Goosefeather needs more love by Lemoncloud

Lemoncloud shares why they think Goosefeather should be appreciated more.

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Hi this is my second article. And today i’ll be talking about Goosefeather an unpopular character but not really. Let’s begin..

Spoilers for Goosefeather’s Curse, Bluestar’s prophecy, and Crookedstar’s Promise.

At first baby Goosekit he is just a normal little kit in ThunderClan, with his sister Moonkit. And they decide to play hide and seek with those other kits. He sees a strange cat, a brown tabby she-cat and she tells him where to look. And Goosekit goes and finds all of the kits first attempt, they accuse him of cheating in hide of seek. Goosekit listens to elders’ stories.

(This is based on what I know about Goosefeather’s curse, it’s been a long time since I read it, so i’m sorry if it’s not accurate)

The cats panic because they can’t find Swiftpaw. Some cat tells Goosekit where she is, in the reeds by Sunningrocks. The cats are surprised and, surely, they find him in the reeds by Sunningrocks. Cloudberry is mostly surprised and thinks he’s gifted. Cloudberry has a talk with him, and he mentions the brown tabby, but there was only one brown tabby in the Clan, and Goosekit says it was the opposite gender than the cat he saw.

They spoke to Nettlebreeze the ancient elder, and Goosekit describes the cat he saw, Nettlebreeze believes it is his mother, Dawnfeather.

Goosekit becomes Goosepaw early, he is Cloudberry’s apprentice, because of his special power.

I’m gonna fast forward,

Goosepaw gets his medicine cat name, Goosefeather, and during that he suffered all those ghosts and prophecies, remember that? Don’t you?

He can see the future, he knows all the prophecy, he knows all the horrible fates of all the cats, That’s young Goosefeather, the old one is the grump you don’t really like.

Like I said He sees the future, if you think for a while, take your time, you’ll realize, that’s sad…

Cats with powers seem like everybody’s favorite, With great power comes great punishment, that always happens if not they’d be called mary-sues and gary-sues.

Bye Bye! Hope you enjoyed! I’d be glad if Goosefeather got more love!!

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  • Great article! I think Goosefeather was really misunderstood by other cats, and he was a sad character that deserves more appreciation

  • Ironically, I’m the complete opposite – I think Gosefeather needs more hate. He may have trouble with his powers – But it’s not like Shadowsight and Rootspring did was he did. Goosefeather uses his powers as an excuse to recklessly endanger lives and laze off for half his life. Many of those actions were when Moonflower was considered a young queen, so Goosefeather was middle-aged for most of it. Unless Shadowsight who felt guilt-ridden for accidentally getting one cat killed – Goosefeather didn’t care about multiple he committed.

    He’s literally endangered the lives of 8 kits in one way or the other:

    1) Abandoned Leopardfoot’s near-fatal birth and two of her kits died of birth complications. Mistkit and Nightkit go on to die of birth complications, which might of been prevented if Goosefeather did his job. His only regret was that Tigerkit didn’t join them in death. Then, Goosefeather orders Pinestar to kill his infant son and mocked him for refusing.

    2) He pressured Bluestar to be solely responsible for preventing Thistleclaw’s uprising – When she was a nursing queen at the time. When Goosefeather could’ve of easily just spoken to Sunstar himself. He was the one who came up with the plan for Bluestar to take her 1-moon-old kits to Riverclan camp, alone and in leafbare. He didn’t even bother to offer his help. He was surprised to hear the whole litter wasn’t dead and didn’t care about Mosskit’s death.

    3) He attacked Oakkit and Stormkit next to a river. By aggressively shouting and chasing them, it made them forget about their surroundings. Goosefeather then dug in his claws into Stormkit’s tail as he dangled above the river. Crookedstar’s jaw was entirely his fault – He abandoned Stormkit to drown, didn’t provide any herbs for his recovery or admitted what he’d done.

    4) He made Thunderclan attack Windclan unprovoked during Leafbare – When he’s a Medicine cat, he’s not qualified to be making battle plans, that the leader’s job. Worst of all, he tried destroying the herb store, endangering all of Windclan to preventable illnesses, including kits, queens and elders. He calmed defended himself when Moonflower’s body was presented to him and described as ‘unrepentant’ for the rest of his life.

    5) He witnessed the Dark Forest training first-hand and did nothing to warn the victims, including Crookedstar and Spottedleaf. Even mocking them, calling Spottedleaf foolish under his breath.

    6) He lazed off frequently during his duties such as collecting herbs and an apprentice’s injuries in the Medicine den.

  • i personally didn’t have a opinion on goosefeather,this made me change my mind and actually like goosefeather

  • i like young oosefeather but old goosefeather was lazy and never doing his duties as medicine cat.

  • Neat article! I appreciate Goosefeather more after reading this, I never really thought about his perspective.

  • great article and I agree ! it would be so hard to see the future but have no one to believe you !

  • I love your article! By the way, you just gave me an idea for an article so I’ll get writing on that soon!