Comparing and Contrasting Random Warrior Cats by Lemoncloud

Lemoncloud compares different cats from the series.

Art by umbreoncopper2244

Hi! It’s Lemoncloud with another article coming at you! Hope you enjoy! This time I’ll generate a pair of cats on warriors wiki and compare and contrast. I kind of got this idea from Briarpaw’s Comparing and Contrasting different depictions of warrior cats, so I highly recommend you read that.

Hattie & Tanglewhisker

Okay, Hattie the Kittypet who lived in the same twoleg den that Firestar did, after him though. She is a little brown tabby She-cat, amber eyes, we don’t know much about Hattie because she only appeared in two books.

I just read Crookedstar’s promise a second time, so the name is familiar. He’s a RiverClan Elder, He is a Long furred tabby tom with a thick knotted pelt a graying back grizzled paws and a ragged ear. He is a defender type cat. Still we don’t know much about those two, they’ve both only appeared in two books, but let’s use what we know.

Age: Tanglewhisker is an elder so he’s old, and I don’t really know how old she is, but i’m guessing she’s equivelent to a 32 year old.

Looks: Well…One thing they have in common is that they’re both tabbies, Hattie has amber eyes i’m guessing Tanglewhisker does too. Tanglewhisker’s description says he has a graying back, so he’s gotta be some other colour that’s not grey. Ginger, Cream, Brown?

Personality: (at first I was thinking I should’ve skipped this) So.. We dont have a lot of info on the personalities, but I think Hattie is a Gemini, or Saggitaurius I guess, but I don’t really know. I said Tanglewhisker was a defender, I don’t really know how this relates.

Fury & Hawkfrost

Fury, The leader of BloodClan after Scourge, appears in Graystripe’s vow, she is said to be MORE blood thirsty then Scourge. She is a red she-cat with scars all over her, and one eye.

Hawkfrost, I don’t think it’s random. Nope not one bit, How is this random when he’s my favorite character. Dark tabby tom white muzzles, paws, chest, underbelly, he is a smug villain who is Tigerstar’s son, Bramblestar’s brother.

Age: Fury is about equal to a 40 year old. Hawkfrost is like a 23 year old I think.

Looks: Fury is a red she-cat one eye, a few scars. Hawkfrost, is a Dark tabby tom with white paws underbelly, muzzle, chest.

Personality: I generated these. They are both villains, you know what they’re like, Smug Hawkfrost, blood thirsty Fury.

Looks like it’s the end. Bye have a great day.

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