Spottedleaf – Her perspective and ships by Coldheart

Coldheart takes a look at Spottedleaf, her story, and her relationships.

Art by Feyrah

Hi everyone! Coldheart here today to take a look at Spottedleaf, my 4th favorite character after Silverstream, Feathertail, and Bluestar. So Spottedleaf is a small, lithe, soft-furred, dark tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with large, warm, amber eyes, and white-tipped ears. Her coat is distinctively dappled and mottled with orange and brown markings, and she has a small, pink nose. One of her eyes is rimmed with darker fur than the other, and she has small white paws and a black-tipped, gold-and-brown-striped tabby tail.. She liked Thistleclaw, but he rejected her when she asked him to stop training in The Dark Forest. His exact words were “This is my destiny, Spottedpaw. I am going to be the greatest warrior ThunderClan has ever known. I will be the next deputy, and the next leader of our Clan. Every cat in the forest will fear us! There will be no battle we cannot win! How can I possibly give that up?” and “You don’t get it, Spottedpaw.” He meowed. “I can’t turn away from my destiny. Nothing is more important than this. The rip of flesh beneath my claws, the taste of blood, the scent of my enemy’s fear . . . I am hungry for all of it, and I will keep fighting until ThunderClan rules the entire forest!” Those times where the rough, tough old days. Glad we’re moving on. So Thistleclaw is a fox-hearted mouse-brain, and Spottedpaw just faced his cruelty. For some reason, Spottedleaf is always killed or affected by The Dark Forest cats. First Thistleclaw, then Clawface, then finally Mapleshade. If Thistleclaw didn’t exist, we’d get over having him as our least favorite. Right? And if Thistleclaw accepted Spottedleaf, and he wasn’t such a fox-heart, maybe FirexSpotted would work out. Sorry, serious FirexSpotted, CrowxLeaf, SilverxGray fan here. Moving on, SpottedxFire is kind of like CrowxFeather. Here’s why. So Spottedleaf likes Fireheart, Crowfeather likes Feathertail, the she-cats die tragically, we face a grieving time, we like another she-cat, and Feathertail and Spottedleaf both give their approval. Cue the oooh’s. Spottedleaf is related to a lot of cats, so we won’t get into that now. Spottedleaf was so kind and sweet, though at apprentice age it was more of a “Hey people! I’m here! I’m going to do this!” Bluestar kind of thing. But looking back, aren’t we all like that? Smart and sarcastic in the apprentice age, wise and intelligent in the warrior age. I love Spottedleaf for many reasons, but I think mainly because of all that heartbreak and saving Sandstorm. Now, I’ve had many cats going like hey, Spottedleaf this, Spottedleaf that, so let me explain.

Cats: “SpottedxFire was totally like CrowxFeather, a childhood crush!”
Me: SERIOUSLY? Your kind of right. It was more of a “wow she’s pretty” but given all that heartbreak, I feel more SpottedxFire. She had her heart broken so many times, don’t even! She deserves love! If Yellowfang had love, why couldn’t our sweet, gentle medicine cat have some too?

Cats: “Spottedleaf is a granny and stalker!”
Me: NOOOOO!!! Yes, she’s related to Firestar, but so is Ferncloud, and basically a lot of cats! I think every cat is related, distinctly or non distinctly.

So, this is kind of why she’s my favorite. Here’s something I commented to a Why SandxFire is better than SpottedxFire(which is totally wrong to me)
Stop right there. Firestar loved her, and for a good reason. She was gentle and kind. Spottedleaf probably just I don’t know, was so pretty and sweet and was always in the medicine den, that’s why she smelled good. And think how many times she must’ve chewed up something for her Clanmates. Spottedleaf died protecting SANDSTORM!! UNFAIR! She did it for her love for Firestar, don’t argue. How many times has he mentioned Sandstorm! More than Spottedleaf, I can bet. Most of TPB was about Sandstorm this, Sandstorm that. Spottedleaf’s wiser, being in StarClan and older than Sandstorm, THAT’S why he asked her for help on Deputyship choices! Plus, wouldn’t Sandstorm, being as hot-headed as she was, wanted herself for deputyship? She aint a goody-two shoes and will never be! Thistleclaw is the worst! Firestar literally said it was Sandstorm he loved so, PEACE! Thank you, SpottedxFire forever!

Here’s a piece of something I cut off from an article.
A Mary Sue or Gary Stu is a character with absolutely no flaws. Nope. Not even one-eleventh of a flaw! An example is “Bananastar caught her quadrillionth piece of prey. She had no battle scars and could fly and ride magic carpets, and was immortal and had all of the Three’s powers.” If you didn’t read that, read Starkit’s Prophecy. It is full of Mary Sues- the main character is one!
If Spottedleaf was a Mary Sue, she would have most likely been able to deflect the wounds Clawface gave her. Then, she would have still been alive if she could deflect the wounds, because she wouldn’t have any!
Also, she faded in StarClan during The Last Hope. Mapleshade of the Dark Forest “killed” her this second time. Again, if she were a Mary Sue, the events I stated in the last paragraph would have happened, so this event wouldn’t have happened.

Here are some articles I would suggest reading.

Defending Spottedleaf by Sky Defending Spottedleaf is very important, this article shows how Spottedleaf is so underrated and how she’s so nice, gentle and kind. It shows her real self, not her SpottedxFire self. Please read this amazing article!
Spottedleaf: Useless or Misunderstood? by Small Flower This article says how Spottedleaf is good or bad, and mostly is tipping to the good side. If you are a hater of Spottedleaf, this would be a good thing to read. I respect everyone’s opinion, after all.
Defending Spottedleaf Part Two by Sky Part 2 of supporting her. Go Sky!
What If Spottedleaf Survived Through The First Series? by Spottedheart This article shows that a LOT of cats think and love SpottedxFire a lot, and it kind of shows what would have happened. (Sorry, SandxFire lovers) This kind of supports the perspective of Spottedleaf.
Spottedleaf’s Heart review by Jayfrost This kind of reviews Spottedleaf’s Heart, so in case you haven’t read it, read this if you want to.(It’s kind of long, though). Also, this shows how Spottedleaf’s relationship *sensitive topic warning*with Thistleclaw is VERY unhealthy, and if you HATE Spottedleaf, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR WHOLE PERSPECTIVE ON HER. Thank you, Jayfrost!
Defending Spottedleaf (Yeah, I’m going there) by Icestorm This article defends Spottedleaf from a lot of things that you guys don’t like about her. Reading this, you’ll change your mind about her, I promise you. Spottedleaf is awesome!

Summing it all up, I really think that Firestar loves Spottedleaf more. Spottedleaf definitely loves him like crazy. She even saved his mate! Thank you, SpottedxFire forever!(I respect everyone’s opinions, so if you ship SandxFire, I don’t judge!)

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  • I love Spottedleaf as well, she is awesome! I ship SandFire, but FireSpotted is okay. I agree that Thistleclaw is a jerk, and I am the biggest Spottedleaf fan ever!

    (Tell me if you want to join the Spottedleaf Support Squad btw!)

    • Can I join the Spottedleaf support squad? Also, I’m a Mistystar x Firestar shipper, but Spottedleaf is great and I also have a ship for her: Whitestorm!

  • I have never shipped SpottedFire, and I never will. Because I feel like SandFire has more development. But again, even though I don’t at all like SpottedFire, I do like Spottedleaf. She is kind of nice and sweet.

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