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Why I Dislike Spottedleaf x Firestar by Briarshine

Briarshine shares why they hate the pairing of Spottedleaf and Firestar.

Art by alisonli (tumblr)

Some people love the Spottedfire pairing. Only, it doesn’t make much sense to me. Let’s look back to the first time Rusty the kittypet enters the Clan.

Rusty walks in nervously, and I think he sees Spottedleaf in the corner or something. Yes, I think that’s it. He passes her, without thinking anything… or shall I go and read Into the Wild again? Hmm. Please wait.

Yes. Rusty is attacked by Graypaw, and Bluestar invites him to join ThunderClan. The next day at noon, or sunhigh, he agrees, and Lionheart and Whitestorm accompany him to camp.
He sees Spottedleaf tend to Ravenpaw after he receives his name and Ravenpaw collapses when telling the death of Redtail.
The first proper interaction is when Firepaw and Graypaw watch Spottedleaf and Tigerclaw argue, and then when Firepaw tries to introduce himself. Spottedleaf tells them to go away, because she can’t treat her patient if they’re like that. So the first interaction isn’t exactly lovely.

The next interaction isn’t exactly romantic, either. Firepaw asks for some goldenrod poultice and poppy seeds for Yellowfang, requested by Yellowfang. He says hi shyly, which is probably natural. Spottedleaf tells Firepaw to tell Yellowfang to go easy on the poppy seeds, since small pain can be useful in checking the conditions of the patients. Firepaw goes back to Yellowfang.

This time, it shows a hint of the start of this… weird ship.
Now, Yellowfang isn’t pleased by Firepaw’s work on ticks, since he tells her he couldn’t pick out all of them. She commands him to get some mouse bile from Spottedleaf, and Firepaw obeys.
Spottedleaf is mixing something, and she’s busy. Her “clear amber gaze” meets Firepaw’s, and Firepaw looks away, “an uncomfortable feeling pricking his fur”. They’re actual quotes.
Now, this is where Firepaw “tasted her warm, sweet breath as he took the bark strip between his teeth”. Ew. You’re carrying mouse bile. Can you scent the “warm, sweet breath”, Firepaw?
He feels cheerful after leaving. No, it’s not because he’s happy to be away from Spottedleaf. I’m assuming it’s because he loves being around the beautiful medicine cat.
“Firepaw nodded and trotted back to Yellowfang, feeling suddenly cheerful and tingling with energy.”

When Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw talk about the Gathering, and how it is important, since it’s the first since WindClan disappeared, Firepaw mentions they could, since they reached three moons of training. He had recently regained his status as a training apprentice, so he might have talked to Spottedleaf, but mostly about herbs for Yellowfang.

Then we see a no more romantic situation: Travelling herbs for visiting the Moonstone with Bluestar. Firepaw breathes in Spottedleaf’s sweet, warm scent as she gives him the herbs with simple introductions.

Then, for the next “love situation”. ShadowClan has intruded, and Yellowfang had disappeared with the missing kits of Frostfur’s, Cinderpelt, Brackenfur, Thornclaw, and Brightheart. They also find Spottedleaf dead, and Bluestar says she has been killed by a warrior blow.

“Firepaw stared in disbelief at her lifeless body. Fury rose in him like a dark cloud, and he felt the blood roaring in his ears.”

This is Firepaw’s first reaction to Spottedleaf’s death.
After Bluestar points out the wound, he checks it.

“Firepaw craned his neck and saw a single wound on the back of Spottedleaf’s neck. His head swam and suddenly he was unable to see clearly.”

Also, he’s shown grieving… really much.

“Firepaw hardly heard her. He couldn’t help remembering the last time he had come to this clearing. An image of Spottedleaf, trotting out of her den with her coat gleaming in the sunlight, burned in his mind, and he closed his eyes to preserve it.”

He even goes to ignore his leader’s important questions.

What happens next is clear in my mind. Fireheart sees Spottedleaf in his dreams, overjoyed, and Spottedleaf gives him a weird, really vague prophecy. It happens again throughout the books of The Prophecy Begins.

