River Spoiler Page

The first book of A Starless Clan (Arc 8) will be called River! Chat away with your theories and predictions!

Blurb of River:
A dark age has given way to an era of peace in the five warrior Clans, and with it comes a promise of hope. As their leaders deliberate on unprecedented changes to the warrior code, three young warriors set their paws on the paths that will decide their futures.
In ThunderClan, warrior apprentice Flamepaw, a descendant of the legendary leader Firestar, struggles under the weight of his famous kin’s legacy, while young ShadowClan warrior Sunbeam has doubts of her own. But in RiverClan, medicine cat apprentice Frostpaw looks eagerly toward the horizon, awaiting the day she will be called upon to help her Clan—a day that may dawn sooner than she ever dreamed.

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  • I think Mistystar will die of old age or some tragedy

    I just hope Blue star has enough living descendants ;c

  • THEORY NUMBER TWOOOO: Since Mothwing is not a believer in StarClan, Frosty will be forced to be a Medicine Cat against her own will. I think then they’ll be like “nope we no longer believe in starclan because they’re gone but frostpaw we’re still going to force you to be a medicine cat” and then Frostpaw’s going to get mad? I don’t know! 😛

    • I’m thinking that since Mistystar is SUPER old and Mothwing’s getting up there in age as well, we might have a situation where one of them or even both die in this book (tbh I hope it’s both bc they’ve been around FOREVER), and Frostpaw has to take on serious responsibility in the Clan while still being a young apprentice.

  • Hey, Kate, I have a few questions

    #1. Have you ever consindered opening up a Q&A Page, so people stop asking on book discussion pages and such? Cause it must be tiring to keep doing it, over and and over and over and…you get the point
    #2. Have you ever considered making a arc, that’s a au or a super edition? Like, for example, what if Rusty never went to the forest, or, what if Snowkit never died
    #3. Was the Storm in Bramblestars Storm a hurricane? It showed many signs.
    #4. What’s your favorite less known LGBTQ+ ship?

    That’s all!

    • 1. I prefer scattered questions
      2. No
      3. We let the reader decide
      4. Are there many less known LGBTQ+ ships?

  • Given that the title of the first book is River I have the feeling the names of the books are going to be Shadow, Wind, Thunder, Sky, and then Star for the last one. The others can be in whatever order but I think Star would ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be the last book.

  • I think Flamepaw could possibly be influnced by Scourge, (Scourge being a wandering spirit.) It seems that a cat does not have to be included in StarClan, or Dark Forest. Maybe Scourge somehow met Jake in the afterlife, and tells him about being related to Firestar, etc. And maybe Scourge secretly follows Graystripe back to the lake. There, he overhears some clan cats talking about Flame being Fire’s kin, and then he begins stuggling in the clan. Boom, Scourge walks in his dreams, and potentially sends him down a darker path. I can, for sure, see a simular appearance between the two. I could be wrong, looks like Flamepaw gets a torn ear?
    Idk, I could be thinking too outside the box.

    • To add on to this, I can totally see Flampaw forming a revived BloodClan, which would be “a starless clan.” After the whole Ashfur StarClan thing, i’m sure he could recruit some others who have lost faith.

    • One of the Erins (don’t remember which one) said that in their allegiance list they have Reedwhisker as Duskfur’s mate which would make him Curlfeather’s father! I personally think Jayclaw is her mate. Frostpaw looks to be a dark gray on the cover of River, and her brother’s name is Graykit so we can assume he’s probably gray, and the only gray cat in RiverClan without a mate who isn’t related to Curlfeather directly would be Jayclaw!

    • 🏳️‍🌈 Freepaw/flame; He/Him 🏳️‍🌈 IT’S PRIDE MONTH! HOORAY! 🏳️‍🌈 says:

      Okay, unrelated but that pfp is the image i use for one of my characters in my fanfic 😛 Anyway, Frosty will probably be forced into a medicine cat position but then will be unsure if she wants to stay as one or not and then starclan will disappear and the choice is made for her! I’m not sure what to make of the others… only RiverClan deserves my hard-worked-on theories 😛