Are “The Three” really that special? by Rockpelt

Rockpelt wonders if the Three really were special with their powers after all.

Art by LokiDrawzz on Twitter

Hi, Rockplet here for another article! Today I was reading Yellowfang’s Secret and I began thinking to myself. Are the three really that powerful. Across the warriors series, there have been many cats who have strange abilities and powers. Today I would like to go a little into detail about how powerful the cats are.
(Spoilers for pretty much every book series in warriors.)
First, let’s make a list of all the cats (belonging to the clans) who have had powers. (this will probably be a long article, so be prepared.)

Goosefeather: Goosefeather was a thunderclan medicine cat before Firestar came to the clans, and while Bluestar was growing up. He had the ability to tell the future/destinies of cats just by laying eyes on them.
Yellowfang: Yellowfang had the ability to feel the physical pain of another cat. Even if she couldn’t see them. Oftentimes she would experience the pain of a cat before she even knew they were injured. She had no control of this power.

Heavystep: For many of you it may come as a surprise that he is even on here. This is because of one reason. He died twice. Some of you may be thinking Rockpelt it was simply a mistake! No. It was no mistake. Vicky once stated she wanted to make a Super Edition for Heavystep about having nine lives for “A very special reason.” I can’t say that this is canon, but I’m including it foir one reason or another.

Leafpool/Squirrelflight: Once again some of you may be confused. Let me tell you. As ‘paws Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw had something that, for one reason or another seemed to be forgotten about in books later. They developed telepathy. They could tell what the other was doing or feeling at any given moment. I’m counting this as a power for the sheer detail of the visions of what the other is doing.

Lionblaze: Lionblaze was given the power to be completely undefeated in battle. He had complete control of it. It appeared to work like a light switch that he could turn off and become vulnerable at any given time.

Jayfeather: Jayfeather was born completely blind. To make up for his blindness he had an ability. He could read, and in some cases effect, thoughts. He had complete control of the ability. Some cats seemed to be immune to it.

Dovewing: Dovewing had the ability to hear and see things extremely far away. Her enhanced senses seemed to be extremely fragile and could render useless for moons if exposed to lots of noise for long periods of time.

Cinderheart: I debated on whether or not I wanted to add her. She was possessed by the ghost of Cinderpelt. I count this as a power because… First, when she realizes her true destiny she had=s all the memories of a cat who died. Thus she will die twice. Second, she was able to recall herbs and have information on subjects without any preexisting knowledge of them.

Tree/Rootspring: Both have the power to see ghosts and “talk” to the earth. They seem to be able to call spirits in apperating for them.

Shadowsight: Shadowsight is a strange case. As a kit he had seizures, accompanied by visions. They weren’t just any visions. They seemed more similar to the visions Goosefeather had than to a Starclan sent vision. He also is the only cat able to transfer himself into the dark forest without the consent of a dark forest member. He also is able to transfer his spirit out of his body. Whether or not this is an ability is yet to be revealed.

Now for some math. (Yay… Fun…)

There are roughly 450 cats in the series. (disclaimer: this is not an exact number. Just an estimate acquired from different information, and from author statements. None of the numbers in this are exact, but mere estimates based on the preexisting information.) We can safely say there are fourteen cats with powers that means we can say roughly 14/450 cats in the clans have powers. Thus when simplified we get 1/32.1428571. That means if you were born into the clans you would have a 3.11111112% chance of being born with an ability. That being said:
The rest of this article is mostly for disclaiming
This is an estimate. As not every cat who ever had an ability, nor every cat who ever existed in the world of Warriors isn’t accounted for we can not say for certain what the exact percentage is. Also, I am not an expert in statistics. I am an algebra student who thought this would be fun to figure out. If someone were to do a much more detailed analysis of this same problem with exact numbers I would be happy to read it.
Also, this problem was not free of bias. Some of you may consider some of the cats I listed to be powerless. That is okay. I would have loved to figure this out without bias, but I’m not sure that is possible.
Thank you for reading! If you remember any cats who had powers that I did not, feel free to comment! Goodbye!

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