Is Bumblestripe a good mate? by Irispaw

Irispaw wonders if Bumblestripe is a good mate or not.

Art by an attempt at fighting cat designs (tumblr)

Today I am answering the question: was Bumblestripe a good mate? While I did like Bumblestripe when he was younger, I was not too happy when he was with Dovewing. Right now I am working on an article about why I think Bramblestar is abusive, and I found that Bumblestripe acted some what similar. Now some people brush off Bumblestripe as just a normal guy, or even too good for Dovewing. But is this true? Today I will go over quotes and points of how Dovewing feels about her and Bumblestripe’s relationship and explain why I think Bumblestripe made Dovewing feel uncomfortable and is a bad relationship.

Quotes from Sign of the Moon:

“But Dovewing couldn’t forget the time she and Tigerheart had spent together, playing in the old Twoleg nest at the edge of ShadowClan’s territory. Their moonlight meetings had been more important to her than anything else. ‘Dovewing?’ She turned at the soft touch of a tail-tip on her shoulder, and turned to see Bumblestripe. ‘Don’t let those ShadowClan cats upset you,’ the young tom went on. ‘They’re all foxhearts!’ Dovewing murmured agreement. When Bumblestripe angled his ears toward their own Clanmates, she let him lead her into their midst, though she couldn’t resist a last glance back at Tigerheart. He was deep in conversation with a RiverClan cat she hadn’t seen before.”

-We can tell that Bumblestripe is being a bit flirtatious, but Dovewing is thinking about Tigerheart.

“ ‘Hey, Bumblestripe!’ Grasspelt, a young RiverClan tom, bounced up. ‘What’s happened to Briarlight? I haven’t seen her at a Gathering for moons!’ Bumblestripe looked startled. Firestar had never announced Briarlight’s injuries at a Gathering; Dovewing guessed he thought it would make her, and ThunderClan, seem vulnerable. And this wasn’t the right time to pass on the news to other Clans.
‘Oh, you know,’ she jumped in, saving Bumblestripe from having to reply. ‘She’s fine, but she’s busy, like the rest of us.’ Grasspelt blinked. ‘Okay,’ he meowed, sounding disappointed, and headed off toward his own Clan. Bumblestripe let out a long sigh as he watched the young tom pad away.
‘Thanks’ he murmured to Dovewing. Dovewing shrugged. ‘I was only telling the truth.’ Bumblestripe’s eyes widened.
‘You know you weren’t.’ Dovewing could hear the pain in his voice. She reached out with her tail and touched him gently on the shoulder. ‘It must be hard for you, to see your sister injured like that.’
‘You don’t know what it’s like.’ Bumblestripe bowed his head.
‘Oh, yes, I do.’
Dovewing was thinking of Ivypool. I worry about my sister, too. ’I try not to feel sorry for Briarlight,’ Bumblestripe went on. ‘I know that’s the last thing she’d want. But I do feel sorry for her. Even though I’m really proud of her for fighting on when she knows there’s no hope that she’ll ever walk again.’
‘I’m sure Briarlight would understand,’ Dovewing responded awkwardly, wishing there was something more she could say to ease her Clanmate’s grief. ‘She’s lucky to have such a great littermate.’ Bumblestripe blinked, his eyes shining. ‘Thanks, Dovewing.’ Mintfur and Robinwing from RiverClan padded up, dipping their heads as they approached. ‘How’s the prey running in ThunderClan?’ Mintfur inquired. Dovewing stepped back a pace as Bumblestripe replied, and glanced around the clearing at the groups of cats. I’m not looking for Tigerheart. Not at all!”

-Ok, so this has a lot of information. Basically, Dovewing feels loyalty to Bumblestripe, and helps him out in a more friendly manner, and whenever Bumblestripe implies anything more between them Dovewing shrugs, or changes the subject. Bumblestripe’s eyes are described as “shining” or “wide”.

“On the way back from the Gathering Dovewing noticed that Bumblestripe was padding alongside her, a bit closer than usual. But Tigerheart’s scent still wreathed around her; she still seemed to see his amber eyes gazing into hers, and hear the warmth of his meow. She jumped when she realized that Bumblestripe was saying something.
‘What?’ she snapped. Bumblestripe blinked. ‘I—I only said I hope Ivypool can be with us next time.’
‘Sorry.’ Dovewing tried to push Tigerheart to the back of her mind. ‘I didn’t mean to sound sharp. I guess I’m just tired.’ Bumblestripe nodded. ‘Me too.’ He quickened his pace until he caught up to Berrynose and Mousewhisker.”

