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The next generation of clan leaders by Fallenfeather

Fallenfeather shares their pick on who should be the next leaders of the Clans.

Art by warrior cats designs (tumblr)

Hey guys, what’s up?? It’s Fallen again 👋😸 Now, I’ve really got myself thinking about a certain topic lately (as you can clearly see by the title of this article 😛) I’m really curious about who the Erins will pick to be the next leaders of all the clans. So what I’m here to do today is try to convince Kate to see reason in making the cats I’ve chosen leaders. But I’m also here to try to convince everyone reading this that these cats would make good leaders, but please try to remember that these are just my opinions. It is totally okay if you have a different one. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!
So now I’m going to shut-up and let you read my article already!! *SPOILER WARNING*

Ivypool. Yes, Ivypool. I think she’d make a great leader!! She has always stood out to me.
I love that she risked her life spying in the Dark Forest for her clan. It just shows how brave she is. It also shows that she will do anything to protect her clan.
LEADER VIBES AM I RIGHT?? And can everyone just STOP with the whole
“Fernsong wanting to be a woman” thing?! All he did was say he wanted to help Ivypool with their kits in the Nursery. That doesn’t make him gay. Maybe he was just being nice?!
Can’t there be any nice toms in the series without people saying their feminine??
Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not being straight. I just don’t like the theory of Fernsong wanting to be the opposite gender or whatever. Now back to Ivypool, can I just say that there hasn’t been a female Thunderclan leader sense Bluestar??! Did you know that there has only been 2 Thunderclan leaders sense the clans begun? It would also make a really good story line for there to be another female leader.
Especially if it were Ivypool!! (She’s also my 3rd favorite character 😛)

Spireclaw. I know what your all thinking…
WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT THIS BACKGROUND CHARACTER?? Well, calm down and I’ll tell you!! For one, he’s Needletail’s little brother.
I know not everyone likes Needletail, but I personally looove her!! I also have this awesome fan fiction that she wishes she was alive so she could be there for her younger siblings Sunbeam, Hollowspring, and SPIRECLAW. Only because her only wish as a kit was to have a litter mate to play with. He was also part of The Rebels. Though it never said if he supported the Bramblestar impostor sense the whole of ShadowClan was a part of The Rebels group. Another good thing about him is that he’s the perfect age for the job!! Just think about it, by the time Tigerstar II loses all of his 9 lives, Spireclaw will be older and experienced enough to take the crown and serve his beloved clan.
He was also very adorable in Tigerheart’s Shadow 🥰

Hawkwing. Hawkwing is much more likely to become leader than other characters that are listed in this article because he’s already deputy. I believe that Hawkwing would make a great leader in SkyClan’s future. He is a great dad, and foster dad, maybe one of the best in the series. He never stopped loving or gave up on his daughter Twigbranch, even when she went back to ThunderClan. He was supportive of his other daughter Violetshine and NEVER favored one kit over the other. (even when fans thought he did) He also was a good fatherly figure to Finleap and his litter mates.
Let me tell you something, I like calm and collected cats (says the weirdo who loves Jayfeather) and Hawkwing is definitely one of those cats!!

Heathertail. Can I just say that I HATED Heathertail when I started The Power of Three?!
I hated her so much that I felt like printing out a piece of paper of her and burn it in fire!!
To me she was just a dumb apprentice who was in denial of life. My opinion changed when I read Crowfeather’s Trial… I finally realized how much she’d grown up sense her meetings with Lionblaze(paw) in the tunnels. SHE EVEN MADE ME LOVE BREEZPELT
She supported Breezepelt no matter what their clan mates said, and she softened his heart. I think that if she became leader, she wouldn’t start useless fights with Thunderclan like her father Onestar did!!

Icewing or Havenpelt. Okay, I like Mistystar, BUT CAN YOU PLEASE DIE ALREADY??
I looked up on Google to see what her age is, and she’s 16 years old!!! I mean, what feral cat lives that long?? I also think it was sooo dumb that she didn’t welcome Icewing and Harelight back to RiverClan, all because they didn’t support a lying mousebrain, who goes by ASHFUR. Anyway, I think if Mistystar eventually allows Icewing and Harelight back, she should make Icewing deputy in forgiveness. She’s such a kind and loyal
she-cat. (You hear that MISTYSTAR?? She’s LOYAL!) She is also the mother of one of my favorite RiverClan cats, Petalfur. Now for Havenpelt, I know she isn’t very popular, but she’s a lot more kind and loyal than people realize.
For example, In A Vision of Shadows she allowed Alderheart to take watermint on RiverClan territory, even when many were hesitant.
Also, can I just say that I think Havenstar would be an awesome name?!
But that’s just my opinion 😛

I hope you liked my article!! See ya next time 😉
Fallenfeather OUT!!

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