Why Jake needs a super edition or novella by FrostFeather

FrostFeather shares why they think Jake deserves his own story.

Art by Thundarrow

We all know the kittypet Jake father to the great Thunderclan leader Firestar. So basically I think that Jake really needs a novella or superedition just because of his curious fun nature. I think that It could possibly be about “Spolier for Tallstar’s revenge” after he had left talltail. Now I know that he was in Pinestar’s choice but I have not read that so forgive me if I say anything that is dumb or already happened. So basically I have three reasons why Jake should have a super edition/Novella
“Spoliers for Tallstar’s revenege and maybe others”
1. Jake is just an all around love able cat. He helped Talltail on his journey to kill Sparrow. He is and seems very wise about twoleg place and what to do. Now I know Jake’s age is not stated directly in any book that I have read but he seems older than he really is when he is talking to Talltail about not killing Sparrow.

2. We could see more of Jake’s life. I personally want to know how Jake died (I know Vicky said that he was hit by a meteorite but I think it said on Warriors wiki that it was a joke) I know Jake is dead by the time they reach the lake because of the small Manga at the end of Tallstar’s revenge but I want to know what happened. I want to know what happened to Jake after Talltail left and if he ever went to the forest to try to see him.

3. We could learn more about him and Nutmeg and Him and Quince. I wonder If Jake even knew that his son became leader of Thunderclan or how his other son became a murderer. I also wonder how he felt about the clans and how often he thought about joining them. He may have taught other cats about them but they probably didn’t listen.

The story could be about a journey Jake made after Taltail left and how he missed his friend and wanted to be with him. I think that a fitting title would be Jake’s life or Jakes travels because we know that he was an adventurous cat. I think that it could start from his kithood till maybe the day he died cutting out the parts or some of the parts with talltail and just showing the important parts like a flashback kind of like Graystripe’s Vow how it went from “Then” to “Now’

Welp thats all I got, Hope you like my first article 🙂 Also “Jake is everyones father, Jake is your father”


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