Berrynose: The Most Misunderstood Tom in the Clans by Sav

Sav takes a closer look at Berrynose.

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Hello, fellow BlogClan members! It’s Sav with my second article! This article will be about Berrynose and how his personality, actions, and character are constantly misjudged by the Warriors community. I hope you enjoy it!

From the beginning of Berrynose’s life, he’s always been seen as an outsider because of his birth status. He was born when Daisy was still a kittypet. His name was Berry. After Daisy brought him to ThunderClan, he was given the name Berrykit. Berrykit got his stumped tail early on by getting trapped in a fox trap. Throughout his apprenticeship, Berrypaw was very arrogant and bossy. Many of his Clanmates found him annoying. His mentor was Brambleclaw.

After receiving his Warrior name Berrynose, he and Honeyfern become close. An adder attacked her and killed her, which left Berrynose depressed for a long time. Poppyfrost was also interested in Berrynose, and after Honeyfern’s death, Poppyfrost became his mate. They had kits together, Molekit and Cherrykit.

In the Power of Three, it’s very obvious that the Three don’t like him. In Omen of the Stars, the sisters (Ivypool and Dovewing) find him obnoxious. Throughout the next few arcs, the main characters all show similar distaste for him and his personality. In the most recent arc, Berrynose is made out to seem evil. That’s how Bristlefrost sees him anyway. I disagree.

Before we can call Berrynose “evil” or “murderous”, we’d have to investigate his previous behaviour. You can be annoying, without being evil. As a reader, you have to realize that we’re looking at the Warrior world through someone else’s eyes. The cat we’re reading about is going to have favourites, and Berrynose never makes it onto that list. Why?

Berrynose has always been a very different kind of Warrior. His personality, views, and opinions are what draws him away from your normal Warrior. Through the reader’s eyes, we can understand that sometimes Berrynose’s actions can be harmful to the good of the protagonist(s). Almost every time, Berrynose is unaware of how his actions could affect those around him. As the reader, we understand how Berrynose wondering if execution for the Dark Forest is a good punishment is very bad. This is because we know Ivypool as a cat and we’ve watched her character grow. Berrynose has not had the same experience, so he doesn’t know.

Something that’s overlooked a lot about Berrynose, is that his actions are always based on the well-being of the Clan. He was worried about his Clan’s safety, and he acted on what he thought was best. After all, the Dark Forest is where murderers and insane killers are. If I had to sleep next to someone who spent every night with those same killers, I’d be a little concerned too.

I’ve also seen Berrynose be accused of brainwashing Poppyfrost and his family. Of course, this accusation is false. Berrynose has only shared his opinions with Poppyfrost, and she agrees. She’s allowed to believe in the same thing as Berrynose. As with their kits. They’re allowed to believe in what their parents think is right. You can influence your children.

In the Broken Code, we see some strange behaviour from Berrynose. Or is it really strange at all? Turns out, not really. Berrynose doesn’t have a clue what the reader and the protagonists know about the Bramblepostor. He is being told by his leader that there are traitors to the Clan, he needs help fishing them out. Berrynose has always done what he thought was right or being loyal to his clan. I feel like being born as a kittypet has made Berrynose try harder to fight for his acceptance. Berrynose was being manipulated by Ashfur. His mate and kits were supporting him and therefore led to their troubles.

Berrynose’s actions have always been confused or seen as negative to the protagonists, and this affected everyone’s judgment towards him. If you look closely, all he’s ever really seemed to do was put his Clan first. That’s all the Warrior code asks. Even if he’s sometimes too trusting, Berrynose really is a good cat.

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  • I can’t blame Lionpaw (one of the three) for hating him. the moment berrynose became a warrior he acted like a mentor to him. berrynose is unaware of his actions which is proven when he and birchfall cross the border. Birchfall knew that what he did was wrong while berrynose wasn’t aware of what he did. yes, he tried hard to prove himself but he felt like he was entitled to the apprentices the moment he was made a warrior. I think berrynose should be like his siblings and stop being so bossy. (I am only on Power of three: Outcast so my comment is based on that.) I CAN’T BELIEVE HOLLYPAW HAD A CRUSH ON HIM.

  • Nice article! I never saw any theories of Berrynose brainwashing Poppyfrost and his family—but then again I never searched Berrynose up(or at least I don’t think so/I don’t remember). I also don’t think that anyone thought of him as evil or murderous, most people and cats just think he’s super obnoxious(like mentioned) and annoying. I feel like he’s just a cat that’s hard to love(like someone with not the most likable traits)—but who knows I’m a weirdo who loves Jayfeather(not to mention Crowfeather and Breezepelt as well) so I don’t know.**Also I didn’t read all of The Broken Code yet so I don’t know all the details. Also I was checking the Warrior Cats Wiki if Berrynose was part of the rebels or not and I found out he was but then I got a spoiler for myself and found that he was in The Place of No Stars, which is pretty sad. His name is super cute too… lol anyways he has never really been one of my favorites. But—it’s super sad seeing him placed in The Place of No Stars.**

    • I think the article is referring to my theory – Where in Dovewing’s Silence, Berrynose was saying the Trainees should be executed. Then suspiciously, his kits go on trick a patrol of trainees to fight a fox, failing to tell them it was crazed. When they were questioned about it, Cherrypaw and Molepaw didn’t seem to understand the consequences of their actions. That’s why I theorised Berrynose suggested to them, pretending it was a ‘prank’.

      Also Spoilers for Broken Code, but Berrynose helped the Imposter beat up Shadowsight, though possibly didn’t know he was aiming to kill him.

  • I think Berrynose is like Jayfeather. I love Jayfeather because he’s so grumpy all the time. People like Berrynose because he is annoying. (not very many people tho)

  • I think Berrynose is like Jayfeather. I like Jayfeather bc he’s grumpy, and i like Berrynose bc he’s annoying

  • (Really late comment) Bramblestar was also a mentor to Berrynose and basically the only father figure he had, I feel like that justifyes his actions more, he wanted to prove to Bramble that all the lessons he taught him had reached him and changed him.

  • omg you’re so right! I relate to berrynose on a very personal level, and he’s in my top 3 favorite cats! You did an excellent job.

  • As much as I wanna agree with this, theres only a few points I agree with, Berrynose is still very annoying, hes extremely entitled and obnoxious and has never once admitted wrong. He was literally so far into himself that he didn’t notice his own mate was becoming depressed because of his behavior. He mocked Lionpaw repeatedly as an apprentice so its no wonder Lionblaze disliked him, and he just got worse as a warrior, immediately acting like he’s the shit and deserves respect right out the gate. Theres even an instance where another warrior thate considered obnoxious at the time, Birchfall and him cross the border, only Birchfall admits hes wrong though, Berrynose just sticks his nose in the air as per usual, not to mention how in both Dovewing’s Silence and Crowfeather’s Trial he’s constantly talking about excuting or driving out all the trainees, or trainees in other clans. The only thing I can’t fault him for is Honeyfern and Poppyfrost since there was a pretty large time gap so hes safe there, and imposter times since everyone was being messed with and he obviously had a lot of loyalty to his leader and former mentor. But he’s definitely not misunderstood, hes written as entitled and obnoxious, intentionally so because he just IS that way. And don’t try and compare him to Jayfeather, Jayfeather was grumpy because of the never ending pity he got surrounding his blindness, Berrynose didn’t even get really ANY slack for being a kittypet except like once or twice in his whole life span that actually effected him.

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