Warrior Names by Shyleaf

Shyleaf discusses names within the Warriors universe.

Art by NatameSecrea

A warrior is what most apprentices and kits strive to be- and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind being a kitty cat warrior either. A kitty cat warrior that fights and hunts and goes MEOW and eats and hunts and-

Moving on from that, the reason I’m writing this article is NOT to let everyone know that I’m insane, I am writing this article to talk about warrior names! (By the way, I love pretty much every warriors name! I’m not judging!)

Each leader seems to have had a different ‘rule’ for naming warriors. An easy one for me to point out is that Leafstar tends to name cats after other cats. For example, Harrybrook, Violetshine, Firefern and Stormheart were all named after other cats. I’m not going to go way too deep into the ‘rules that certain leaders have and don’t have for naming their warriors’ thing, but Leafstar’s rule was easy enough to point out anyways.

It is very (when I say very, I mean VERY!) common for cats in the books to have prefixes and/or suffixes that are based off of their appearance. Some examples of this are: Brackenfur, Graystripe, Mosspelt, Yellowfang, Bluestar, Firestar and Whitestorm. Kind of funny how its mostly older or dead warriors named like this, right? In my opinion, this happens when the mother of the kits is either uninspired, or really likes the thing or color they’re naming their kit after. Or, in Firestar’s case, he was named for a prophecy that Spottedleaf received and gave to Bluestar. Oh wait- Spottedleaf is another example!

Another common way to be named is to be named after your personality. Right now, I’m talking about your suffix being your personality. Your prefix being your personality is actually pretty rare! Some cats that are examples of this are way of naming are Brightheart (maybe?), Dovewing (Due to her ‘calm’ personality), and probably 20 other cats I can’t think of.

As I mentioned earlier, your prefix being your personality is very rare! I’m guessing that this is because you really don’t know a cats personality when they’re newborn kits… and that’s when they’re usually named. The only examples I can think of for this right now are Shyheart and (maybe) Sweetpaw.

Now, I personally think that the names on BlogClan are much more creative than the names in the books, but that’s okay. Here I’m going to mention some of the names in warriors that I really like! Heres a list:
Berrynose (I don’t exactly like him as a character though)
Poppyfrost and

Anyways, have a good day/night, and a wonderful rest of your year!

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