Then in The Darkest Hour, he’s glad to see Bluestar and Yellowfang. Oh! Then he spots Spottedleaf. His beloved medicine cat. Oh. Wow. The two of them put together. Nice. When… when he returns, Sandstorm’s going to greet him, since they’re already in love. Oh wow.
He’s more joyed to see his childhood crush than his teacher or uh… friend? Or… some… someone like Yellowfang.
He stood by them even when the Clan had turned on them. But… oh, sure, Spottedleaf’s definitely first. Yup. Your crush. Yeah.
Maybe I’m being too bitter on this, but the sentence was… quirky. Not good for me.

This crush goes on until Spottedleaf dies fully. Firestar sobs. Sobs and Spottedleaf says “My love”. I was ready to throw up.
Sandstorm had gone to chase Mapleshade, and I’m not sure if she succeeded. I think the Erins made her chase Mapleshade so they could go with the sob-Spottedleaf-noooo-it’s-fine-my-love scenario.
Spottedleaf dies while saving Sandstorm, so… Firestar could be happy. Turns out, it didn’t matter! Firestar died in what, ten minutes after that anyway. Or an hour.

In Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer, we see Spottedleaf tell her thoughts about Fire x Sand. I actually didn’t mind the Short Story. She tells us how she mooned over Firepaw, and she’s definitely selfish, but I think some people, nice people, might moon over like that, like Moonflower. Only… vanishing like dew was overboard. She wanted Firepaw to join her in StarClan! OMG! She wanted him to die! But… I know this isn’t what it means.

I’m sure what Vicky intended was to show Spottedleaf’s love, but it showed Spottedleaf’s selfishness more. But it wasn’t SO selfish to me, because… people exaggerate it, and I disagree. She did go overboard, but she… she wasn’t evil in the story. Not THAT bad.

It shows the Firestar and Sandstorm will walk together… and I thought I would sob.

If Firestar looking for Spottedleaf in his dream, to tell her that he had to move on, well, it wasn’t portrayed like that. But anyway. He couldn’t be in love with a memory. Of course, Spottedleaf isn’t exactly a “memory” for StarClan, but it is for Fireheart.

The end was nice, actually. It’s not as self-centered as people say. She acknowledges it’s hopeless. Oh, I’m defending Spottedleaf! Hmm. NO, BRAIN, HEART, I AM NOOOT LIKING FIRE X SPOTTED. GOOD? OH, GREAT. NOW GO BACK. Yeah. I don’t like them…

Also, Spottedleaf is his best friend’s aunt. Oof. She’s old as his best friend’s mother, but this is not the argument, since I ship Sorrel x Bracken.
Just my problem with the age gap is that Firepaw was an apprentice. Apprentice.
Well, this is just a tiny problem I have.

If I were to dive more deeply into Spottedleaf defenders’ Spotted x Fire shippers’ excuse for this, I’d say:
I don’t care if the age gaps are large. Sorrel x Bracken isn’t a proper argument for the age gap of Spotted x Fire. Oh, and by the way, when Firestar was an apprentice, she was four years old. Yeah. Just saying.
Sorreltail and Brackenfur, or Thornclaw and Blossomfall were a couple when they properly matured. Whilst, in this case, Spottedleaf was a pedophile. A grown person loving… a ten-year-old, maybe?
Basically, putting Sorrel x Bracken under the bus with Spotted x Fire can’t be a valid argument, because… well, Sorrel x Bracken was, I don’t know, three years? And Spotted x Fire was three to four years. And Sorrel x Bracken happened AFTER they were proper warriors, unlike Spottedleaf and Firepaw.

And just to add, Spottedleaf called Leafpool FOOLISH. Foolish for following her advice! I mean, the only logical explanation for ‘Follow your heart’ in that case is going with Crowfeather. Honestly. You just argued with your mentor about love stuff. You want to escape from all that. Your trusted friend or whatever comes and says to follow your heart. Leafpool wasn’t exactly going to think:

Oh, yeah, I just disobeyed my mentor and did a lot of things that involved me thinking I didn’t belong and I could go and live my own life with Crowfeather, and Spottedleaf says to follow my heart! She TOTALLY means to stay. Woo-hoo!