– This shows Dovewing is still thinking about Tigerheart a lot, and Bumblestripe was moving really close to her, making her a bit uncomfortable.

“Dovewing padded along in silence for a few moments, until she realized that Blossomfall had taken her brother’s place at her side.
‘You know, you’ve stolen my brother’s heart,’ the young tortoiseshell warrior murmured. Her tone was teasing, but the gaze she turned on Dovewing was serious. It sounded as if there was a warning in her words. ‘Bumblestripe? You’re not serious!’ When Blossomfall didn’t reply, Dovewing added, ‘Honestly, I’m sure he doesn’t think of me like that.’ To her relief, Blossomfall seemed to accept what she said.

– Now she feels extra uncomfortable, first Bumblestripe acts like they are in a relationship, and then Blossomfall is mad at her for “stealing her brother’s heart.” and “warning her” of what she would do.

Quotes from The Forgotten Warrior:

“ ‘I’ll get over it, I really will,’ she reassured her mother. ‘And it’s not all bad. I’m lucky to have traveled such a long way beyond the Clan. There’s so much out there to see!’ Whitewing sniffed. ‘There’s plenty to see here beside the lake, too.’
‘Yes, yes, I know there is . . . oh, there’s a huge thorn!’ Dovewing exclaimed, snagging it in one claw and tossing it aside. ‘It’s a good thing that didn’t end up in Mousefur’s pelt.’ For a few heartbeats Dovewing and Whitewing worked side by side, clawing more moss off the oak roots. Laying a particularly thick clump on the pile, Whitewing paused. ‘I was talking to Bumblestripe earlier,’ she remarked. ‘He’s a nice young warrior—so polite! He likes you a lot, you know.’
Dovewing began to feel hot and uncomfortable in her pelt. ‘I know,’ she muttered, squirming with embarrassment. ‘You’ll need to find a mate one day, to keep the Clan going,’ Whitewing pointed out.”

– Dovewing feels very uncomfortable when Whitewing talks about how great Bumblestripe is, and acts like it’s her duty to find a mate and have kits, which it’s not.

“While Dovewing was thinking that over, she noticed Bumblestripe getting up from his place beside Blossomfall. The thick-furred warrior, his pelt just like his father’s, stretched before padding over to her. ‘Hi, Dovewing,’ he meowed. ‘I feel like going for a walk in the forest. Do you want to come with me?’
‘Not right now,’ Dovewing replied. ‘I’ll probably go to my den soon.’ Bumblestripe blinked, a hurt expression in his eyes. ‘Oh, okay.’ He turned away and vanished down the thorn tunnel.
‘That wasn’t very kind,’ Cinderheart murmured. ‘Don’t go trampling on Bumblestripe’s heart. He really likes you.’ Dovewing wriggled, feeling her pelt grow hot with embarrassment. ‘No, he doesn’t. . . .’ she began.

– Here we can see Dovewing doesn’t want to be with Bumblestripe, which is not something wrong. Both Cinderheart and Bumblestripe make her feel guilty. Again, Dovewing is feeling extremely uncomfortable at the idea of being with Bumblestripe.

“It was harder to stay focused,
and the image was fainter than before, but when she burst out of the undergrowth onto the lakeshore she was delighted to see Bumblestripe sitting at the water’s edge, his face turned upward to the stars. The stripes on his pale pelt stood out sharply in the silver moonlight. ‘Bumblestripe!’ she called, her voice high-pitched with joy that she hadn’t lost her power for good. Bumblestripe sprang to his paws and whirled around. ‘Dovewing!’ he exclaimed, running to meet her. ‘You came,’ he added, purring so hard he could hardly get the words out. ‘Come and sit beside me. It’s beautiful here.’
Dovewing suddenly felt awkward. ‘Is it okay if we go for a walk instead?’ she asked. ‘Sure.’ Together the two cats turned to pad along the shore, Bumblestripe walking close enough that their pelts brushed. Dovewing fished for something to talk about. ‘Do you remember Sol from when he was here before?’ she asked as the silence began to drag out. ‘Sort of,’ Bumblestripe replied. ‘I recognized him when he turned up today. But I was only a kit then.’

– Dovewing feels guilty, so she goes to see Bumblestripe. She’s happy to still have her powers, and Bumblestripe takes it as she’s happy to see him. She is, again, feeling awkward with Bumblestripe.

