Examining Cats that People Ship Blackstar With by Vaporpaw

Vaporpaw takes a look at some of the cats that the Warriors fandom ships Blackstar with.

Art by Vialir

Black x Sol. Black x Russet. Even Black x Misty and Black x Little.
This is my first article.

Black x Sol: So, people say Blackstar wouldn’t have let Sol take over if he didn’t have a major crush on him. Was it the other way around?
Anyway, I’m not sure if whether Blackstar liked Sol as a person, but rather thought of him as a source of power and mystery. As Wolfpaw said, he is attracted to power.
I personally do not think Blackstar liked Sol as a person, but felt attracted to him as maybe admiration, or some of the power-hunger that plagued his earlier days.
Blackstar was in a state of doubt. Was StarClan real? Was StarClan fake? Was this the place StarClan intended them to go? Sol encouraged those feelings, and it took some real StarClan action to put Blackstar into place.

Black x Misty: Yeah. Those few lines that Mistystar said in Bramblestar’s Storm.
This is a really cute ship. I have not read Mistystar’s Omen, but she might have had a little affection for him. Blackstar killed her brother, and Mistystar has no reason to forgive Blackstar for killing Stonefur, no matter how minor her brother was.
But those few lines in Bramblestar’s Storm meant something.
Is Blackstar worth forgiving for murder?
Did Mistystar grudgingly forgive Blackstar or is it affection?
*Yeah, I laughed my head off in Bramblestar’s Storm when Blackstar grew slightly delusional…

Black x Little: I can imagine Littlecloud having a crush on Blackstar, but not really Blackstar having a crush on Littlecloud. It’s really cute though.

Black x Russet: I can definitely see this. Blackstar clearly respects and maybe slightly likes Russetfur, although Russetfur doesn’t really like on Blackstar.
The biggest moment of their relationship was Fading Echoes, when Blackstar….was not happy about Russetfur’s death ^_^; He was CRYING. TEARS.
This was really out of character, and was slightly scarier than killing Stonefur. ‘
The Blackstar that we are used to is angsty, hates Firestar, and will kill if necessary.
He expressed an emotion that he did not show before: grief.
I hope his novella shows more of his emotion spectrum other than indifference, grief, hate, cruelty, annoyance, sarcasm, and downright rage.
We need to know more about his inner thoughts. instead of just looking at his tough exterior.


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