Warriors as food by Lemoncloud

Lemoncloud compares characters from the series to food items.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi, it’s Lemon again, Today i’ll be making some snacks with a pinch of Warriors, a tasty pinch, by the Chef, me. Umm, no recipes are available because my food is so good and i’m so ambitious because I want to be the best chef that ever existed. No, I’m not ambitious and want to be the best chef ever, but Chef Lemon is NOT giving recipes.

Let’s start with the first group – Firestar, Sandstorm, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Ashfur, and Crowfeather

Firestar -Nacho Cheese Doritos

He’s bold, and as you’ll see on the back, ‘Snack boldly.’ there is another reason, doritos are red, and Firestar is too. Red is for courage sometimes too, and Firestar is quite the fitting one for that, red also means love, so he does have a canon ship with Sandstorm, and a non-canon ship with Starkit, the purple cat that is on moonkitti’s channel, but Starkit is from Fanfiction that is not made by Moonkitti.

Sandstorm – Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffins are sometimes very sweet, and? some blueberry muffins taste a little too tart, fitting Sandstorm sometimes, rather Jayfeathery attitude. (Seen in FQ)

Squirrelflight – Pizza and/or flour

Pizza is tasty, and Squirrelflight is an awfully good character, who doesn’t agree? Pizza is often seen at parties, and with Squirrelflight, it is a party all the time. And the flour you ask?? You’ll read Ashfur’s snack and then you’ll understand. Stealer of the flour.

Leafpool – Cool Ranch Doritos

Leafy here is probably the chillest around here in StarClan, Sol’s the chillest ever. but since she’s so chill she is as chill as those doritos, and i’ve got no other explanations. Blue can also mean sadness so maybe when she left Crowfeather, she was sad.

Ashfur – Gluten-free

Squirrelflight stole the flour, he really loved the flour so he feels pain everyday, seeing Squirrelflight eat all of his flour, so he wants revenge. That is the real story.

Crowfeather – Coffee

This one is about his relationship with his son, Breezepelt. When you are a kid, its disgusting, when you get older it tastes better. This relates because Crowfeather and Breezepelt gets better, when Breezepelt is full-grown adult

Okay, this is the end and I really hope you enjoyed, Chef enjoyed this a whole lot

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