“ ‘I wonder if they’re watching us,’ Dovewing mused. ‘Can they see everything we’re doing from up there?’ ‘I think they can,’ Bumblestripe meowed seriously. ‘They glare down at us and see all the things we’re doing wrong. I bet that one over there knows all about the time I put fire ants in Blossomfall’s nest!’
‘You didn’t!’ Dovewing exclaimed, half-amused and half-shocked. ‘I did.’ Bumblestripe ducked his head, embarrassed. ‘When we were apprentices. She got back at me, though; she pushed me into the stream when I wasn’t looking.’ Dovewing snorted. ‘There must be a star glaring down at her, then. Maybe it’s that one.’ She pointed at it with one paw. ‘And the one beside it is annoyed with me because I forgot to change the elders’ bedding one time.’
‘Oh, no!’ Bumblestripe leaned over and touched her ear with his nose. ‘I bet Mousefur told you
off.’ Dovewing winced. ‘I think they must have heard her in RiverClan!’ Bumblestripe lapsed into silence. This is good, Dovewing thought, reveling in the cool grass and the scent that wreathed around her. Just sitting here, talking to a Clanmate, looking at the stars. . . . It wasn’t exactly the same as the nights she had spent with Tigerheart—she couldn’t feel her heart thumping hard enough to burst out of her chest, and her paws weren’t tingling as she ran through forbidden territory—but right at that moment, she was very happy to be sitting beneath the jasmine with Bumblestripe, and nowhere else.”

– Dovewing had a really good time with Bumblestripe, but Dovewing admits to herself she doesn’t feel the same way about Bumblestripe as she does with Tigerheart, still, she is happy to remain friends.

“Tigerheart was teaching a couple of apprentices how to stalk a squirrel. Dovewing let out a mrrow of laughter as something alerted their prey. The squirrel dashed one way, then doubled back and ran right across Tigerheart’s back before leaping to safety up a tree. ‘You’re in a good mood today,’ Lionblaze commented … ‘That must have been a really good walk last night!’ … ‘What did Cinderheart mean about a walk last night?’ Ivypool whispered. ‘You were really late coming back to the den.’
Dovewing didn’t want to talk about her evening with Bumblestripe, but she knew that her sister would be upset if she refused.
‘Nothing,’ she replied.
‘I went down to the lake with Bumblestripe, that’s all.’ Ivypool’s eyes widened with surprise.
‘Oh, that’s terrific!’ she exclaimed. ‘He’s really nice. Are you two going to be mates?’ ‘That’s the last thing on my mind!’ Dovewing twitched her tail irritably. ‘It was just a walk. It was fun, but no big deal.’ Her sister gave her a poke in the side. ‘The two of you would have the cutest kits together!’ Dovewing rolled her eyes. To distract herself from Ivypool’s teasing, she extended her senses into the forest again.”

-Dovewing watches Tigerheart while Ivypool gets excited that her and Bumblestripe will be mates soon, Dovewing insists that it was just a walk, and Ivypool brings up kits, making Dovewing more uncomfortable.

“Dovewing bounced on her paws. ‘I feel like I could run right around the lake!’ she purred. Then she spotted Cinderheart blinking with pleasure. Oh, no, she thinks it’s because of Bumblestripe!

– Again her Clanmates think that they will be mates, though Dovewing doesn’t want that.

“Dovewing pressed her muzzle sympathetically against her sister’s side and Bumblestripe let his tail-tip rest for a heartbeat on her shoulder. The young warrior exchanged a glance with Dovewing over Ivypool’s head, and she gave a tiny nod in reply. Dovewing and Bumblestripe seem to be getting very close.”

-Dovewing starts to be with Bumblestripe more, obviously seeking Ivypool’s approval.

“ ‘You’re a hero!’ Bumblestripe spoke behind Dovewing, making her jump. ‘You saved Sorreltail’s life, and the kits!’ he added as she whipped around to face him.
‘Any cat would have done the same,’ Dovewing replied, embarrassed. ‘I wouldn’t.’ Bumblestripe’s eyes glimmered with amusement. ‘I’d sleep through falling off a cliff!’ The amusement faded from his eyes, to be replaced by a glow of admiration. ‘I’m really proud of you,’ he murmured.
‘I’m glad you’re my Clanmate.’ Feeling warm beneath her pelt, Dovewing took a step forward and touched her nose to his. ‘I’m glad you’re my Clanmate, too.’

– Dovewing is still a bit uncomfortable with Bumblestripe being so obsessed with her, but is trying to open her heart, after all, he is part of her Clan.

