why firestar was the purrrfect candidate for the first series by Silverheart

Silverheart shares why they think Firestar was the perfect protagonist for the first arc.

Artist unknown (Source: VS Battles Wiki)

there have been many good protaginists in the warriors series some..not so much. but i think firestar was the perfect canidate for the og one for a few reasons ill be going into a little background story of my own experiance just to provide evidence, so firestar, coragous brave, and true. the main man of the first series. so what made him the perfect chocie? for one it was a nice underdog story that many people can relate too, with so many problums to overcome he was so intrseting to read about,also i dont think i would have ever fell in love with warriors if the first book was about WALKING ahem brambleclaw, but anyway heres some backstory: wayyyy back in 2003 i was at my favorite bookstore and noticed a litte sign it read: new books coming soon! and on that list was warriors, now, at the time i had noooo idea warriors was about cats and thought it was about people i loved a good knight story so the next week when it came out i was surprised to see a cat on the cover! i decided what the heck and sat down in the stores reading section i thought i might read a chapter or 2 and see if i liked it, i read the entire book inside the store, a manager atchully had to come and tell me the store was closeing! i rushed to the counter and purchased the book and read it again when i got home i wass sooo anxious to see what happend next! i checked the internet whitch i had just recently aquired and searched the web for at least one person that knew when the next book would come out and that went on until i finally found the relese date and camped out the store the day before beacause for some reason i was convinced millions of people would rush to a small town store :P. but anyway enough backstory, i think firestar really set the series off with a bang! putting action loyalty, and drama all into one with the story of a house cat learning to survive in the wild! im sry for all the spelling mistakes and hope you enjoyed this article!


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