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Why I Started Liking Firestar When I didn’t Before by Stormpaw

Stormpaw shares why they started liking Firestar as a character.

Art by onzuna

I’ve kind of gone back-and-forth on liking Firestar. When I first read the warrior series, I liked him because he was of course the cat with the prophecy. But as I read farther in.. I didn’t like him so much. I don’t think he should have been the fourth cat in the “power of three” prophecy. That just made him look way too special, and he hardly did anything since Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing could have convinced the leaders to join forces by themselves. It seemed like Firestar was shoved into the prophecy just to continue making him look special and a very important cat. But he already had a whole series and super edition to himself, so I think it was too much when he became the fourth cat, which put a lot more spotlight on him. And the other 3 reasons that I don’t like Firestar is because he’s too soft. ThunderClan was becoming a clan full of kittypets when he was leader, and he got into other clan’s problem’s too often. The other reason is that he was a bad mate. You remember Spottedleaf? Who was Firestar’s crush when he first came to the clan’s and then acted like she was his true love when she joined StarClan? Well. he is always wishing Spottedleaf were there, which I went over in my other article about Spottedleaf. I just think he should have treated Sandstorm more fairly, and stopped getting so close to Spottedleaf; cause she was dead, and he needed to forget about her. Sandstorm wasn’t! So that is all the reason’s I began to not like Firestar… but then I thought of the time’s when Firestar was courageous and loyal, (that’s a little cheesy but still).
I read a little into Firestar’s Quest and it showed him getting irritated and angry, so I think I viewed him as too soft, and that’s what made me respect him a little since I like cats that aren’t total softie’s lol. I still thought Firestar was too special though, but then I realized he wasn’t very perfect. He ate prey when he wasn’t supposed to. Which broke the warrior code, and he knew that. Couldn’t he have waited just a little longer? So Firestar may be special, but he’s not perfect. He has flaws like any other cat. I don’t think I would have started to like him again if he hadn’t had any flaws.
And I never liked when Firestar never wanted to cause battle’s, but maybe that was a good thing that he didn’t. Battle’s always ended in bloodshed and the medicine cat always worked hard to make sure their clanmate’s didn’t collapse in the next battle.
I think Firestar shouldn’t have been so hesitant about starting war, but it was probably a wise thing he was. He’d rather want peace then bloodshed. So I guess those are some of the reasons why I respect Firestar now, when a while ago I hated him.
And Firestar is NOT overrated. So many people think he’s too special and perfect, that they think he’s overrated because of that and don’t like him. But it’s because so many peeps think that, that he’s not overrated. But I don’t think he’s underrated either, I think it’s more in between. So I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I might be posting another article about Rain soon if I can get it to be a bit longer, but that’s it. Bye!

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