Looking at Mapleshade in Mapleshade’s Vengeance: Should she be excused?

Coldheart discusses Mapleshade’s actions in her novella.

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Is Mapleshade really that amazing? I keep thinking, over, and over, and over. Is she? Or is she crazy, and unacceptable? Because everyone I see is like, I LOVE MAPLESHADE!!!! But is she really so amazing?

Hey everyone. I’m Coldheart, and today I will be doing what I love; debating! I will be debating if Mapleshade is right or wrong to kill a bunch of cats.

Mapleshade is right.

Here I will be debating that Mapleshade is right.
Mapleshade loved Appledusk, only to find that same tom-cat is CHEATING on her. She has that cheaters kits, still thinking that he loves her. Then, she was watching her kits swim. And, Ravenwing sees that, and remembers a dream or something. Anyway, he figures out that the kits are from RiverClan, and tells Oakstar. Oakstar gets mad because he thought the kits were Birchface’s, his late son’s. So for that SELFISH reason, he exiles her. He could’ve thought of a different punishment! For example, Graystripe changed Clans a bunch of times, and loved a she-cat from another Clan. But instead of exiling him from the Clans, he got to stay in the Clan he loved; ThunderClan. AND he got to be Deputy. After, Mapleshade went to the cat she thought would help her; Appledusk. THE CHEATER. So Mapleshade tries to swim with her kits across the river, which was unluckily flooding at the time. AS IF SHE DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH BAD LUCK ALREADY. Her kits, sadly, die trying to swim across, and Mapleshade is shaken, devastated, and very, very unlucky. After Mapleshade crosses the river, Appledusk chews her off. He says she should’ve known the river was flooding, even though she’s a THUNDERCLAN cat. How was she supposed to know? Then Darkstar doesn’t let her join RiverClan, and Appledusk calls their relationship a big MISTAKE. After this guy was like, I love you! Just a few moons ago! UGHHHHHHHHH. MOUSE-BRAIN!!! So Mapleshade had to leave her home, where she’d always lived. Without kits, without a Clan, without a mate. Only a broken heart. And as if that wasn’t enough, she has hallucinations where her kits call to her, wailing, breaking her poor, broken heart even more. Then she kills a bunch of cats(including Frecklewish. I would kill her too if she watched my kits die and not lift a claw). After all that heartbreak, I would too. And for her Dark Forest business, I’d like to remind you I think that the Dark Forest corrupts you even more when you get placed there. AND ASHFUR got to go into StarClan, after being obsessed with Squirrelflight and wanting to kill.(*SPOILER*Plus that he’s the impostor) That’s just unfair! Mapleshade deserves StarClan, and Appledusk, Oakstar, Frecklewish, and maybe even Ravenwing deserve Dark Forest. I think I kind of convinced myself she’s awesome here.

Mapleshade is wrong

Here I will be debating Mapleshade is WRONG. (Which I don’t think so)
First, Ravenwing did start it all. But in defense of him, he’s a Medicine Cat. He gets a prophecy, and he tells it to his leader. Every Medicine Cat does. What if Mapleshade’s kits grew up to be evil? Of course, I think they should’ve lived, regardless if they’d be evil or not. Ravenwing started it, so that’s kind of all I’ve got. Anything else is purely in defense of Mapleshade. I LOVE MAPLESHADE NOW!!!! <3 Strange………. Other articles couldn’t convince me, but I could.

‘Nways, I hope you defend and love Mapleshade now! Coldheart, defender of Mapleshade, out!

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  • I agree that Oakstar was wrong to exile Mapleshade AND HER KITS, but her being a ThunderClan cat doesn’t necessarily mean she can’t tell that a river is flooding. After all, it’s not like she’s never seen a river and how it looks normally. For example, a person who lives in a house with a view of the ocean may look out every day and see the waves. One day, the waves might be higher than other days, and just because this person doesn’t go into the ocean much to swim, that doesn’t mean they don’t know that the ocean is more dangerous than before. My guess is that Mapleshade wasn’t thinking clearly when Oakstar exiled her and she just wanted to cross the river to safety to be with Appledusk (or she hoped). So she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t know it was flooded. Another example is let’s say you’re crossing the street. If you don’t look left and right for cars, you might not notice a car coming toward you, therefore the car might crash into you when you cross the street. But if you do look, you will notice the car coming and be more careful about it. The main difference here is that there’s still a possibility that you won’t get hit even if you don’t look because the person driving the car may stop in time. However, in Mapleshade’s case, she was working against nature, and nature doesn’t go out of its way to help you (unless, it’s magic or something).

  • I don’t like Mapleshade because she terrorized and manipulated my boy, Crookedstar. She does have a sad backstory though

  • This article is so biased it’s ridiculous. You say you will defend and hate Mapleshade, but instead you just rant about why she’s right. Ridiculous.

    • Hi Blazestrike, this is a friendly reminder to be polite and courteous when discussing your opinions on the article. While constructive feedback and an active engagement with an article is always allowed and encouraged, to dismiss Coldheart’s article as simply ridiculous can be construed as hurtful, since they likely spent quite a bit of time and energy writing this. If you want to argue that someone’s perspective might be unbalanced, be more considerate about how you go about it, rather than writing it off as ridiculous without much elaboration.

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