Top Cats That Need Super Editions/Novellas by Jinx

Jinx lists some cats they think deserve the chance to tell their own stories.

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*Adjusts Fake Tie* Yes, it’s Jinx (Jaypaw) here! I am going to explain the top cats that need their own novella/super edition, and why. I also will be trying not to go crazy when I talk about a certain gray tabby medicine cat…

First, I wanted to say THANK YOU for finally making a Crowfeather novella. I have yet to read it, but I have heard it’s amazing. Now, on to my cats.

5. Sol.
Sol is a.. very interesting character. We see him as always cool and calm, and he ‘predicted’ the sun disappearing. The cat managed to take over ShadowClan and destroy their belief in StarClan altogether. But what made him wreak such havoc on the four Clans? I know he was originally training in SkyClan, and they banished him. But why try to destroy Clans that had nothing to do with that? And how did he find the Clans in the first place? And what did Midnight tell him? There are many un answered questions about this mysterious calico tom. And what happened to him during the Great Battle with the Dark Forest? Did he die? Did he flee? Did he join the Place Of No Stars?

4. The Aincents
Do I really have to say much about this? It would be so interesting to go so far back. Farther back than even the Dawn of the Clans. Where did they come from, and what was their hierarchy? How did they determine who was leader? Where did the name Stoneteller come from? (Other than Jayfeather naming Half Moon that)

3. I hate to say this one. Hollyleaf. She needs one, as much as I hate this cat, she does. I will rant about her another time, possibly in this article. Anyway, what did she do down in the tunnels, and how did she meet Fallen Leaves? I thought Jayfeather was the only one who could see him. What did she eat down there, and how the heck did Fallen Leaves find her? From what we know, those tunnels are miles long. And why did she know how to fight? What enemies were underground that needed those skills?

2. Scourge.
This cat is not well known, as he is in one manga and the last few chapters of the Darkest Hour. Yet, he is talked about a lot. We don’t know a ton. Like, how did he gain control of all the cats in his Clan? Even with the dog story, come ON. These cats have to be pretty dumb to believe that tiny kitten could kill a dog. How did he confirm it, and keep control? How was he killed by FIRESTAR? Come on. He ripped nine lives out of Tigerstar, and then he is dead. Seriously, both his and Tigerstar’s deaths seemed…. rushed.

1. Jayfeather.
I don’t know what to say. He is amazing. I really want to know more about him, and what he saw in all his visions. and maybe what growing up blind was like. We kind of see him as an apprentice first, and don’t see much of him as a kit. I’d like to have a walk through of his life. It would be very cool. And how did the tunnels take him back in time?


Fine, she was lied to. But then she didn’t want Ashfur to tell everyone at a gathering, so she killed him. I would hate her less if she didn’t kill him and then DO EXACTLY WHAT SHE KILLED HIM FOR.
This is me when I saw the scene.
Hollyleaf: *kills Ashfur*
Ashfur: *dies*
Hollyleaf: I love the Warrior code and whatever but yeah, I’m always up in cats’ buisness about following it when I KILLED A CAT.
Hollyleaf: *reveals the secret at a Gathering; the exact thing she killed Ashfur to stop him from doing*
Hollyleaf: I’m going to ruin my mother’s life and make my aunt and adoptive mother break up with her mate and get my father in trouble. And yeah, I killed a cat to stop him from saying exactly what I just said.
Me: O.O WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
Hollyleaf: *lets Sol take the blame for something he didn’t do*
Hollyleaf: *runs away into tunnels and makes everyone worry about a murderer cause they think she is dead*
Me: …………. I hate you.

No offence to Hollyleaf fans. I had to get that out.


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  • Yes we do need a Scourge novela because, he’s awsome, like Hawkfrost, and awsome.

    Also for some reason I really want an Ivytail of ShadowClan story because, she gets no attention, she’s awsome at that one line, and amzing, She knows when to quit, and stuff

  • Yes crowfeathers trial was AMAZING I just finished it *purr* and I agree Hollyleaf is a really bad cat she tried to kill my fav character leafpool!

  • Hollyleaf does have a novella, and I have to disagree with you about her but I’m not getting into that rn… I deffinetly want to see some more spotlight on some ancient cats though. Like Half Moon! I think it would be a great idea for her to have her own super edition and her thoughts when Jay’s Wing (Jayfeather), disapeared.

  • Crowfeather actually has a super edition, not a novella. And Hollyleaf already has a novella.
    I agree that Sol needs his own book- I really want to learn more about him.
    The Story Of Tonight

  • Scourge and Sol need their Super editions for sure and the Ancients as well probably, I am not sure about the others. But I completely agree about HOLLYLEAF, she is just a terrible cat.

  • I think Mudclaw should get a super edition, I mean he achieved a lot during onewhisker’s/ onestar’s era and he did go to starclan because tallstar didn’t use the right words in onestars deputy ceremony. and he thought he was acting on the will of Starclan. it would be cool to know what was going on inside his brain. and how it felt being betrayed by so many of his clanmates and then by hawkfrost, the person who supported him during the windclan raid. and to end it all being crushed by a TREE, A TREE FOR STARCLAN’S SAKE. what a sad end for a rather interesting character.

  • Umm… Might I point out Hollyleaf killed Ashfur out of anger, not because he was going to tell the clans the secret. One of the Erins said so. No idea who, but yeah.

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