Cold Heart- An Article on Sol by Norwaytuft

Norwaytuft takes a closer look at Sol.

Art by ninetail-fox

I have to say, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read the arc- or the mangas- with this manipulative tomcat in it; But I think Sol was actually a pretty unique character.

Bad traits about Sol: Yes, he did trick the clans. Yes, he did make them fight one another. Yes, he vowed to destroy them all. Yes, he stole Leafstar’s kits. But it was all for reason.

All Sol wanted was to become a ‘great warrior of the sky’, like in the stories his mother told him and his siblings.

“Mama, when I get bigger, I’m gonna be a warrior. Just like the cats from the sky.”―Sol to Cinders in ‘Beyond the Code’, page 59

Good (main) traits about Sol: He helped Leafstar escape the old twoleg house when she was captured. He trained hard to become a warrior of SkyClan.

When Sol begged to join SkyClan, Leafstar agreed, in terms of him helping her. But, much to his displeasure, he wasn’t immediately made a warrior; and was trained by Leafstar as an apprentice instead. He worked hard, but Leafstar still didn’t make him a warrior. So, he did the unthinkable- He stole her kits. Sol took Leafstar’s kits and hid them, in hopes that when everyone thought they were lost, he would ‘find’ and ‘rescue’ them; and Leafstar would think he was amazing and make him a warrior. However, this plan backfired when the kits told their mother Sol brought them there, and Sol was immediately exiled from SkyClan.

I think that Sol made a big mistake trying to prove himself that way. He should’ve known he would get caught, and that his big plan would fail. But we all have to admit that we understand why he wanted to be a warrior of SkyClan so badly, trying to prove himself to his mother.

Later on, Sol found himself at the lake. He had told Jaypaw and Leafpool about the sky bleeding to gray, and that the sun would be covered- which would happen during a battle between the four clans. Sol had convinced Blackstar that StarClan was no longer in control, which made Blackstar briefly stop believing in them, and the brawny leader allowed Sol to stay in ShadowClan. After Blackstar received a sign, Sol was exiled from ShadowClan too. When the events of Ashfur’s mysterious murder occurred, Sol was obviously a suspect. A ThunderClan patrol found him leading a group of loners and befriending the old former kittypet, Purdy. Sol was then kept as a prisoner of ThunderClan, but then tricked the Three into letting him go.

I have to admit that Sol has more flaws than actually good attributes. But I think that his rejection by SkyClan is what really turned his heart cold, and so he vowed vengeance on the clans. I think- if he really had to- he could’ve left the other clans alone and just dealt with SkyClan alone. Because, I mean, the other clans didn’t even really do anything; but I guess he assumed they were all like SkyClan and Leafstar, and would reject him too. Now, let’s get to his manipulative side…

Like I explained before, Sol had tricked the Three into letting him escape. I think that it was really Hollyleaf’s decision, as- just like it explains in Blixemi’s ‘Just One Heartbeat’- he deceived her into thinking everything was her fault, and that he could show them all of StarClan’s secrets and make them powerful. He had learned about the eclipse from Midnight, but the clans assumed he had supernatural abilities or what not.

Sol used this information against them, trying to trick the cats of the clans into believing he was more powerful than them and that StarClan didn’t exist. When he fled ThunderClan, he started an uprising to turn themselves against each other. Over the process of the next few chapters, WindClan and ThunderClan battled in the tunnels. It was Hollyleaf who pinned Sol down and told him that she wouldn’t kill him but to never return. Sol left, but vowed he would be back.

In summary, Sol was a pretty interesting character. I honestly think he deserves his own manga or super-edition, from his point of view and showing us the true feelings deep down in his heart. In my opinion, he was one of the best villains yet- aside from Darktail or maybe Tigerstar- who somewhat succeeded in their main goal. I think Sol should return to the clans. It’d be interesting to have him come back after so long, and wreak havoc once more.

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  • Great article
    (First comment????)

  • I don’t think his innocence by “only wanting to be a ‘great warrior of the sky'” justified all of the things he did, but this was a really interesting article. Nice job!

  • Great article! Sol is one of my favorite villains, and I really wish he would come back. I heard someone on blogclan say that he should somehow became leader of Bloodclan. I think that that would be awesome.

  • Wow, I didn’t know Sol’s backstory at all, so thank you for sharing! I totally agree with you that Sol is a fascinating character. I still don’t think he is the best, but I really do appreciate how he makes the clans rethink their relationship with StarClan. It would be cool to see him again. Great article!

  • Sol is one of my favorite Warriors villains. He’s just so interesting!
    The Schuyler Sisters

  • Awesome article! Sol was a very special villain. Unlike probably all the villains, he fought with words, not claws.

  • The stories about his kit hood were lies he was born a kittypet and raised one too.
    I also think Sol was interesting