[Dovewing sits in a bright grassy field while Ivypool sits in a shadowy forest with bloodstained paws]

two sides of an argument Ivypool and Dovewing by Moonfrost

Moonfrost shares their opinion on the sisters from Omen of the Stars.

Art by crefollet

So I am going to be starting an article series called to sides of an argument they will have to sides of an argument like for example mapleshade bad or good. Todays will be on Ivypool and Dovewing and it will basically be looking over the bad and the good. Warning spoilers for all of omen of the stars tigerhearts shadow, and dovewings silence Now time to get started.

Ivypool is a character I personally really like. I think it’s brave for her to go spy on the dark forest and that even though she makes her mistakes I honestly think like all the cats in the dark forest (except for breezepelt and couple others) thought that what she was doing there was for the good of the clans. So the good things ivy has been doing. Spying on the dark forest. Raising a family being a loyal member of her clan. Now the bad things she has been doing she is not a verey good sister dovewing goes and meets with Tigerheart/star and she then stops talking to dovewing like really ivypool she also joins the dark forest because she is jelouse her sister has super powers she did not even ask for. That’s all I can think of for her at the moment.

Dovewing I used to hate dovewing but then I reread omen of the stars and Dovewings silence and was like wow she is actually a great charectar. Now time for her good things once the dark forest is defeated and the dark forest cats are being mis treated she stands up for them even though certain cats (like berrynose) are being rude to them. I also think that even though at first when dovewing was seeing Tigerheart/star I was like Dovewing you need to stop but I am happy she decided to follow her heart and leave thunderclan to be with him. Which could be considered a bad thing but I think it’s a good thing. Then she went on the quest to stop the beavers using her powers so that all the clans don’t die of thirst that seemed like a good thing. Some of the bad things she did were being mean to Ivypool and Bumblestripe. And also the way she left I am glad she went to shadowclan but I also think that maybe she could have told Ivypool whitewing and Birchfall where she was going. I am sure there are lots of other bad things Dovewing has done that I just can thtink of right now.

Overall I like Dovewing better but that is just my opinion hope you enjoyed please put your opinions in the comments.

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  • Dovewing’s done arguably bad things, such as choosing to fight with her Clan even though she knows her Clan is wrong and sometimes being so firm in what she thinks is right that she won’t truly process other information (like her being so sure she and Tigerheartstar would go to ThunderClan that it felt like she was projecting her beliefs onto him), but what you put aren’t some of them in my opinion. Dovewing was never mean to Ivypool unless she was pushed into it; Ivypool always provoked the arguments and when pushed to the brim Dovewing snapped back — so, yes, Dovewing did not remain patient with her sister, but she was never the one trying to be mean; I just wanted to point out that it was Ivypool who was being a jerk to Dovewing and that in the initial “arguments” (always one-sided, with Ivypool throwing her anger at the cards in life both of them had been played which neither of them chose out on Dovewing) Dovewing was very empathetic, sorrowful for her sister. Furthermore, Dovewing straight-up wasn’t mean to Bumblestripe; she was very patient with him and took stuff from him for far too long. Bumblestripe was being a creep and pressuring her into things she didn’t want and she was simply standing up for herself. Lastly, perhaps she should have told Whitewing and Birchfall, but they probably would have told Ivypool and I don’t think she should have told Ivypool. This is because Ivypool is so narrow-minded, so focused on the warrior code now and in harboring complete resentment for her sister as a result that she clearly wasn’t on Dovewing’s side. With so many bad experiences with her sister, could Dovewing really expect Ivypool to be okay with her heading to ShadowClan? Ivypool didn’t accept this and essentially apologize with warmth until far later. I don’t hate Ivypool anymore, I just wanted to point these things out because I feel like a lot of people misunderstand Dovewing and the cats in her life.

  • On the paragraph about Ivypool, you got something wrong. She didn’t know that Dovewing had powers at that time. That means she also wouldn’t know that Dovewing didn’t want them.

    I just can’t think of apprentice Dovewing as a great character. She may be kind, but she’s also perfect. And it’s just rude that Dovewing didn’t even tell her sister, whom loves her despite the jelousy.

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