“ ‘Great!’ Blossomfall exclaimed, bounding over to Bumblestripe. ‘Come on,’ she urged him, ‘let’s work on it together.’ Bumblestripe looked briefly embarrassed. ‘Er . . . sorry, but I’m going to partner with Dovewing.’ Blossomfall’s ears shot straight up in surprise. ‘Excuse me, but who’s your littermate?’ she muttered. ‘You could show a little loyalty, you know.’ Dovewing was slightly shocked at Blossomfall’s hostility. Why is it such a big deal? ‘I don’t mind if you partner with Blossomfall,’ she told Bumblestripe. ‘No, Blossomfall’s being ridiculous,’ Bumblestripe retorted. ‘Of course I’m not being disloyal if I partner with you.’

– Dovewing is feeling uncomfortable again, unwillingly being a subject of argument between the siblings, and while trying to defuse the situation, Bumblestripe says that Blossomfall is just being silly.

“ When it was her turn to demonstrate with Bumblestripe, Dovewing felt that they had both done pretty well. She was surprised to see Blossomfall looking at her with a disdainful expression. ‘Bumblestripe was fine, but Dovewing, you need to do a lot more work,’ she meowed. ‘Your paws were all over the place. And you seem to have forgotten that you even have a tail. It’s there for balance, you know.’ Dovewing muttered something noncommittal, embarrassment flooding over her until every hair on her pelt burned. ‘Blossomfall wouldn’t have said that if you hadn’t chosen me as your partner,’ she whispered to Bumblestripe. Trying to set her own hurt aside, she added, ‘I’m sorry if I’ve made things difficult between you.’ Bumblestripe rested his tail comfortingly on Dovewing’s shoulder. ‘Don’t worry, it’s not you causing the problem,’ he mewed, glaring across the clearing at his sister. ‘You should walk with Blossomfall now,’ Dovewing murmured as the group moved off. ‘Littermates are more important than friendship.’ Bumblestripe paused and gave her a long look. ‘I was kind of hoping that what we have is more than friendship,’ he mewed at last. Dovewing stared at him, not knowing what to say. To her relief, Bumblestripe didn’t press her. He just ducked his head and trotted off, catching up with Blossomfall and touching his nose to her ear. Dovewing padded on; a moment later Toadstep bounded up to join her. ‘What’s going on between you and Bumblestripe?’ he asked with a little mrrow of amusement. Dovewing felt her neck fur beginning to fluff up, and forced it to lie flat. ‘Bumblestripe is a great cat,’ she replied calmly. As she spoke, an image of Tigerheart popped into her head: the gleam of green eyes as he thrust his dark tabby head out of a clump of ferns. Resolutely she pushed it away. That was different. I can’t think about him anymore, she decided. Tigerheart can’t be part of my life . . . but Bumblestripe could be.

-Wow, Bumblestripe is including her in his drama again, making her extremely uncomfortable: “Dovewing muttered something noncommittal, embarrassment flooding over her until every hair on her pelt burned.” Is this not being uncomfortable? Bumblestripe could not take a hint, every time Dovewing tried to defuse the situation, he said it was nothing. You can tell she is very stressed and struggling with doing what’s right, or being with someone that makes her happy.

“And it looks as if Dovewing’s sights are set on Bumblestripe now, she told herself with satisfaction. That’s much better than mangy Tigerheart!”

– I just wanted to add how Ivypool felt about the whole situation, not noticing Dovewing’s actual feelings.

Quotes The Last Hope:

(Here it gets pretty bad)

“‘No, not like that!’ Bumblestripe yowled. Dovewing spun around to face him, gripping hard on the branch to stop herself from falling out of the tree. ‘You told me to climb, I’m climbing!’ she snapped. Can’t I do anything right?
‘Not the trunk.’ Bumblestripe padded along the thick oak branch toward her. ‘In a battle, if every cat climbed the trunk, it’d be chaos.’ He tipped his nose up and focused on the branch two tail-lengths above his head. Crouching, he sprang and gripped it with his forepaws, then hauled himself up. ‘Your turn.’ He peered at her through the browning leaves. Dovewing scowled. Hunkering down, she bunched her muscles, then leaped and dug her claws into the branch above. Flicking her tail, she landed nimbly beside Bumblestripe.
‘Is that better?’ she sniffed. Bumblestripe glanced at the leaves she’d sent fluttering to the ground. ‘You really need to aim for a bare bit of branch,’ he suggested. ‘The enemy’s going to know you’re here if you shower him with leaves every time you move.’ Dovewing clamped her jaws together to stop herself from snarling at the arrogant furball. I can’t believe I ever thought we might be more than just friends! Seeing Tigerheart again made her realize what a dumb choice that would have been. I only ever liked you because you’re a ThunderClan cat. Tigerheart wouldn’t bother about whether she climbed the trunk or rustled too many leaves. He was a warrior, not a worrier! They’d been practicing tree-battle all morning and Dovewing was hot and tired. ‘Why are we doing this?’ she grumbled at Brambleclaw. “What cat is going to climb a tree to fight? There is no SquirrelClan!’ Bumblestripe flashed her a warning look. ‘Shut up!’ he hissed. But Brambleclaw was already bounding along the narrow rowan branch. It bounced under his weight, making Toadstep cling on with his fur spiked up. Brambleclaw jumped and cleared the space between the trees easily.

