My top 3 least favorite romances by Ravenfur

Ravenfur lists their least favourite romances from the series.

Art by Slugtail

Hi , I’m Ravenfur . I won’t start with to much info so I’ll start now . SPOILER ALERT ! IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT SPOILERS DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER ! I REPEAT DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER !!!

1. I don’t like Lionpaw/blaze and Heatherpaw/tail because if you read in bed then when they meet it give a gloomy surrounding plus they are only really apprentices having fun in a cave . If you ask me it wasn’t really nessisary to add them to the long list of warrior cat romances .

2. I don’t really have much of an opinion about Blossomfall and Thornclaw but what I do know is that they were hinted slightly and then before you know it Blossomfall is expecting Thornclaws kits ! Also in my opinion Thornclaw is far to old for Blossomfall because she was born in the third series and he was born in the first series .

3. I just hate hate hate this couple . I like both of the cats and have no problem with them both being together but I feel like Fernsong kind of bullied Ivypool into having kits . Also , imagine how Twigpaw felt when she came back to Thunderclan to find her former mentor heavily pregnant with Fernsongs kits . I just find it so frustrating ! I know lots of you probably don’t agree with me but I just found it was (for me) one of the worst possible times to be expecting ! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR ! Sorry for that .

Well that is all I have to say and I hope I will be able to make another one of these soon . Next time I will do top three favorite romances in the warriors universe . Oh also , if you are worried about spoilers you should probably stay clear of this article as it can give away lots of things . Spoiler alert ended . Now it is probably time for me to say goodbye but one more thing . If you enjoy this please say so because I am new to this and need praise to properly feel comfortable to do this more than once .

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