The New Prophecy: My 3 most liked and disliked cats

Coldheart lists their favourite and least favourite characters from The New Prophecy.

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Hello again, BlogClan! Remember my first article, The Prophecies Begin: My 3 most liked and disliked cats? If you don’t, here’s the link if you want to read it. Click here
Anyway, before I start, I’d like to say it once more: This is all MY opinion, please don’t judge. Now, let’s get on to it.
Hawkfrost. I’m sorry, but please get ready for a long rant(or maybe I’ll shorten it for your poor eyes) First, I HATE the way that that little manipulative kitty manipulated my Bramblebae. It’s been some time since I read TNP, so this isn’t fresh off the memory press like my last article was. But he kind of helped Tigerstar make Brambleclaw hard around the edges, when he used to be a nice, ambitious warrior. They hardened that ambition, and made it turn a bit evil. I also REALLY hate the way that in the end, Tigerstar consulted with Hawkfrost to kill Firestar and make Brambleclaw turn to the dark side for good. Like, there was 0 warning! He was just warming up to the world, and we suddenly get this big decision to kill, or be good. All I’m saying is, this guy is super evil. Why? Because the worst villains are…. how to say this…… like the ones that are all nice, but then suddenly turn evil. Like spys basically. Hawkfrost also hates Mistyfoot, one of my favorite characters, and tries to be deputy to rule the forest.
Tigerstar. How low can this cat go? Even in death, he tries. He is probably the reason Hawkfrost is the little manipulative kitty he is, and he just is the most evil guy around. He influenced Hawkfrost, who influenced Bramblebae, and probably some one of them influenced Ashfur. Without this all-time villain, some other villains wouldn’t be born, cats wouldn’t be influenced. I mean, this evil kitty already killed so many cats, and made life harder for them. They already have to battle greencough and all the other coughs and scratches and battles and leaf-bare. He just made it harder by 1000000 times. Bad kitty, very bad kitty.
The badgers. While these animals are NOT cats, they still added that final flourish to the end. They killed CINDERPELT!!! *Bursts into tears* She was a great medicine cat, sweet, but sassy, the perfect combo. All I had left of my sweet Yellowfang, and another lover of Firestar’s. I love all lovers of Firestar’s because the first one was Spottedleaf, a sweet, kind, great cat who got manipulated in childhood, and I felt like she deserved better, and I feel that way about lovers of Firestar’s too. Also, the badgers caused a total ruckus in camp, killing Sootfur and probably a few other background characters. In the meantime, poor Sorreltail was giving birth to her poor kits. Poor Brackenfur. He must’ve been worried out of his mind. And he already had so many losses, his mate and kits would be devastating. And Sorreltail was so gentle and sweet, she didn’t deserve that.

Dishonourable mentions

I don’t remember any other villains so this ends this.

Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf helped so much in TNP, I cannot remember all her good deeds.(I actually think there were only like, two, but she did one MAJOR thing that should be credited.) But the major thing is, she helped lovely Leafpool find the Moonpool, giving the Clans someway to speak with StarClan. Without StarClan, things would be wrong, we’d never know prophecies, leaders wouldn’t get lives and stuff like that. So that one major thing should always be remembered.
Feathertail. What a brave, selfless cat. Even though she loved Crowfeather, she let him love Leafpool, which let Leafpool have very important kits. But that’s TPoTs, back to TNP. She gave Leafpool a sign to give to Mothwing, who couldn’t communicate with StarClan, and did one other major thing, like Spottedleaf. She died for the Tribe. Well, technically, she died for Crowpaw, but saved the Tribe in the process. Without the Tribe, the Clans would’ve died on their journey, and that would be the end of Warriors. That one thing Feathertail did saved everyone. Small things have big impacts.
Squirrelflight. I LOVE Squirrelflight because she started out stubborn, sassy, and proud, and evolved into an awesome, sweet, still a bit bossy character. She didn’t BREAK Ashfur’s heart, she genuinely thought she liked him. She knew Hawkfrost was evil, but she knew Brambleclaw was nicer than Tigerstar ll and Hawkfrost. She knew he was actually kind, and also she’s Leafpool’s sister, and Leafpool is one of my favorite cats. She always tried to be the good cat, which could be hard with that bossy personality.

Some very honourable mentions

Tallstar – poor Tallstar. He died right when they arrived in their new home. R.I.P Tallstar.

And that’s most of who I remember, I’m sorry for not writing this article fresh off the memory press. Anyway, have a purr-ific day, I hope you liked this article! Comment your favorite kitties below if you want too, I’ll be delighted to read all of your lovely opinions!

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  • Great article!
    Feathertail isn’t on the very honorable mentions… :'(
    (Just kidding, great article 😛 )

    • (In case no one got the joke, Feathertail is on the most liked list, but not on the honorable mentions, and I thought it might be funny! 🙂 )
      Thank you so much for including her in the most liked list, Coldheart! 😀

  • Hawkfrost: I like him as a villain, because they are supposed to be evil, but I don’t think he should be justified. Also, the worst villains are super evil? Not how it works but ok.
    Tigerstar: Nuetral
    Badgers: No personality, also not actually cats. There is litterally NO REASON for them to be on this list. What do you think badgers are? Fluffy lil’ rabbits?
    Ashfur: Eh. He has good storyline.
    Mudclaw: Umm. Is everyone except Spottedleaf on this list a villain???
    Spottedleaf: USELESS!!! Watch Bright Gaurdian Akira’s video on her.

    Ok, so, we need to talk about something. You can’t hate villain for doing their job. I mean, you can, but you can’t make them being evil a reason to hate them.

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