Top 6 Tomcats by Crystalpaw

Crystalpaw lists their top favourite toms from the series.

Art by deathnear

Hewo, these are totally negotiable in my opinion, BUT ITS MY OPINION. (oops cap lock :3 )
1: Tiger’Star the second,
It’s cool to have another Tiger’star since the other one had a drastic moment. I have to say, it’s nice to finally have a dad who doesn’t become soft when raising his kits with care and compassion and his novella was neat.
2: Shadow’sight
I don’t know anyone who hates this character, I mean all the protagonists in the Broken Code are neat but I mean when he gets pushed back to a medicine cat apprentice in the broken code ( i wont say whom ) and we can relate to being unable to do anything in a situation with no power! We can feel how unfair it was for him! A relatable scene for a relatable character.
3: Alder’ heart
We all have a soft spot for this guy, i mean he wants himself to become remembered and to become the best medicine cat that would be carved in stone for the next arcs. I mean we might not forget Alder’heart because of his mentor but that’s the least i have to say. I mean he did get his series as one of the main characters !!!
4: Crow’feather
Before you send a badger after me id like to explain that it’s strange how he’s changed in the arcs from being a UGH kind of cat to an Eh kind of cat .w. / that’s all i have to say for him, heh
5: Root’spring
I love this guy , i mean Bristlefrost x Rootspring ship is just FINALLY, WE DONT HAVE AN I LOVE YOU AUTOMATICALLY SHIP OR AN I HATE YOU, I LOVE YOU SHIP. Hes also the type you want to squeeze and cuddle with :3. His important role with Bramble’star is important aswell, of course.
6: Tree
I mean i couldn’t stop squealing with the Tree x Violet’shine ship at their scenes together! Hes a very new cat to the warrior cats as he can have a connection stronger than a medicine cat, by seeing ghosts of dead. We can relate to his laziness in the Vision of Shadows aswell

– Crystal paw
/ these weren’t listed in an order of how i liked best /


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