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Comparing and contrasting different depictions of some Warrior cats by Coldheart

Coldheart compares depictions of characters from the series.

Hello again, friends! (I sound like my teacher, don’t I :P) Briarpaw’s interesting article has caught the eye of this article writer, and I decided to do one like it! Plus it’d be my first picture article, and I love new experiences! Let’s get into it then!

First to go: Oakheart!

I love Oakheart in A Shadow in RiverClan, and he’s kind of a background character, so I thought I’d do this handsome tom first!

A Shadow in RiverClan version:

Official art by James L. Barry

Oakheart is a lightish, reddish-brown tom with an orangish nose and a lighter muzzle, and fading chest. He has almond-shaped yellow eyes with lighter eyebrows, a kind of pentagonish-shaped head, and lighter ear fur. He also has a long, sleek tail.

Ultimate guide version:

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Here, you can’t see much of him, but you can see that he is a brown tom with a little lighter underbelly. He has long legs and a thickish tail.

Now, I will give you an art version I found online.

Artist unknown (Source: Pinterest)

His fur is a lightish brown here. He has yellowish-brown eyes, a dark brown and a little reddish stripe going from his chest to tail, a very light brown-white underbelly going a bit to his chest, light brown neck fur, and a more fluffier tail. He also has a very light brown-white muzzle and ear fur.

Next up, we have…………. drumroll please………………..


Firstly, let’s look at some art from Firestar’s Quest

Official art by Owen Richardson

So, here, Firestar is an orange tom with lightish green eyes. He looks like he has lighter stripes and a lighter muzzle. He has a reddish nose and 3/10 fluff. He has two darker stripes on his forehead, making the shape of a V.

Now, here’s some manga Firestar:

Art by James L. Barry

He looks like he looks like in Firestar’s Quest – flame-colored, reddish nose, green eyes, lighter muzzle. This time though, he has two V-shaped stripes. His tail is long and a bit fluffy, and his paws look kind of big.

Finally, here’s some art I found online. (Embix edit: the original art linked cannot be reposted without the artist’s direct permission, so I chose another image we have in our media gallery!)

Art by narutofirestar

Here, he still has the same pelt color and green eyes and kind of fluffy tail. He has a lighter chest, paws, and muzzle, and he has the same lightish green eyes.(They’re a bit yellow from the reflection of the fire)His stripes are gone now, replaced by a lighter star symbol.

And our final kitty is……………………….. Spottedleaf!

Spottedleaf appears in quite a few mangas, so I’ll put in two, Ravenpaw’s Path and SkyClan and the Stranger………

Spottedleaf in Ravenpaw’s Path

Official art by James L. Barry

Spottedleaf looks like a tabby in here. She has a cream underbelly and chest and a stripe, black stripes and a black tail tip, brown stripes, and a white muzzle. Her eyes are black, and she has a pink nose.

Spottedleaf in SkyClan and the Stranger

Official art by James L. Barry

She looks like she did in Ravenpaw’s Path, tabby, black stripes, brown stripes, black eyes, pink nose, white muzzle. This time though, her tail tip is white, she has white legs, and I can’t see any cream on her.

And, to wrap this up, some art I’ve found online!

Art by lokidrawz

In this final picture, she is a very dark brown or black she-cat. She has darkish amber eyes, a kind of fluffy tail, a white chest, paws, underbelly, and muzzle, orange splotches, and a pink nose.

Welp, that wraps it up! Thank you for reading, and I hope you look forward to a part 2!

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