In conclusion, Spotted x Fire is not a developed ship, and well, creepy. Come on. Why does Spottedleaf have to deliver every prophecy that goes to Firestar and his descendants? Apart from Yellowfang. It’s endless, until it has to be ended. The childhood crush goes on, even when Fire x Sand has grandchildren ready for their kits.
Spottedleaf… uh… walks the dreams of Firestar’s kin, which is… hmm… a big coincidence. I don’t think Cinderpelt saw her in her dreams. So she can’t give up. Spottedleaf’s Honest Answer wasn’t the best story I’ve seen in my life. It showed she was clingy and… scary when she said she wanted Sandstorm to vanish like dew.
So Spotted x Fire doesn’t NOT get my love.

Signing out! Thank you for reading. What are your opinions on this?

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  • Neither do I like the ship. I actually read Into The Wild FOUR more times to actually get what the shippers meant, and no, I didn’t find out. I’m a happy FireXGray and FireXSand shipper.

  • Super new to reading these books, have wanted to since I was a child. I thought it was really weird that out of all the cats who die in Into the Wild, spottedleaf becomes his guide? Like… Really? They basically never talk… And to top it off they have NOTHING in common… At least lionheart and redtail were warriors… And he seemed closer to lionheart than spottedleaf imo just seemed so weird and forced and this is coming from someone who hasn’t even finished the first main story arch 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know a lot of the ongoing story from talk from others in the fandom and just from assumptions I started having the sec I picked the book up… (Am I the only one who got 2 chapters in and could predict that rusty would soon become the clan deputy and then leader???) I’m honestly not surprised by any of these weirdo quotes I’ve seen from spottedleaf. It just seems SO WEIRD that she’s SO OBSESSED when even she admits they could never be together. And sandstorm is a boss, strong independent she-cat who don’t take no guff from nobody. Get your crap together fireheart 🙄 he’s so dang clueless all the time.

  • I agree that this relationship is odd, and it’s weirder now that I read this article. Still, I like Spottedleaf minus the crush. She always reminds me of my cat that I lost a little while ago.

    • Ohh sorry I agree like why spottedleaf? And shouldn’t fireheart know medicine cats can’t mate? Also sandstorm was leaving hints for fire heart almost as soon as he got in the clan!💛🐈💛

  • Also… Spottedleaf is Tigerclaw’s aunt. (Leopardfoot is Tigerstar’s mom, Spottedleaf is Leopardfoot’s sister)

    Also, for all his big “kill the halfclans” talk, Tigerstar’s actually has SkyClan heritage because of Birdflight.

    • But in Spottedleaf’s Heart it said Tigerclaw was an apprentice when she was a kit how does that make sense?

  • Yes this is a very creepy ship, I do not like it whatsoever, I have never shipped them, I have never shipped sopptedleaf with anyone, it is very creepy and I could see Spottedleaf being actually evil, like, killing Sandstorm Squirrelflight and Leafpool to be with firestar level evil.

  • I’m sorry but I COMPLETELY disagree with this article, yeah, that’s right. I disagree. I don’t ship Firestar with anyone, but if I HAD to pick someone, it would be Spottedleaf. Idk why people think the ship’s creepy or weird! Its a cute ship that should be more appreciated! Spottedleaf isn’t a Mary Sue, if you think she is. If you’ve read Spottedleaf’s Heart, you would realize she ISNT that pretty perfect princess you might think she is🙄.
    You should know that SandxFire wasn’t romantic at first too! Sandstorm literally BULLIED Firestar! Thats what makes SANDxFire weird and not that good 😐. Sorry, but I rip the ship SandxFire. I like SandxDust, though. They fit together well, and I’m not being sarcastic.

  • SANDSTORM IS A GODDESS. DON’T MESS WITH HER> SHE MIGHT BITE SOMEONE HEAD OFF. Latterly if i could name all time where sandstorm was being awesome I would

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