Who Is the Most Evil Person In the First Series? by Nightpool

Nightpool wonders who is the most evil cat in the Prophecies Begin.

Art by StomaKot

Hello Blogclan! This is my first article so don’t blame me if I do something wrong. I will be trying to figure out who the most evil cat in “Prophecies Begin” is. This could have spoilers about that series.

Ok so I think that the three most evil cats in this series are Brokenstar, Tigerstar, and Scourge. I’ll start with Brokenstar, the broken leader of Shadowclan. I cut him a little slack because of his childhood. I mean, he grew up unloved and friendless and was called “Badger-Stinky” by his littermates. That’s a pretty bad childhood. But then he grows up and becomes leader so he can banish elders, make kits fight in real battles, and kills kits. This is not a good time to grow up in if you are a shadowclan kit.

Now lets look at Tigerstar. His childhood wasn’t nearly as bad as Brokenstar’s. So the first bad thing Tigerstar does is kill Redtail to become deputy. (Well, I think that it was attacking that widdle kittypet kit in Bluestar’s Prophecy but I’m not going to count that.) Well, Brokenstar killed his own father to become leader so… frankly, I don’t think that there is anything that Tigerstar did to become leader that Bronkenstar would have any moral problems doing. And when Tigerstar becomes leader he is bad, but not as bad as Brokenstar. Tigerstar is smarter, stronger, and lasts longer than Brokenstar but he is not necessarily eviler.

So now lets look a Scourge. I haven’t read rise of Scourge but I hear he had a bad childhood. I’m just going to say that his is about a bad as Brokenstar’s . So they start equal. Barley says that Scourge is mean to elders, like Brokenstar, but he is not mean to kits. Also, he is not just breaking the peace for no reason like Brokenstar. The twoleg place is a impossible for a clan to live. Bloodclan needs the forest. I think that Bloodclan does the right thing by giving the clans a chance to leave and then attacks when they say no. Unlike Brokenstar and Tigerstar, Scourge is a little honorable. So the I think that the most evil character in the first series is Brokenstar.


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