River Spoiler Page

The first book of A Starless Clan (Arc 8) will be called River! Chat away with your theories and predictions!

Blurb of River:
A dark age has given way to an era of peace in the five warrior Clans, and with it comes a promise of hope. As their leaders deliberate on unprecedented changes to the warrior code, three young warriors set their paws on the paths that will decide their futures.
In ThunderClan, warrior apprentice Flamepaw, a descendant of the legendary leader Firestar, struggles under the weight of his famous kin’s legacy, while young ShadowClan warrior Sunbeam has doubts of her own. But in RiverClan, medicine cat apprentice Frostpaw looks eagerly toward the horizon, awaiting the day she will be called upon to help her Clan—a day that may dawn sooner than she ever dreamed.

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  • Hi, Kate! This isn’t exactly something about River, but do you think Dovewing will get an apprentice sometime? (Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read up to the recent series)
    I love seeing her as a ShadowClan cat and I think it’d be interesting to see her fitting into her new Clan that way.
    Also, if Barley dies, will he be reunited with Ravenpaw? After rereading the series, I love their relationship and would love for them to be together again.
    Sorry about the lengthy message! Looking forward to the new arc and A Light in the Mist!

  • Question: Are we able to know what Frostpaw looks like at this moment?

    I’ve been wondering about what her canon appearance is, and we already know what Flamepaw and Sunbeam look like.

    I know we can see her in the cover art for River, but she is at the far back of the group so we can’t clearly see her pelt colour, just her (possibly) blue-green eyes.

    Thank you for reading! 🙂