be grateful that they had you to take care of them. Leaving them was even harder than leaving you.”

Turtle Tail was a great mate to Gray Wing, even in death <3

5. Turtle Tail is brave.

She set out on the Sun Trail with her Tribemates, despite not knowing what she’d find on the journey.
That’s a very brave thing to do.

6. Turtle Tail was willing to lie to protect her kits.
At one point, when Tom wanted to meet Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur, Turtle Tail knew she couldn’t let that happen.
So she lied. Said that her kits were weak and puny- I believe she called them “wastes of milk.”
But of course Turtle Tail didn’t mean that. She loved her kits.
But she was willing to do anything, to lie, to protect them.
(I know this part is kind of like the “Turtle Tail is a great mother” part, but this part just really stands out to me, so I did it separately.)

Okay, the reasons I love Turtle Tail are over. Now I’m just going to talk a bit about how she came to be my favorite character.
Turtle Tail was not always my favorite character. I didn’t even have a favorite character before realizing Turtle Tail was my favorite.
But I always really liked her. I loved her bravery, her kindness. I loved how much of a good mate she was to Gray Wing.
Dawn of the Clans was the first Warriors arc I read, so Turtle Tail was one of the first characters I read about.

Then came the horrible scene where Thunder and Lightning Tail find Turtle Tail’s body.
I’ve read The First Battle several times, but I still remember reading that one scene for the first time.
I remember my feelings. I remember being sad, thinking I had to have misread it.
Turtle Tail couldn’t be dead.

But she was, and the loss affected me deeply.
That was when I realized: Turtle Tail was not only one of my favorites, she WAS my favorite.
And to this day, she still is.

When I joined BlogClan, I knew that my prefix would be “Turtle.”
It seemed like a great way to honor the character I love.
So that’s what I did. I joined BlogClan as Turtlepaw/ dapple, and I chose my name because of Turtle Tail.
So I would always remember her.
Not that I’d ever forget her, of course- she’s awesome!

So those are the reasons Turtle Tail is my favorite Warriors character!

What are your thoughts on Turtle Tail?

I’d love to know, so if you like, you can tell me in the comments!

Bye! Have a great day/night!

(Or evening, or afternoon…)
(Also, I think this is the longest article I’ve ever written! I guess I really do have a lot to say about Turtle Tail. 😉)

See ya! Turtle out!

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