Super Editions/Novellas I would like to see happen by Snowthunder

Snowthunder lists some cats they think should get a chance to tell their own stories.

Art by Wolfjesyo

Hi! It’s Snowthunder back with my third article! Previously, I described my hate for Star Flower, and defended Ashfur.

1. Jayfeather
Jayfeather has had it rough. If it wasn’t for his blindness, he would be a very successful, if grumpy, warrior, likely with a family of his own. I would lime some insight into his internal reaction to finding out he was apart of the prophecy, why the stick was so important to him, and a full explanation of his relationship with Rock. Although, I think the most important thing to touch on would be the grief he suffered after the Great Battle. Losing Hollyleaf and Firestar had to have been excruciatingly painful, even if he didn’t always show it.
Title: Jayfeather’s Fight

2. Brackenfur
Okay, Brackenfur. I don’t believe he was supposed to just be a ‘patrol guy’. He dealt with crippling blows almost his entire life. He lost his father while he was still a kit. Shortly after, Cinderpelt was crippled. Then Frostfur died. Honeyfern was killed by the adder, Sorreltail died in the Great Battle, and he lost Sweetpaw almost immediately afterward. He suffered, but always was a focused and brave warrior.
Title: Brackenfur’s Grief

3. Thrushpelt
This one could be either a Super Edition, or a Novella. Thrushpelt had to deal with being rejected multiple times by Bluestar, and see all the pain she went through, without being able to help her. Even so, he offered to be the foster father of her kits, and he loved them more than we could possibly know, because we haven’t seen anything from his perspective! I also recall him being so kind to everyone, and I would like to know if there is a story behind that, or if he is really just a cat with a perfect heart.
Title: Thrushpelt’s Rejection

4. Princess
Same as the previous one, this could be a Novella as well. We don’t know what happened to Princess. After Fire and Ice, she just kind of fades away for the rest of the series, only mentioned a few times, despite playing a vital role in ThunderClan’s evolution over the course of the books.
Title: Princess’s (?)

5. Jake
Jake… I love Jake. I would like to know more about him in general, how he grew up, his life story. But most importantly, did he miss Tallstar, and did he ever know two of his sons became some of the most famous in Clan history?
Title: Jake’s View?

Anyway, thanks for listening to my requests, and I hope you enjoyed! Snowthunder out!


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  • T h e p a t r o l g u y i s t h o r n c l a w w h y d o e s e v e r y o n e t h i n k i t s b r a k e n f u r ? ! ? !

  • I don’t think that there should be a Jayfeather super edition or novella, honestly, and Brackenfur’s backstory is already in the arcs and he won’t be incredibly plot important from now on, and wasn’t very plot important in the first place. I mean.. he could be.. idk.
    Princess’s one could be called Princess’s Regret because she might’ve regretted giving away Cloudkit. Maybe she could fall in love with.. Barley?*
    Thrushpelt was also already in the plot of Bluestar’s prophecy so probably not.
    *I know Barley X Raven is a thing, I’m just putting it out there that it could happen.

    • I did not think abot hat but that would be just great

  • Great article! I agree with all of these, except Jayfeather has had a lot of views from PoT. Maybe they should make a Brightheart Super Edition, too…?

  • I think that this very article on what super editions/ novellas should happen. But what about Harestar? Onestar? and what about Skystar?
    They all deserve a story about themselves.

  • I had one called Sandstorms Loss
    Because she lost Firestar and her parents to Tigerclaw. Redtail was her dad, Brindleface was her mom. Remember that Brindleface was killed by Tigerstar to lure the dogs near camp. It could take place on her journey on Her journey to Starclan

  • I agree with everything except the story about Jay. I honestly think, even though I like him, that we have seen enough of him. a n d b r a c k e n f u r i s a p a t r o l g u y

  • I love this article! And, honestly, I think Sandstorm should get her own super edition too, and maybe it could be called… Sandstorm’s Trust? And now that I think about it, Brackenfur lost a lot of his family, and yet he stayed a strong warrior.

  • I want Smoke (Onestar’s mate and Darktail’s father) to have a novella called Smoke’s Mate.