Theory:Is StarClan Evil? Starclans dark side by Springkit

Springkit wonders if StarClan have been the true antagonists of the Clans.

SO yeah here’s the article. My info is from Moonkitti’s video StarClan and Lunahearts article “Is StarClan Exaggerated?”

Is STarClan Evil?
In the Warriors universe, StarClan is depicted as caring Warrior ancestors. But are they really? When you think about it, Starclan is very exaggerated. They are just dead cats barely wiser then the living. The prophecys and the powers don’t come from them, they have a “higher power”. This higher power probably aquired their powers and is much more powerful than starclan, because as said, Starclan didnt give powers or the prophecy they just knew it was going to come. Also rock was cursed long before any starclan cat existed. Plus Starclans prophecys are usually unhelpful, goosefeather said he didn’t know a single prophecy unfullfilled. This reduces StarClans power perception greatly.
Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Hollyleaf (since she could communicate clearly to the dead, much like tree) would be a part of it-power of the stars in their paws-StarClans only power is to control the weather. But if they really are as caring, would they not kill off or at least not give them lives tigerstar and Brokenstar?
Also, apparently StarClan can choose which cats die-but then why would they choose to take the good cats but not the bad one?

Here;s where it gets interesting.
In Fading echos, it explains the process of fading, or when a dead cat dies again. You can basically be murdered by another cat, dead or living, or you can be remembered (both by iving and dead) and live. As a dead cat. But here I’m gonna jump to the question: why are there four clans? you might say because they get in arguments and and live in different territories, but what if they were a single clan living in different groups with a council of senior warriors, leaders, and medicine cats? then the only answer would be: StarClan would be angry. But why would starclan be angry? Maybe because 75% of cats fights happened for border skirmishes. SO you would say that it was for their own good.
Was it, though? In the beginning in Dawn of the Clans Starclan appeared as ghosts, unable to touch. But as more and more cats remembered them, they were able to materialize in the clans and fight alongside them.


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  • I feel like the “Real StarClan” was the StarClan in TPB, but as the series continued, they were made more realistic and ruined.

  • Part of my article was cut off, but I wanted to add that starclan also could only control the weather at first, like in TPB but then OOTS they were able to materialize and fight in the living world for a short amount of time. The more cats remembering them also makes sense because the clans were taking in rouges and kittypets, and also expanding their clan. I remember another article said that in TPB there were about 15-20 cats in a clan but in a later arc there were around 30-40 cats in a clan.

  • I’ve noticed: Most cats just fade from the story when they die. Like after Redtail dies, you never hear about him again until he gives Firestar one of his lives. but then he’s never seen or heard from again. And we never even got to meet him! Anyways, great article!

  • Nice article! I really think StarClan is behaving very weird these days, for example in AVOS, Bluestar or some cat said that “if the Clans don’t join together, StarClan may not survive,” but then as Leafstar decided to leave, the only thing that happened was a powerful rainstorm. So StarClan could be destroyed by a rainstorm, I guess…
    This would not have happened in TPB

    • I know right! Starclan is MESSED up (No offense to anyone who likes StarClan… if there is anyone like that.)

  • Lol… I like the cats that go to StarClan, but I don’t like StArClAn if you get what what I mean. Interesting article!

  • StarClan is not evil but they r not exactly good
    I view them as a mix like any other cat

  • I think the ultimate problem with StarClan is that they are not a singular divine entity that is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Unlike other books, like Watership Down by Richard Adams, there is no celestial being above all creation like Lord Frith, Prince Rainbow, or the Black Rabbit of Inle who have the ability to, quite literally, control fate (although a famous quote in the books is: “There is not a day or a night but a doe offers her life for her kittens, or some honest captain of Owsla his life for his Chief Rabbit’s. Sometimes it is taken, sometimes it is not. But there is no bargain, for here what is is what must be.”)

    This is not the case of StarClan. They are composed of the same imperfect cats who lived in the Clans before. The only difference is that now they are dead. They are still free to make mistakes and their personalities in their lives before are still retained, whether corrupted, irrational, ignorant, snooty, or downright foolish. And that is where the problem lies. They are not perfect. They can never be perfect. The whole system is based on imperfect cats following the orders of other imperfect cats. Now, if StarClan was somehow organized by rank, and at the very top of the rank was some supreme, all-knowing cat being, then perhaps the Clans would not suffer as much as they did.

    I cannot exactly blame the cats themselves for this, but rather the Erins who created them and have the ability to make them “more better.” But I think the overall purpose for making StarClan relatively unhelpful in the scheme of things is to put emphasis on the fact that they are neither flawless nor absolute.

    Also, there is the sake of plot. Warriors is a book that is primarily plot-driven rather than character-driven. And some of these plots are often addressed by StarClan even before they reach the living cats below, hence the prophecies.

    But I agree with you 100%.

    This just gave me an idea. It would be cool if StarClan had a supreme cat leader who had the final say. And perhaps if that cat died/was killed, that would explain why StarClan fell apart and was torn asunder. Perhaps the Erins should just make a book about what happens in StarClan and how they interact with the cats of the living world. I would definitely pay to read that one, even if it was just a Super Edition or Novella.

    • YES! Maybe the supreme leader was Skystar, after all, no matter how um… bad he was at the beginning he DID create the clans. Maybe Thunderstar was meant to be the next leader but Skystar died before that could happen after SkyClan died off. Or maybe it was Half Moon who DID deserve it. I don’t know but your theory seems SPOT on!