Why LionBlaze isn’t a gary sue by Springkit

Springkit explains by Lionblaze isn’t a Gary Sue.

Art by Vialir

Hello, Springkit here with my second article explaining why Lionblaze isn’t a gary sue.
I might do a StarClan conspiracy theory when i stop procrastinating so be on the lookout for that!

(a gary sue is someone with no flaws)

Why Lionblaze isn’t a gary sue
1. He met up with Heathertail.
A gary sue wouldn’t use the tunnels from windclan to thunderclan knowing they could use it against ThunderClan. He sure as heck wouldn’t fall in love with Hearthertail, a Windclan cat because if he was a gary sue he would stick to the warrior code and be friendly but not fall in love.

2. He didn’t ask to be invincible.
Lionblaze never started begging StarClan or some other power ( since starclan didn’t give the prophecy or the powers-we’ll talk about that in my conspiracy article) he was given it when he was born. You can even see him wishing he wasn’t invulnerable-When Cinderheart rejected him because apparently he’s too important. He even got them taken away after The last hope. Wheareas a gary sue would adapt to it perfectly Lionblaze struggled with the idea of him getting hurt.

3. He trained in The Place Of No Stars (Dark forest)
a gary sue would immediately realize Tigerclaw couldn’t be trusted. But Lionblaze still trained with him and let him influence his thoughts and dreams

4. He killed Russetfur
He didn’t mean to. It was a pure accident. He was just defending his leader firestar.. Russetfur was attacking Firestar to kill and Lionblaze saw firestar was being overwhelmed, so he did what was right and defended him. That was me defending Lionblaze. Now let me explain why this isnt gary sue-like. A gary sue would pay close attention so that he didn’t accidentally kill her.

5. He didnt get the catmint.
If lionblaze was a gary sue he would get it right away and become a hero. But he didn’t and

6. His family wasn’t perfect
When Leafpool revealed she was their mother he stopped talking to her whereas a gary sue would forgive her right away.

Yeah so that was my opinion on why Lionblaze isnt a gary sue. Let me know your opinion!

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