what makes cinderpelt so special to receive another chance? by Silverheart

Silverheart wonders why Cinderpelt got the chance to be reincarnated.

Art by climbdraws (tumblr: climbdraws)

so we all know that cinderpelt got a second chance to become an warrior through cinderheart, but why? what makes her so special? i mean all the dead kits who never even got to enjoy life dont just get zapped back into somebody, so why cinderpelt? this question puzzled me since i read the books because cinderpelt is a main character in the first series, cinderpelt seems to drift towards the non-important characters due to the intro of all the other main cats,including the new medicine cat leafpool who would eventually take cindepelts place after she died. the fact that they put cinderpelt into the body of another being forcing cinderheart to bend to cinderpelt and take on cinderpelts likes and dislikes seems very disturbing to me in many ways, i dont think this should have been included because cinderpelt was one of the last cats i can see who needs a second chance, she led a long life and the minor setback of not becoming a warrior brung her to her new love of being a medicine cat! cinderheart will probably never be the same. i would have loved to just see cinderpelt go beacuase of many reasons, but one of them being that i kinda feel that cinderpelt lost her pride i mean she made her death speech and was competly ready to go, and then she got zapped into a kit! i thought her death speech was sad and emotional and when i learned,surprise! shes still alive i got kinda angry with starclan for putting her back why not poor swiftpaw who never got the chance of being a warrior or countless others who died? or is the warriors starclan like buddism and they get reincarnated until their ready to go to starclan? just a theory not a good one either 😛 but either way i feel cinderpelt did not deserve this second chance and would have been remebered better if she wouldent have been put into cinderpelt, if yall want post below and tell me what your guys feelings are about this! this is siverheart signing off see you next time!


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  • I think Cinderpelt was reincarnated so she could be a warrior like she wanted to be. Yes, she eventually found happiness as a medicine cat, but it really broke her heart to give up her dream for being a warrior. I’m happy that she got a second chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a warrior as Cinderheart.
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  • While I agree with you about all the others that could’ve been reincarnated, I think that what StarClan did was right because she deserved to be reincarnated. It really did break her heart, and if I was her, I would want a second chance too. Good article though!

  • I think she got reincarnated because she was forced to become a medicine cat because of tigerstar. the trap that crushed cinderpelt’s leg wasn’t meant for her so she had the chance of being a warrior snatched away from her. I think it was also because there are countless other cats that suffered deep injuries that could have kept them from being warriors and maybe kill them take brightheart for an example, but brightheart still trained to be a warrior and now lives like any cat. so why not cinderpelt, all hope was just given up on cinderpelt instead of working with her disability and making her a warrior. she also had a crush on Firestar but being a medicine cat prevented her from ever loving. and yes you have a good point with swiftpaw but swiftpaw chose to go face to dogs and that caused his death. I’m glad that cinderpelt got another chance to live as a warrior and love ( that sounded wrong, let me try again) have a mate and kits (that’s better). 😉