Rating RiverClan Leaders by Icestripe

Icestripe shares their opinion on every known RiverClan leader.

Art by Polyhexian

Ok! We are rating EVERY RiverClan leader! Ok, this gonna be long…
Well the rank is 1 being Hate, and 10 being Love, pretty simple 😛

Riverstar- 9/10
He is friendly, and he legit started my favourite Clan, so I gotta like him. He is also very accepting of other cats joining, and a bit calmer about borders *Cough Shadowstar*. He also started the whole mentoring system, and Warriors isn’t Warriors without some eager, semi-dumb, and curious apprentices running around, is it?

Emberstar- 5/10
We don’t know much about him, but he seems okay and a somewhat decent leader. When he finds out Cloudberry; one of his Warriors is pregnant with kits with Ryewhisker, he doesn’t exile her like Oakstar did to Mapleshade. He also says ‘Sorry’ when his Clan kills another Clan’s warrior, which is rare. He also made one of the best and most important rules of the Warrior-Code; “Do not trespass or hunt on other Clan’s land”, which the series would not be the same without this code.

Darkstar (1)- 6/10
Again, a very minor cat. They must have been very caring and kind, because they made the rule that “elders and kits must be fed first”, so she deserves some credit on being a good leader. Better than another Darkstar I know… (Read on to see her)

Troutstar- 2/10
Honest to StarClan I don’t even have an Opinion on this cat, he did make the code that warriors must have a vigil, but there really isn’t a point for this code in my opinion. So umm yeah… That’s all for you, Troutstar!

Reedstar- 1/10
We legit only know he’s a tom, and he attacked a ShadowClan leader when ShadowClan attacked first, at a Gathering, and that’s not much to go on, if that’s anything to go on.

Ivystar- 1/10
She didn’t even care when 3 WindClan kits fell off a cliff in front of her own warrior’s eyes so well… The only good thing I got for her is name, which is pretty, (and should belong to Ivypool).

Talonstar- No Rating
All we know is that he’s a tom, and a RiverClan leader. The End.

Willowstar- 5/10
Her name is pretty, and was pretty sly and showed some Girl-Power when she insulted Morningstar at a gathering with only him noticing.

Birchstar- 7/10
At first I hated her, but now I’m cool with her. I hated her when I started reading Firestar’s Journey, but by the end I like her a lot, because she apoligized to SkyClan, and even gave Leafstar a life. Also, her pelt is super pretty to me!

Darkstar (2)- 0/10
This was the cat I was talking about. She’s really mean! She turned down poor Mapleshade when she was banished, then watched her kits drowned, while Darkstar’s own warriors watched too, and they could swim! At least Mapleshade tried! She also just let Appledusk stay, when Mapleshade was exiled, and lost everything she loved.

Volestar- 1/10
He was just shown once gossiping with Doestar, and that’s all we ever see of him…

Hailstar- 9/10
I believe he was a very good leader, loyal, brave, and he was fair too. He made Crookedstar a warrior when no other cat thought he could be one, and that’s really nice. He also trusted Crookedstar enough to make him his deputy, then leader, and any cat who likes Crookedstar I like.

Crookedstar- 10/10
Really Kind, loyal, and brave cat. He suffered a hard past when Rainflower neglected him and all, but that never stopped him from becoming a good leader of RiverClan.

Leopardstar- 11/10
She’s my favourite cat, because I just love her courage, ambition, and loyalty to RiverClan. I know most people hate her, but it wasn’t her fault Stonefur died, she had no idea what Tigerstar’s true intentions were.

Mistystar- 7/10
I like her… but can she please just die already?

Thanks for Reading! Tell me your thoughts in the Comments!

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  • I mean I like Hail-Star but he really only made Crooked-Jaw dep cause of an omen. I might be wrong cause I haven’t read Crooked-Star’s Promise in a while…

  • I don’t really like Lepordstar. She COULD have stopped Darkstripe and Blackfoot from killing Stonefur. Couldn’t she just say, “Tigerstar, stop that! You can’t kill my deputy!”, but she chose to do nothing. Also, after she DID find out Tigerstar’s intentions, she chose to do NOTHING because she didn’t want to admit to her Clan that she was wrong. She AGREED with Tigerstar on killing all half-Clan cats. She only joined TigerClan because she liked Tigerstar. Although she did make Mistyfoot the deputy after…

    • Maybe ‘hate’ is a little too…. mean? Okay, I also don’t like Leopardstar but ‘hate’ with all capitals are a little too cruel? Well, there’s lots of fans…. *cough* my.. sister…*cough,cough* I think ‘bad’ in lowercase is a lot kinder…..

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