Spottedleaf Is Overrated And Kinda Useless by Stormpaw

Stormpaw shares their opinion of the ThunderClan medicine cat, Spottedleaf.

Art by Wings-Of-North

Spottedleaf is well known because she was Firestar’s first love, and that she was a highly respected and ranked cat in the first book of the first series because she was the medicine cat and interpreted dreams from StarClan. Which is kind of why she is immediately liked. She also warned Firestar of Tigerclaw. “Beware a warrior” she told him in a dream. But what good does that warning do? Fireheart already knew how dangerous Tigerclaw was, so he didn’t need a prophecy to tell him that. All the warning did was make him extra suspicious of Graystripe, so he hadn’t needed Spottedleaf’s help to warn him of the obvious. Then after Firestar became Sandstorm’s mate, Spottedleaf kept visiting him in dreams and they exchanged lovey dove words and flirted with each other practically. And that is like cheating! Spottedleaf knew Firestar had a mate, but it seemed like she kept trying to “get back with him” even though she was dead! And her scent was also described as “sweet” to Firestar. Yet Sandstorm’s scent wasn’t sweet?
So Spottedleaf got between Firestar and Sandstorm, causing trouble by making Sandstorm think Firestar didn’t love her. One reason why I don’t support FireXSpotted ship. Spottedleaf was also a distraction for Firestar, and he often wished she were here with him even though his mate was right. there.

“ “I know you love me, Firestar, but is that enough? Don’t you wish Spottedleaf were with you right now?” The question took Firestar by surprise. What would it be like to have the StarClan medicine cat at his side? Would she be able to convince him that he was doing the right thing? As he hesitated, the anger faded from Sandstorm’s gaze, replaced by a look of horror. “Don’t say a word Firestar,” she mewed. “I know what your answer would be.” “

Spottedleaf was only ever a crush though. When Spottedleaf was alive she only spoke to Firestar when she needed to give him herbs or something, so they never shared their feelings. (If they had any). Spottedleaf was just an untold crush, then when she died Firepaw was all heartbroken. You would think that they would have interacted a little more before she died because of the strong bond they have.

“ “Firepaw buried his nose into Spottedleaf’s wet fur and breathed in her scent one last time. “Good-bye, my sweet Spottedleaf,” he murmured.

I do like Spottedleaf though, but she’s a bit useless and overrated, which is what I was trying to prove in this article. And I hope you liked the read!

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    • I’ll have to say I have to agree with you about Spottedleaf except for the part about her being ‘overrated’.
      Spottedleaf gets a LOT of hate, even compared to the amount of love she gets, so I wouldn’t say she’s overrated:)

  • I love Spottedleaf- she’s my favorite medicine cat!
    I don’t ship her with Firestar, though, and I actually like her not because of their relationship, but because of what a gentle and wise medicine cat she was, and her overall sweet personality.

  • Nice article! I like Spottedleaf, she’s very nice, but I didn’t really like how she kind of got in the way of Fire x Sand.

  • She is overrated and useless. Also,she’s a creepy stalker,and visited and flirted,trying to get him back on her side when he has a wife. Creepy..

  • I like spottedleaf bc shes so kind but i hate hrr romance with firepaw and how useless she was in starclan. I like yellowfang and cinderpelt as med cats better.

  • I think the problem with her character was that she was killed off too early, no doubt for the sake of Yellowfang’s own arc in ThunderClan. Needless to say, I believe Yellowfang could’ve still been a ThunderClan medicine cat alongside Spottedleaf (I would’ve loved to see their interaction. And just imagine: Spottedleaf AND Yellowfang mentoring Cinderpaw!) But that simply wasn’t the case.

    If Spottedleaf would’ve been such a prominent figure in Fire(heart/star)’s life, then, logically, you would think she would’ve lived a long life beside him. The predicament arises from her murder. For her to still remain a prominent figure in his life would have to be if she visited him in his dreams, and that is exactly what happened. Frankly, I believe she shouldn’t have been so involved in Fire(heart/star)’s life after her death, especially after him being mates with Sandstorm became official. I think it’s safe to assume that she was just bored in StarClan and wanted something to do. Haha.

  • Spottedleaf is overrated.
    She’s only in the series for pretty much one book if u don’t count her as a StarClan cat before dieing and yet Firestar is like “oooh my sweet Spottedleaf I hav a mate but ur my love” Urg

  • Great article!
    I’m not in the mood to hate on Spottedleaf so I’ll pass on the rant, but anyway great article!

  • I love the article! I’m planning on releasing one somewhat similar to this one’s topic, and yours is really well put together! Keep up the good work ^^

  • Yeah, I agree, that prophecy is kind of useless. But StarClan gives a lot of useless prophecies, so the cat that gives them really has nothing to do with how overrated or useless they are.

    Um, is it Spottedleaf’s fault that she loved someone? NO! And that doesn’t mean she’s overrated or useless. I’d agree if Spottedleaf was the only one who flirted with Firestar, but Firestar also did, so putting the blame on her solely is unfair. I don’t think she tried to get back to him, just missed him a lot. Does it really matter if someone’s scent is described as sweet? That has nothing to do with anything. Spottedleaf literally spent most of her time in the medicine den with sweet-smelling herbs so why wouldn’t it be sweet?
    I don’t think Spottedleaf tried to cause trouble between Firestar and Sandstorm. She couldn’t exactly tell Firestar to stop loving her, so it’s not her fault. There could be some reasons why he wanted Spottedleaf to be there other than because he loved her, like maybe because she was so gentle and sweet and often helped him.

    Why do we keep looking at her love life? Her love life has nothing to do with if she’s overrated or useless. And anyways, feelings can grow! You don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. Maybe Firestar loved Spottedleaf but didn’t want to show it as it was against the code, and he was a former kittypet, so following the code would be in his best interest. Spottedleaf wasn’t just a crush, and that’s shown often. But I agree with you, perhaps they could’ve interact a bit more.

    She’s definitely not useless, and she proved that over and over again by delivering important prophecies, helping Jayfeather, and helping Leafpool find the moonstone. As for overrated, Spottedleaf gets a lot of hate, so she definitely is NOT overrated, but maybe overhated.

    I have to say, even though I definitely don’t agree with you, this was a well-written article, and very interesting too.

  • My friend absolutely loves Spottedleaf so I hope she doesn’t read what I’m about to say…
    Anyway, I totally agree with you on everything you said. Spottedleaf was just a distraction for Firestar, and she wasn’t even that important. And even in The Last Hope (Spoilers Ahead BTW) Firestar was still sad when Mapleshade killed her. The only thing I like about Spottedleaf is how she gave comfort to Leafpool and Jayfeather, but other than that, the books would be fine without her.

  • I completely agree! I hate how Firestar reacts to Sandstorm in that paragraph you mentioned, Spottedleaf caused more problems than she solved.

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