Analyzing Sun-Drown Quest Cats by Whitepaw

Whitepaw analyses cats from the Sun-Drown Quest.

Art by SnexMy

Hi! It’s me, Whitepaw! Today I will be analyzing the sun-drown quest cats. All six of them that made the journey. I am currently rereading the series, and I am on The New Prophecy, so I figured it was a perfect time to start analyzing the sun-drown place cats! So, as we know, there were six that went, even when there were only supposed to be four. Let’s start!

Brambleclaw became the leader of their little group of young warriors and apprentices. He tries to calm the group down when they are arguing and he usually tries to stay calm. Brambleclaw did not approve of Squirrelpaw coming along on the journey, but she insisted. Many times during the books, Brambleclaw is making decisions and Crowpaw challenges him and says stuff like “Who made you leader!” and gets all angry, and he likes to argue with everything Brambleclaw says. Brambleclaw does not try to calm him down because he figures that would be useless and he still leads his little band even when they disagree. I think this helps prepare him to be the leader of a whole clan.

Squirrelpaw was the little adventurous apprentice who wanted to come on the journey because it was cool prophecy StarClan warrior business. She was never good at listening to or following orders, and it gets her into some trouble. She (enjoys?) arguing with Crowpaw, and much of the time when she is trying to decide on something or vote for what the group should do, she is discluded because she is an apprentice that was not chosen by StarClan. But, Squirrelpaw doesn’t give up. She has lots of energy and helps out a lot with Tawnypelt’s injury due to her sister being a medicine cat and contacting her. She also shows bravery mixed with stupidity when she jumps into the ocean after Brambleclaw and Stormfur fall in.

Feathertail is the nice, calm, open-minded she-cat who is the only cat able to calm Crowpaw down. From Brambleclaw’s POV in midnight he thinks that Feathertail is the only one on the journey that can call Crowpaw a mouse-brain without getting her ears clawed off. She allows her brother Stormfur to come on the journey with her even though he was not chosen by StarClan because they are closer than most siblings due to a dead mother and a father in a different clan. She believes that everything they do should be a fair decision and she is good at caring for Tawnypelt when she gets bitten. Eventually, she gives her life to save Crowpaw from sharptooth fulfilling the tribe’s prophecy.

Stormfur basically acts as Feathertail’s bodyguard. He insists he come on the journey to keep Feathertail safe and he follows Feathertail everywhere she goes because he doesn’t want to lose another family member. Whenever he and Feathertail got separated on the journey, he would try to find her. He sent himself on a long journey and gave himself the job of keeping his sister safe from any trouble. I think that he was very loyal to his sister and he doesn’t want to think too much about his feelings for Squirrelpaw. He doesn’t support Feathertail and Crowpaw either, probably because he fears a cross-clan relationship will get her in trouble and it does, when Feathertail dies to save Crowpaw.

Tawnypelt is kind of like Feathertail, but more fierce. She gets angry at Squirrelpaw for diving into the ocean after Brambleclaw and Stormfur, but eventually realizes that Squirrelpaw was being really brave. When she gets injured by the rats, she tries to act like it doesn’t hurt very much and she can continue and the group shouldn’t slow down for her shoulder, but she finally does admit that her shoulder needs help. She is good with advice for Brambleclaw, and she is one of the cats that Brambleclaw knows very well and knows he can trust to stand by him. Tawnypelt knows the cats that come on the journey okay, she was suckled with Feathertail and Stormfur, and she knows them pretty well.

Crowpaw was the apprentice that thought being annoying was fun and funny, and much of the time he liked to argue with Brambleclaw just for the sake of arguing and being loud and obnoxious and having words come out of his mouth. The only cat that he wouldn’t argue for long with was Feathertail, whom he had a crush on. He did not like being the only apprentice that was chosen by StarClan, but luckily he had a fellow apprentice to argue with and she wasn’t even chosen. He argued with Squirrelpaw a lot! Until Brambleclaw told Squirrelpaw to stop, or Feathertail told Crowpaw to stop. Crowpaw really was devastated when she died to save him and the tribe from Sharptooth, fulfilling the tribe’s prophecy.

So, I hope that wasn’t too boring! I have lot’s of the information fresh out of my head, but I talked a little more on the events of Midnight than Moonrise because I just started rereading Moonrise, so I haven’t gotten to the part where Feathertail saves Crowpaw. Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you have anything more to say, post it in the comments!

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