Breezepelt- to Love or Loathe? by Icestripe

Icestripe defends Breezepelt.

Art by Silverzoul

So, if you sorta know me, I’m the number one Breezepelt fan so, let’s see the truth behind the misunderstood character.

So, first, let’s find the bad things he’s done:

-Tried to kill Jayfeather
-Tried to kill Lionblaze
-Fought for Dark Forest
-Laughed at Hollyleaf’s body

But honestly, I think he redeemed himself. Yes, he tried to kill Jayfeather, but in ‘The Sight’ he actually saved him from drowning, so that pretty much clears over that, yet people still blame him for that even though it’s exactly like Tigerclaw and Redtail, except people love Tigerclaw. Also, he wasn’t pure evil. He was tricked by the Dark Forest like Ivypool was, and only her supporting sister helped get through that. Breezepelt never had any close friends or siblings.

He did that, but he wasn’t fully sure of what he was doing at the time. He thought he was doing good for his Clan, and yes he did fight on Brokenstar’s side, but he was driven by his craziness and loneliness. Imagine your Dad was revealed to have different kids, and they are someone you hate. I think if Crowfeather was a better father to him, we would been not as loyal to the Dark Forest. He wanted to kill Lionblaze/Jayfeather so his father would love him, and may have not gone about that the right way, but we ALL make mistakes. In Crowfeather’s Trial, he really changed and showed his true colors. He made it up to Lionblaze by saving his life from the stoats, so now he’s even. He is sorry for what he has done, and just wants to be a loyal warrior now.

He has trouble doing that because cats like, Leaftail and Gorsetail don’t support him, and thinks he would be better off dead. That’s harsh.
He also is a spy in The Broken Code, for the rebels, so he helps the good side. He is truly sorry for what he has done.
He also becomes mates with Heathertail, and everybody loves Heathertail -_-. If Heathertail loves him, you should love him too! He’s truly a Great, Brave, Caring Warrior at heart, and the past is the past, and you can’t change that. He truly has Changed.



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