– Wow, Bumblestripe is being very controlling, and bossing Dovewing around, what makes it even worse is when she said she had enough, he hissed at her. If he wanted to be her mate, he shouldn’t hiss at her just for messing up at climbing, especially when she stated in Bramblestar’s Storm “ ‘I’ve never felt comfortable off the ground…” Dovewing was uncomfortable, I’m starting to notice a pattern…

“The sturdy oak hardly trembled as he landed. ‘I know some cats don’t like tree training,’ he meowed as he padded along the branch toward them. ‘But it gives us a strong advantage over the other Clans. If we can move through our territory and attack from above them, it’s a great surprise.’
Dovewing rolled her eyes. ‘I know. But Bumblestripe’s acting like I’ve never been up a tree before. Every time I do something wrong he points it out like I hadn’t already noticed.’ Bumblestripe stared at his paws. ‘I was just trying to help.’ Brambleclaw flicked his tail. ‘It’s good of Bumblestripe to be so patient with you, Dovewing.’
‘Patient?’ Dovewing retorted. He’d criticized every move. ‘Can’t we just move on to drop attacks and go hunting?’
‘Is she ready for drop attacks?’ Brambleclaw asked Bumblestripe. ‘I guess.’ Bumblestripe’s ear twitched. “Having seen her tree skills, I think she’d better practice falling out of them.’ Dovewing glared at him. ‘Okay!’ she snapped. ‘I’ll practice climbing some more!’ Bristling, she bounded onto a higher branch and kept jumping till Brambleclaw and Bumblestripe were nothing more than patches of fur far away through the leaves. Relieved to be away from Bumblestripe’s
fussing, she stared out across the forest. She hadn’t been this high since her night with Tigerheart …
Bumblestripe crossed the clearing as the ShadowClan patrol disappeared. ‘Do you still want to go hunting?’ Dovewing blinked at him. ‘What?’
‘You said you wanted to go hunting after tree training.’ ‘Did I?’ Dovewing stared at the entrance. The thorns still trembling where Tigerheart had slid through. Bumblestripe’s pelt lifted along his spine. ‘And while we’re out, we can make sure those ShadowClan cats have left our territory.’ Dovewing dragged her gaze from the brambles. ‘Let’s take Foxleap.’ She didn’t want to hunt alone with Bumblestripe… ‘I’ll check the beeches, in case they’ve strayed deeper into the forest.’ Dovewing was glad of the chance to be alone.

-Good job Bumblestripe, way to give Dovewing more self-esteem!
Dovewing is definitely not in a good relationship, this is more than just fights. Turns out Dovewing is showing signs of being in a toxic relationship:

-Consistently feeling drained or unhappy after spending time with your partner

-You’ve stopped spending time with your partner to avoid conflict.

-You worry that by bringing up problems, you’ll provoke conflict, so you keep issues to yourself. Alternatively, you might force yourself to agree with your partner.

-Going along with whatever your partner wants to do, even when it goes against your wishes or comfort level

-Finding yourself constantly stressed, on edge, or uncomfortable

Dovewing is probably in a toxic relationship, she is uncomfortable with him and unhappy after being with him, doesn’t want to be with him, and wants to be alone.

