Goosefeather needs more love by Lemoncloud

Lemoncloud shares why they think Goosefeather should be appreciated more.

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Hi this is my second article. And today i’ll be talking about Goosefeather an unpopular character but not really. Let’s begin..

Spoilers for Goosefeather’s Curse, Bluestar’s prophecy, and Crookedstar’s Promise.

At first baby Goosekit he is just a normal little kit in ThunderClan, with his sister Moonkit. And they decide to play hide and seek with those other kits. He sees a strange cat, a brown tabby she-cat and she tells him where to look. And Goosekit goes and finds all of the kits first attempt, they accuse him of cheating in hide of seek. Goosekit listens to elders’ stories.

(This is based on what I know about Goosefeather’s curse, it’s been a long time since I read it, so i’m sorry if it’s not accurate)

The cats panic because they can’t find Swiftpaw. Some cat tells Goosekit where she is, in the reeds by Sunningrocks. The cats are surprised and, surely, they find him in the reeds by Sunningrocks. Cloudberry is mostly surprised and thinks he’s gifted. Cloudberry has a talk with him, and he mentions the brown tabby, but there was only one brown tabby in the Clan, and Goosekit says it was the opposite gender than the cat he saw.

They spoke to Nettlebreeze the ancient elder, and Goosekit describes the cat he saw, Nettlebreeze believes it is his mother, Dawnfeather.

Goosekit becomes Goosepaw early, he is Cloudberry’s apprentice, because of his special power.

I’m gonna fast forward,

Goosepaw gets his medicine cat name, Goosefeather, and during that he suffered all those ghosts and prophecies, remember that? Don’t you?

He can see the future, he knows all the prophecy, he knows all the horrible fates of all the cats, That’s young Goosefeather, the old one is the grump you don’t really like.

Like I said He sees the future, if you think for a while, take your time, you’ll realize, that’s sad…

Cats with powers seem like everybody’s favorite, With great power comes great punishment, that always happens if not they’d be called mary-sues and gary-sues.

Bye Bye! Hope you enjoyed! I’d be glad if Goosefeather got more love!!

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  • oh gosh i agree with this so much!!! goosefeather has always been one of my favourite characters so it’s nice to see an article on this! good job :DD

  • Great article! But I’ve never read Goosefeather’s curse, so idk if I can agree bc all I know is the lazy old Goosefeather that made Stormkit twist his jaw and therefor ending in him being re-named Crookedkit and being shunned by his own mother.

  • I like Goosefeather as a character since he’s pretty interesting, but I don’t like him. I know he went mad from prophecies, but his madness isn’t exactly delightful.
    He was depicted as a terrible medicine cat, lazy, and that was how I saw him first. First impressions last really long

  • It’s a brown tabby tom, not she-cat that tells Goosekit about the other kits’ hiding spots