Are you sitting down?

I am about to announce a couple of changes to BlogClan that may alarm you.

Before I do, I’d like to thank you all for contributing so much and beautifully and with such charm and humour and whimsy to BlogClan. I love your comments and games and ideas, and I worry about your worries and rejoice in your successes. I don’t want any of that to change.

We are seeing an increasing amount of comments daily and there are times when we are swamped. I am very lucky to have a hardworking and talented BlogTeam, who give their time for free to keep BlogClan rolling happily along, but even they are occasionally overwhelmed.

But I am determined to:

  1. keep BlogClan ad-free. This means there is a limit to the amount of time and resources I can make available to keep it running.
  2. ensure every comment is moderated before it is shared to ensure BlogClan remains the happy and safe place it has become.

And so, in order to streamline and hopefully speed up the moderation process, I have put a limit on the length of comments allowed (2000 characters or about 400 words)**.

Take a breath.

And from now on, fan fiction will no longer be approved.***

Yes. I really wrote that.


This means, comments containing fan fiction will never make it out of moderation. They will languish there, unread and unmoderated, for eternity.

Short Story Contest submissions, however, will be approved as long as they are labeled as “Short Story Contest Entry” AND meet the criteria of being 2000 characters or less.



I want to encourage you to keep writing, because you are so talented, but please, please publish your writing on another site from now on.

Wattpad* looks like a useful site for sharing fan fiction and I believe that it is far better suited to publishing and sharing your work.

Feel free to post links to your fan fiction on the fan fiction page (please don’t post them anywhere else on BlogClan – links to fan fiction from any other page will be deleted).

OK. Important message over. You have been very brave and patient.

I hope you are not too shocked or distressed. I promise, once you get used to the new way of doing things, it will seem perfectly okay. But while you adjust to the changes, please feel free to have a cup of tea, rant (politely) in a comment, or simply listen to some cheerful music.

*Disclaimer: BlogClan has no control whatsoever over what appears on Wattpad or other sites. If you intend to use the Wattpad site in particular, we encourage you to turn off mature content in the Content Preferences. BlogClan is not in any way responsible for content you read or post on other websites.

**The 2000 character limit policy will be reviewed in a few weeks…it may be a terrible idea. We can only find out by trying. Feedback is always welcome.

*** The fan fiction policy will never be reviewed. It is final. 💀


  • I feel like this update makes it so much easier to find the fanfic you want, and read all the chapters without scrolling through a ton of comments… I actually really like it!

    • I think google docs just does that to differentiate between anonymous users!! so like if multiple anonymous people were to edit the doc, you could tell between them because they also have a random animal assigned to them so there’s not twenty different people all just called “anonymous”!

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