“‘What?’ Dovewing repeated. Why did Rosepetal look so angry? ‘It’s obvious he likes you!’ Rosepetal snapped. ‘You don’t have to keep biting his head off. He’s your Clanmate, not prey!’ Dovewing flattened her ears. Why should she feel bad? ‘Why do I have to tiptoe around him just because he likes me? It’s not my fault.’
Rosepetal looked sideways at her. ‘Do you enjoy hurting his feelings?’ ‘Of course not!’ Guilt flashed under Dovewing’s pelt. ‘Then apologize.’ … Dovewing winced. Rosepetal was right. If Bumblestripe had feelings for her, it wasn’t fair to punish him for his attention. ‘Okay!’ She pulled ahead, following Bumblestripe’s tracks through the grass. She bounded down the short slope onto the shore, landing on the pebbles a moment after Bumblestripe. He glanced over his shoulder and kept running. ‘Wait!’ Dovewing panted, pebbles spraying out behind. Bumblestripe eased his pace enough for her to catch up. ‘What?’ he growled.
‘Look.’ Dovewing tried to catch her breath but Bumblestripe was still running hard. ‘I’m sorry I snapped.’ Bumblestripe turned his head to look at her, his gaze hard as ice.
‘I’m tired of being used as your scratching post,’ he hissed. ‘From now on sharpen your claws on someone else.’ Dovewing’s pelt pricked. ‘It’s not my fault!’
‘I get it, okay?’ He didn’t even look at her. He just kept running. ‘You don’t like me the same way I like you. I’ll get over it. I’m just disappointed you’re not the cat I thought you were.’ Dovewing bristled. How dare he say that to her? She gave everything to the Clan, and he wanted more! It wasn’t fair. She slowed, letting Bumblestripe pull ahead.
‘So?’ Rosepetal caught up to her. ‘Thanks a lot,’ Dovewing growled. ‘Next time I’ll let you apologize.’ ‘Is he angry?’ ‘Yes.’ Dovewing lashed her tail. ‘And he’s not the only one.’

– This, again, shows that Dovewing is not in a good relationship. Though everyone makes her feel guilty for not wanting to be with him.

“As Dovewing nodded, she felt the fur bristle on the back of her neck. She looked past Tigerheart and saw Bumblestripe staring at her. Her heart missed a beat. ‘We were just discussing the intruders,’ she told her Clanmate quickly. ‘Tigerheart was asking if I’d noticed anything.’ Bumblestripe’s eyes widened. ‘I thought it would be a good idea to talk to other patrols, to see if the scents have been picked up on the same nights.’ Dovewing realized she was chattering like a blackbird.
Bumblestripe shrugged. ‘You can talk to whoever you like,’ he meowed. ‘It’s a Gathering.’ He began to follow the other cats toward the tree-bridge and disappeared into the long grass. Dovewing turned back to Tigerheart. ‘I’d better go.’ Tigerheart dipped his head. “Me too.” He headed away, slipping between Rowanclaw and Dawnpelt as they passed.

-Dovewing still has feelings for Tigerheart, but has to push them down.

Concluding points:

1. Dovewing did not lead Bumblestripe into thinking she was in love, she had a little crush and wanted to be friends but felt uncomfortable in relationship. When Bumblestripe was pushing her to be mates when she wasn’t ready, she felt her only options were to say yes, but by then she was just living a lie.

2. Most people say she should’ve stayed in her Clan, ignoring her feelings for Tigerheart, but that’s not how it works, you can’t help who you love. You might add that I support Dovewing’s decision to leave to raise her kits in another clan and not Bluestar’s and to that I say good point, but they have differences:

1) Dovewing left for of saftey of herself and her kits, but Bluestar did it for personal ambition
2) Dovewing did not feel comfortable or supported in the Clan, she hardly had any friends to talk to, and Ivypool did not support her, not to mention Bumblestripe would be very judgmental, as you can tell from the quotes above. Bluefur had a wonderful sister, and Thrushpelt already knew he wasn’t the father, and was ready to help her no questions asked.
3) I personally don’t feel it’s right to ask anyone-person or cat, to stay in a place they don’t feel comfortable or safe in, safety comes first, even if it means cutting ties with family.

This concludes my very long article, I hope you liked it, if you read the whole thing. May StarClan light your path!

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  • Personally I think it’s more Blossomfall and the other couple Clan mates to blame for Dovewing being uncomfortable. Bumblestripe was in love with her and thought that she felt the same way at first. While I do think he for sure should have taken the hint much earlier, I can’t blame Ivypool for trying to make sure her sister didn’t end up in an illegal relationship. So honestly I don’t hate Bumble. I liked your arguments though! This was a very persuasive article.

  • The second I read the name of the article, I thought “Irispaw, you make me laugh,” because the answer is simple; no he isn’t.

  • This article is so long! Good job on writing all of it, even though a lot of them are quotes, it must’ve taken a while to find all of them.

  • I completeley agree with you, but even worse is the bonus scene in Shattered Sky, in which Bumblestrip acts like a big pile of poop.